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January 2013

Fieldbus Facts Online is brought to you by the Fieldbus Foundation, an international, not-for-profit corporation consisting of industry leaders dedicated to providing the "Freedom to Choose" and the "Power to Integrate."

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Shanghai, China chosen as site for the 2013 General Assembly

The Fieldbus Foundation has selected Shanghai, China, as the site of its 2013 General Assembly. Leading FOUNDATION fieldbus suppliers, end users, and industry participants from around the world are expected to attend the annual event set for March 12-15. The General Assembly is open to Fieldbus Foundation members and non-members.

Highlighting the General Assembly is a conference to be held March 14. The program will focus on automation end users and provide an overview of the many Fieldbus Foundation developments across the globe. Included are updates by leading fieldbus experts on the latest initiatives in FOUNDATION technology and presentations by major end users who have installed fieldbus in their industrial operations. Representatives of Fieldbus Foundation member companies are invited to attend the General Assembly business meeting on March 15.

“FOUNDATION fieldbus is a technology that’s helping to drive global industrial development, so it only makes sense that our 2013 General Assembly would be held in Shanghai, China—the heart of one of the world’s fastest growing markets and location of some of the largest fieldbus projects to date,” said Rich Timoney, Fieldbus Foundation president and CEO. “Our annual meeting will attract a wide spectrum of the fieldbus community throughout China’s burgeoning manufacturing and industrial base. We strongly encourage all end users of FOUNDATION technology, and those looking to become users, to actively participate in this event.”

Look for more information on the 2013 General Assembly in the coming weeks. Details about the event and registration information are available on the Events page of the Fieldbus Foundation website, or by calling the Fieldbus Foundation at 512-794-8890.

Companies interested in sponsoring this event should email the Fieldbus marketing department.

Wireless collaboration project: backhaul architecture model approved

The backhaul architecture model developed in collaboration with International Society of Automation (ISA) standards committee ISA100 has been approved, the Fieldbus Foundation announced. The model provides a common framework enabling multiple industrial communication protocols to run over a shared wireless backhaul network in process automation systems. Completion of this work is a key milestone supporting implementation of the Fieldbus Foundation’s wireless High Speed Ethernet (HSE) backhaul included in FOUNDATION for Remote Operations Management (ROM) technology.

In June 2008, ISA100 leaders established a new working group, ISA100.15—Wireless Backhaul Networks Working Group—to develop standards and technical reports to address one or more dedicated or shared wireless backhaul(s) to support technologies running multiple applications. At the same time, Fieldbus Foundation end-user members identified the wireless backhaul as critical to FOUNDATION for ROM development.

To expedite the work, the Fieldbus Foundation and ISA began joint collaboration on wireless networks combining Fieldbus Foundation application protocol expertise with ISA100 communication networking resources to complete the architecture model. ISA will publish the work as technical report ISA-TR100.15.01, Backhaul Architecture Model: Secured Connectivity over Untrusted or Trusted Networks, within the ISA100 family of standards.

Dr. Penny Chen, principal systems architect with Yokogawa and co-chair of the ISA100.15 working group, praised the results of the wireless backhaul collaborative effort. “Working together, dedicated engineers have a developed a solution meeting industry requirements for a wireless backhaul transport network to facilitate interoperability, end-to-end security, and end-to-end quality of service in industrial wireless installations,” said Dr. Chen.

“The Fieldbus Foundation has consistently supported wireless advancements, and this joint initiative is crucial to FOUNDATION for ROM,” added Dave Glanzer, Fieldbus Foundation director of technology development and co-chair of the working group. “Our ROM solution extends the capabilities of FOUNDATION fieldbus to countless wired and wireless devices installed in some of the world’s harshest and most remote locations,” said Glanzer. “It provides a unified digital infrastructure for asset management in applications ranging from tank farms and terminals to pipelines, offshore platforms, and even OEM skids.”

Plans are underway for a series of field demonstrations using the FOUNDATION for ROM wireless HSE backhaul, continued Glanzer. Major end users hosting the demonstrations include Reliance Industries (India), Petrobras (Brazil), and Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia). Additional end-user sites in Japan and Europe are expected to join the program. The field demos will offer a look at the full functionality of FOUNDATION for ROM, including wireless device integration, remote I/O integration, and wireless backhaul capabilities.

