Thursday, August 2, 2018

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Speed, with a focus on flexibility
Integrity Integration Resources (I2R) sees schedules tightening for system integration projects, which puts the onus on project managers to be able to maintain and adjust their schedules to meet the demand.
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Exceptional customer service drives project success
JMP Solutions find that in the complexity of large industrial projects, it’s important for a System Integrator to have a customer-focused approach to projects, and for customers to look beyond the bid specifications to help find the proper business outcomes.
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Have ‘the talk’ about IIoT with your system integrator
Malisko Engineering notes that when adopting a plant-wide Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) strategy, one of the first connections that needs to be made is not with the actual data, but with the plant team that will turn that data into action.
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How to manage IoT implementations
Because the Internet of Things (IoT) can transform some existing business processes, it is best to take a change management approach to all IoT projects big and small. This approach also helps unearth and address concerns, such as cost, privacy, and/or cybersecurity.
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2019 System Integrator Giants
The System Integrator Giants program (SI Giants) lists the top 100 system integrators among companies listed in the CFE Media Global System Integrator Database, ranked solely on total system integration revenue. The 2019 System Integrator Giants program is open for submissions!
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