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Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics October 1, 1998

Java Object Technology Can Be Next Process Control Wave

Like a surfer seeking that perfect wave, today's control engineers are searching for the "technology wave" to take their process control systems into the next millennium, and meet mounting information technology (IT) challenges. Control engineers sometimes face their corporate IT counterparts across a chasm of incompatible requirements.

By Robert Atherton, Sun Microsystems
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics October 1, 1998

Machine Control Strategies It’s Only Logical

Will that personal computer (PC) on your desk be controlling the next machine installed in your factory? Some say, "Yes, the PLC is dead as a control platform." To others, the PLC is not dead, it is morphing.At times this discussion sounds like a religious debate. But users need not be locked into an either/or decision about the future control platform for their factories.

Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics April 1, 1998

PC-Based Control Goes Real-Time

Personal-computer-based control is one of the fastest growing segments in machine control for monitoring a process and for discrete logic control of processes, such as material handling, machining, grinding, or gaging.Development of Windows NT by Microsoft (Redmond, Wa.) enabled PC-based real-time machine control to become reality.

By Dean J. Petrone and Michael D. Stackhouse, Timken Research
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics January 1, 1970

Model, Simulate, Execute Simulation in Discrete Control

KEY WORDS PC-based control Machine control Software for control Flowchart programming Simulation Imagine a product design, completed in software, and rendered in 3-D graphics. This rendering allows designers to strip away layers to view and work on components underneath. Next, manufacturing engineers can design the machines, fixtures, and processes required to produce components and completed ...