FOUNDATION for ROM was designed to enable fieldbus connectivity to remote I/O and the leading industrial wireless protocols, and is the first successful integration of ISA100.11a, WirelessHART®, wired HART®, and wired H1 protocols into a single standard environment without sacrificing the diagnostic capabilities of existing wireless devices. Instead, these capabilities are mapped into the FOUNDATION block structure to provide a standard environment for data management and quality, eliminating highly customized techniques that are much more costly to maintain throughout the plant lifecycle.

As part of the solution, FOUNDATION for ROM provides a way to bring large concentrations of discrete and analog field I/O back to the control room using HSE communication. It also uses Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) and function blocks to ensure interoperability with FOUNDATION for ROM devices, which is essential to improve integration of critical functional areas, including machinery health monitoring, safety interlocks, fire and gas detection systems, and video surveillance.

For more information about FOUNDATION for ROM, click on the ROM navigation button on the Fieldbus Foundation website, or call the Fieldbus Foundation at 512-794-8890.

Learn more about ISA100 on the ISA website.

UK Marketing Commitee welcomes new chairman; Richard Barnes takes reins

The Fieldbus Foundation UK Marketing Committee (FFUKMC) welcomes Richard Barnes as its new chairman. Barnes has been an active member of the FFUKMC since becoming vice-chairman in June 2011. Currently AMS consultant, Strategic Services Group Europe at Emerson Process Management, he replaces Mike O'Neill of R. Stahl, who stepped down following a career move after serving for nearly two years. Mike Keightley of Yokogawa takes over the position of vice-chairman from Barnes.

The FFUKMC was established in 1999 to promote an increased awareness and adoption of FOUNDATION technology throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland through a range of end-user focused activities, including technology seminars and road shows, technical demonstrations and support, and tradeshow and conference participation. Fully supported by the Fieldbus Foundation EMEA Executive Advisory Council (EAC) and the Fieldbus Foundation EMEA Steering Committee, the FFUKMC plays an important role in promoting the primary value propositions of FOUNDATION technology, which include process integrity, business intelligence, and open, scalable integration of information across process manufacturing plants.

Marc Van Pelt, vice-president, Fieldbus Foundation EMEA Operations, welcomed Barnes to his new role. "I am delighted that Richard has offered to take on an increased role within the UK marketing committee,” said Van Pelt. “His enthusiasm will continue to build on the achievements of the past few years. We are very grateful to Mike O'Neill for his contribution to these efforts and we wish him well in his new role."

Barnes studied electrical and electronic engineering and has worked with Emerson Process Management for more than 25 years in various roles with Rosemount and Fisher-Rosemount system projects and asset optimization business units. In his present role, he supports the asset management and optimization strategies of his European customer base.

For more information, visit the United Kingdom page on Fieldbus Foundation website.

New member: leading cable manufacturer Berk-Tek joins Fieldbus Foundation

Berk-Tek Inc., a manufacturer of twisted-pair and optical fiber communications cable for LANs and office networks, is the newest member of the Fieldbus Foundation. The company joined the foundation to keep pace with current automation industry trends. Headquartered in New Holland, PA, Berk-Tek supplies copper and fiberoptic cable products for high-speed voice, data, and video transmission applications. The company was founded in 1961 and operates as a subsidiary of Nexans SA.

Berk-Tek offers more than 100 optical fiber, twisted pair copper, and hybrid network cable products with guaranteed superior product performance, independent verification, and state-of-the-art engineering. Copper products range from standard Category 5e to Category 6A and optical cable has up to OM4+ fiber technology to exceed all speeds and bandwidths from 1 to 100 Gig.

For more about Berk-Tek, visit the company website.

More than 60 attend 'Hands On Fieldbus' seminar in The Netherlands

The Fieldbus Foundation’s Benelux Marketing Committee welcomed more than 60 end users and those interested in FOUNDATION technology to its “Hands On Fieldbus” afternoon seminar, held Oct. 25 at the STC Group’s training facility in Brielle, near Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The comprehensive agenda included a keynote address: “Looking Back From The Future,” an end-user-experience presentation, and the opportunity to attend two workshops or lectures from a choice of eight specialist topics. The parallel sessions covered diverse subjects tailored to either a technical & maintenance or administration & management audience. They included:

  • “FOUNDATION Fieldbus Basics” hands-on training workshop (Bindert Douma, STC Group)
  • “FOUNDATION for Remote Operations Management (ROM)” workshop (André Fritsch, R.Stahl)
  • “Asset Management” workshop (Jeroen de Kock, Yokogawa)
  • “Diagnostics” workshop (Peter Overgaauw, Honeywell)
  • “FOUNDATION Fieldbus: Vision and Strategy” end-user lecture (Peter Holdijk, Akzo Nobel)
  • “Optimization of your Organization?” end-user lecture (Auden Gjerde, Shell)
  • “Device Replacement” workshop (Rômulo Rogatto, Smar)
  • “NAMUR 107 Diagnostics” workshop (Jaap Westeneng, Endress+Hauser)
  • Guided tour of STC Group’s Process Control Training and Demonstration Facility


A question-and-answer session and round-table discussion forum moderated by Mark Oosterveer, editor of Industrielinqs, rounded out the afternoon. All attendees were invited to a complimentary dinner hosted by the Benelux Marketing Committee.

Attendees called the day interesting and informative, and valued the opportunity to tailor the afternoon to their own requirements. Several asked about a follow-up event in the near future.

The STC Group’s training centre at Brielle is one of the first educational institutions worldwide to offer fieldbus training courses certified under the FOUNDATION Certified Training Program (FCTP). The event was sponsored by Benelux Marketing Committee members including: ABB, ACTA, Stahl/Electromach, Emerson Process Management, Endress+Hauser, Flowserve, Honeywell, Invensys, Moore Hawke, MTL, Pepperl+Fuchs, Phoenix Contact, Smar, SPIE Nederland, STC Group, Turck, and Yokogawa.

For more information about Benelux Marketing Committee and its activities, visit the Benelux section of the Fieldbus Foundation website, or email the Committee.

Don't miss the these Fieldbus Foundation events offered around the globe


The Fieldbus Foundation will offer informational and educational events around the world throughout 2013. Make plans now to attend an event in your area.





Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

May 2013

FOUNDATION Fieldbus End User Seminar

Click here for more information

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

May 2013

Sales Force Training

Click here for more information

Chicago, IL, USA

September 2013

FOUNDATION Fieldbus End User Seminar

Click here for more information

Chicago, IL, USA

September 2013

Sales Force Training

Click here for more information

Houston, TX, USA

November 2013

FOUNDATION Fieldbus End User Seminar

Click here for more information

Houston, TX, USA

November 2013

Sales Force Training

Click here for more information

Mexico (location TBD)

2013 - Date TBD

FOUNDATION Fieldbus End User Seminar

Click here for more information

Mexico (location TBD)

2013 - Date TBD

Sales Force Training

Click here for more information

Brazil (location TBD)

2013 - Date TBD

FOUNDATION Fieldbus End User Seminar

Click here for more information

Brazil (location TBD)

2013 - Date TBD

Sales Force Training

Click here for more information


Cape Town, South Africa

Jan. 31, 2013

Control Roadshow

Click here for more information

Doha, Qatar

Q1, 2013

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Update Roadshow

More information to come

Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Q1, 2013

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Update Roadshow

More information to come

London, England

Feb. 26, 2013

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Study Day

Click here for more information

Manzini, Swaziland

Mar. 7, 2013

Control Roadshow

Click here for more information or to register

Central Belt, Scotland, UK

April 2013

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Study Day

More information to come

Hannover, Germany

April 8-12, 2013

Field Communication Lounge

More information to come

Windhoek, Namibia

May 7, 2013

Control Roadshow

Click here for more information

Walvis Bay, Namibia

May 9, 2013

Control Roadshow

Click here for more information

Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

May 29, 2013

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Study Day

More information to come

Johannesberg, South Africa

May 21-23, 2013

Process Expo 2013 Exhibition

More information to come

Rijeka, Croatia

May 29, 2013

FOUNDATION Technology Roadshow

More information to come

Gaborone, Botswana

July 23, 2013

Control Roadshow

Click here for more information

Francistown, Botswana

July 25, 2013

Control Roadshow

Click here for more information

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

August 22, 2013

Control Roadshow

Click here for more information

North of England, UK

Sept. 12, 2013

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Study Day

More information to come

Lillafured, Hungary

October 2013

Distributed Control Systems Symposium (DCS 19)

More information to come

Belgrade, Serbia

Oct. 7-11, 2013

FOUNDATION Technology Roadshow

More information to come

Vanderbijlpark, South Africa

Oct. 24, 2013

Control Roadshow

Click here for more information

Athens, Greece

Nov. 18-22, 2013

FOUNDATION Technology Roadshow

More information to come


Tokyo, Japan

Feb. 2013

FOUNDATION Fieldbus End User Seminar

Click here for more information

Mumbai, India Feb. 2, 2013 FOUNDATION Fieldbus Conference, India Automation Technology
Click here for more information


For more information, visit the Global Seminars page of the Fieldbus Foundation website.

Take a leadership role: Sponsor a FOUNDATION technology seminar

Sponsoring the Fieldbus Foundation’s FOUNDATION technology seminar program can help automation companies of all types and sizes position themselves as industry leaders in the growing fieldbus market space. Held in major process industry locations, these seminars strive to take the mystery out of FOUNDATION fieldbus and help attendees realize the true lifecycle benefits of the technology.

From new end users contemplating their first fieldbus project to experienced engineers seeking to get the most out of an existing installation to integrators striving to implement fieldbus successfully, the seminars provide hands-on instruction that emphasizes the practical use and application of fieldbus-based control systems. And because of the support of program sponsors, the events can be offered at no charge.

FOUNDATION technology seminars are held around the world. In 2013, preliminary events in the Americas already are scheduled for:

  • Houston, TX, USA
  • Chicago, IL, USA
  • Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Mexico
  • Brazil


Planning is also underway for events in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions. Details about these activities will be provided by the local marketing committees as dates and locations are finalized. Watch for announcements about these events soon.

The interactive seminar program includes demonstrations of FOUNDATION fieldbus throughout all phases of the plant lifecycle, from engineering and design to operations and maintenance. Speakers include Fieldbus Foundation representatives, end users, and fieldbus trainers/educators, as well as knowledgeable representatives of leading automation equipment suppliers.

A typical seminar provides an overview of key considerations in the engineering, design, installation, and commissioning phases of a FOUNDATION fieldbus project, including a live demonstration of fieldbus segment design using the Fieldbus Foundation’s powerful DesignMATE tool . Presentations also describe the technology’s control in the field capability and predictive diagnostic features based on the NAMUR NE107 guidelines. A realistic host system demonstration unit helps explain the topics.

In addition, leading end users are on hand to address the operational benefits of FOUNDATION fieldbus, such as the ability to achieve single-loop integrity and avoid unplanned shutdowns. Other informative topics include the development of FOUNDATION for Remote Operations Management (ROM) and FOUNDATION for Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) solutions, and the importance of qualified training in completing a successful project.

For more information on seminar sponsorship opportunities, email the Fieldbus Foundation marketing department.

End-user seminars offer free Fieldbus educational opportunity

The Fieldbus Foundation’s Americas free end-user seminar series for 2013 focuses even more on realizing the benefits of FOUNDATION fieldbus throughout the plant lifecycle—and that it’s probably easier than you thought! The programs have been refined to be more interactive and to give end users and systems integrators even more valuable content than in the past.

Each 2013 end-user seminar participant will receive a certificate for PDH hours and copies of all presentation materials. Attendees also will be given discount certificates for 10% off regular course pricing at any North American FOUNDATION Certified Training Center.

Registration information is available on the Fieldbus Foundation website.

Updated FOUNDATION specifications support automated device replacement

The latest updates to the Fieldbus Foundation’s open, non-proprietary FOUNDATION fieldbus technical specifications help automate device replacement and enable backward compatibility among revisions of fieldbus devices used in plant automation systems. The changes give end users greater predictability in fieldbus implementation, while reducing integration risks and eliminating manual intervention for device configuration.

The most significant updates to the FOUNDATION technical specifications are a revised series of function block and transducer block profiles, as well as requirements for H1 (31.25 Kbit/s) device replacement that are now part of the Fieldbus Foundation’s device registration process. This enhancement enables the H1 interoperability test kit to verify consistent behavior between device and host implementations in fieldbus-based control systems.

End users increasingly are seeking automated replacement of intelligent devices. Device replacement automation makes it easier to reproduce an existing FOUNDATION device configuration (including function blocks and parameters) in a newer instrument by enabling a minimum set of functionality to exist so end users can get their process back up and running quickly and simply. This enhancement allows final configuration to be completed after other critical tasks associated with the process outage have been addressed, saving time and money and simplifying stocking of replacement devices.

"The foundation recognizes that ease of device replacement is an important concern for engineers and technicians in process plants, said Stephen Mitschke, Fieldbus Foundation Director-Fieldbus Products. “We see these updated specifications as a valuable opportunity and a first step in a series of things we can do to provide more value to the end users. It’s another example of our commitment to continuous improvement and being an end-user driven standard."

Automation of device replacement allows the configuration in an existing field device to be restored in a newer version of that instrument without manual intervention. This “plug-and-play” solution ensures features are consistent between different generations of devices without reengineering the host configuration or changing any other element of the H1 network other than the instrument.

In addition to device replacement, the specification update provides an improved positioner profile in fieldbus devices. This technology supports organization and integration of advanced device diagnostics within fieldbus systems. It provides standard definitions for positioner transducer blocks and includes parameter structure definitions for better data organization with fieldbus devices, including partial/full stroke test (PST/FST) of valves. The new release also includes definitions for discrete process variables clarifying how variable values are interpreted in conjunction with state tables, as well as several new or updated application and technical notes.

For more information, go to the Technical Specifications page of the Fieldbus Foundation website. Also visit the Spec Index to see the full list of specifications included in the FOUNDATION Technical Specifications package.


New features of revised H1-ITK focus on device intelligence, control-in-the-field

The Fieldbus Foundation’s updated H1 Interoperability Test Kit (ITK), version 6.1.0, includes new features that enhance device intelligence, improve consistency in instrument configuration, and simplify replacement of field devices from different automation suppliers.

The H1 ITK, which consists of a test engine, communication stack, and function block interface card, is an excellent tool for troubleshooting and debugging FOUNDATION fieldbus instruments. It includes all hardware and software required to ensure complete device interoperability. By using the H1 ITK, suppliers can run tests identical to those used by the Fieldbus Foundation before submitting their product for registration.

H1 ITK 6.1.0 builds on the extensive library of FOUNDATION fieldbus block test cases, offering a series of standardized function blocks and transducer blocks that enable increased test coverage for device developers. It includes test cases for new blocks that were previously unavailable, such as flow totalizer, analog alarm, control selector, and output splitter, which support expanded device applications for control-in-the-field (CIF). A new flow transducer block is intended to simplify device integration within FOUNDATION fieldbus networks. In addition, the release provides updated test cases for existing blocks, including flow, pressure, temperature, analog positioner, and discrete positioner.

New H1 ITK test cases focus on backwards compatibility among FOUNDATION fieldbus devices. This enhancement supports device replacement automation and enables the test kit to verify consistent behavior between device and host implementations in fieldbus-based control systems. Automation of device replacement allows the configuration in an existing field device to be restored in a newer version of that instrument without manual intervention. This “plug-and-play” solution ensures features are consistent between different generations of devices without reengineering the host configuration or changing any other element of the H1 network other than the new instrument.

The use of common transducer blocks also improves interoperability and simplifies device replacement by enabling a minimum level of configuration across all types of instruments. This feature provides greater predictability in fieldbus implementation, while reducing integration risks.

The technology enhancements of H1 ITK 6.1.0 help increase the intelligence of smart field devices, unlocking complex control logic functionality that previously resided at the Distributed Control System (DCS) level and allowing it to be moved to more-capable field instruments. This functionality makes it easier to implement CIF strategies to make your plant smarter and more autonomous. Embedded control functionality in FOUNDATION devices is a key enabler for achieving high-availability control and a stepping-stone to single-loop integrity.

With control at the device level, process automation functions are truly distributed with no single point of failure in the control system above the H1 (field device) level. If an HMI malfunctions and a loss of visibility into the process occurs, controllers or other components in the system and control loop, including intelligent field devices, actuators, and positioners, and the network, remain unaffected.

H1 ITK 6.1.0 is available to members with active maintenance agreements, and for new purchases.

For more information about the H1-ITK, call the Fieldbus Foundation at 512-794-8890 or email Member Services. Pricing and a downloadable FAQ are available on the Tools page of the Fieldbus Foundation website.

Latest FOUNDATION for SIF interoperability test kit now available

The latest version of the Fieldbus Foundation’s FOUNDATION for Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) Interoperability Test Kit (ITK) is a powerful test solution updated with new test cases to verify the functionality of H1 (31.25 bit/s) fieldbus devices based on the current FOUNDATION for SIF technical specifications, including the newly introduced H1 dual-mode device capability with powerful field diagnostics.

FOUNDATION for SIF ITK 1.2 is an excellent tool for troubleshooting and debugging fieldbus instruments, and provides all hardware and software required to ensure a manufacturer’s complete device interoperability as specified by the Fieldbus Foundation’s official registration testing procedure. Using the test kit, device developers can run tests identical to those used by the foundation before submitting their device for registration.

The updated FOUNDATION for SIF ITK verifies advanced functionality such as the new dual-mode H1 device capability allowing automation suppliers to bring new safety products to market without having to design two entirely different devices. Developers can implement H1 instruments with SIF features activated or de-activated. More importantly, plants will have to stock only one type of instrument that can be used as either a process or safety device.

Multiple FOUNDATION for SIF pilot projects are underway at locations around the world with different end users. Saudi Aramco successfully launched two pilot projects and is preparing to install working systems within operating oil and gas facilities. After these smaller pilot projects are complete, the company plans expanded deployment of FOUNDATION for SIF technology to exploit its benefits on mega-scale projects. In addition, Shell Project & Technology has specified FOUNDATION for SIF for use on the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) project in The Netherlands. These companies, along with other major end users, are encouraging the automation equipment industry to develop safety-approved products for their initial installations.

FOUNDATION for SIF ITK 1.2 is available to current users with maintenance agreements, as well as for new purchases.

For more about the FOUNDATION for SIF ITK, visit the Tools page of the Fieldbus Foundation website or email the Fieldbus Foundation sales department.

Check out the latest registered FOUNDATION fieldbus products

The number of FOUNDATION fieldbus products registered by the Fieldbus Foundation continues to grow. The foundation is one of the only automation industry organizations with a registration program requiring mandatory testing of critical elements of its technology. The effort encompasses FOUNDATION fieldbus host systems and field devices and physical layer components such as power supplies and device couplers from all segments of the automation market.

The table lists the most recently registered products by manufacturer, type, and model/host name.

Updated Registered H1 Devices



Model / Device Name

Emerson Process Management

Coriolis Mass Flowmeter

MVD 2700

Updated Device Description and Capability File



Model / Device Name

Emerson Process Management

Conductivity Transmitter


Emerson Process Management

Oxygen/Chlorine/Ozone Transmitter


Honeywell Field Solutions

Differential Pressure Transmitter

SmartLine/ST 800

For a complete list of registered FOUNDATION fieldbus products, visit the Fieldbus Foundation website.

To learn more about FOUNDATION fieldbus interoperability, download “Understanding Host Profile & Testing Registration,” a free whitepaper available on the Fieldbus Foundation website.


Emerson solution helps Chinese chemical plant reduce its repairs, downtime

Having Emerson Process Management replace existing valve positioners with Fisher® Fieldvue™ DVC6200f digital valve controllers helped the Shanghai Ethylene Cracker Complex (SECCO) increase control, production efficiency, and uptime—and save $40,000 in annual maintenance costs.

The SECCO complex includes a naphtha-fed ethylene cracker and ten downstream derivative plants with thousands of control valves of differing brands, types, and sizes. Temperature fluctuations in the process caused high variability in the end product, and, combined with pipeline vibration, often led to damage and the need to replace the positioners on the valves. SECCO engineers and Fisher valve specialists discussed ways to address the problem, and SECCO decided replacing the facility’s positioners with DVC6200f digital valve positioners was the solution.

The DVC6200f offers linkage-less, non-contact position feedback to reduce vibration-induced problems as well as diagnostics and FOUNDATION fieldbus communication to promptly alert operators of potential problems. The instrument can be mounted easily onto any valve, an especially important benefit to SECCO.

Installation of the equipment enhanced operations in the facility, improving stability and control. Production efficiency improved, while waste and rework were reduced. Valve performance is more reliable, and uptime has increased because of less frequent valve failure and scheduled maintenance.

For more information, visit the Emerson Process Management website.


Azbil control valve software improves maintenance efficientcy, online diagnostics

PLUG-IN Valstaff by Azbil improves the efficiency of control valve maintenance operations through control valve management and online diagnostics. The software package consists of a control valve maintenance system that supports the decision-making necessary for control valve maintenance and increases maintenance efficiency. It runs on the same PC as one of two device management systems: InnovativeField Organizer (IFO, an Azbil Corp. product) or Plant Resource Manager (PRM, a Yokogawa Electric Corp. product).

Features include:

  • Online diagnostics for control valves while the plant is operating. PLUG-IN Valstaff's online diagnostics support early detection of abnormalities by indexing control valve conditions numerically to help reduce the number of problems caused by control valves.


  • Automated stroke testing for control valves, making maintenance more efficient and reducing the load on plant workers during shutdown maintenance.

For more information, visit the Azbil website.

Endress+Hauser enhances wireless handheld for FOUNDATION fieldbus

The latest version of Endress+Hauser’s Field Xpert SFX100 wireless handheld offers Device Xpert software for FOUNDATION fieldbus and HART devices. Connections can be made to individual devices via an appropriate Bluetooth™ modem or to networks via a WLAN access point.

In addition to device configuration and diagnosis, Field Xpert offers parameter comparison functions and device reporting/archiving. The latest device EDD libraries can be downloaded via the Internet. Field Xpert is also available in standard and Ex-versions.

For more information, visit the Endress+Hauser website.

FCI next-generation mass flowmeter includes FOUNDATION fieldbus protocol

ST100 Series flowmeter for air/gas flow measurement and plant communication from Fluid Components International (FCI) features the FOUNDATION fieldbus protocol. It is the first triple variable flow instrument to measure mass flow, temperature, and pressure. In addition to flow rate and totalized flow and temperature, pressure measurement up to 1000 psi (70 bar) is available. An on-board data logger stores 21 million readings on a removable card.

The ST100 has an industrial-grade thermal dispersion flow sensor and is designed for service in lines from 1 to 100 in. (25 to 2500 mm). The Fieldbus communication protocol can be specified at order or added later. The device includes a graphical LCD with four-button, through-the-glass touch activation for showing measurements and alarm status. A writeable field lets users identify sites, gas types, tag numbers, and more.

The flowmeter has no moving parts to clean and can withstand up to 850-deg F (454-deg C). It is available with integral or remote electronics (for operation from up to 1,000 ft away). Approvals (submitted/pending) include FM and FMc; Class 1, Div. 1 hazardous locations, Groups B, C, D, E, F, G; ATEX, and IECEx; Zone 1, II 2 GD Ex d IIC T4. The enclosure is NEMA 4X/IP67 rated.

For more information, visit the Fluid Components International website.

Foxboro control system optimizes startup savings

Thanks to innovative wizards, the latest Foxboro control systems offer unprecedented time-savings in starting up FOUNDATION fieldbus installations. Benefits include:

  • Half the device preparation time. A new Preparation Wizard minimizes time required for loop checks, synchronizing device and system tags, setting devices as Basic or Link Master, and ensuring correct device system management communication settings.
  • Up to 90% savings in configuration setting deployment. Many systems take far too long and require excessive human supervision to ensure configurable parameters in device resource, transducer, and function blocks are properly set. Not the Foxboro control system. The control strategy block deployment wizard automatically launches a process where every FF interface card and H1 segment automatically downloads settings in parallel, requiring no further user interaction.
  • Automatic LAS schedule calculation, with no guesswork and no time. Whether the project is using Control-in-the-Field, Control-in-the-Host, or a combination, the field device engineering tool automatically calculates efficient block execution and compels data schedules.

For more information, visit the Foxboro website.

Honeywell FOUNDATION fieldbus solution is cost effective; saves time, effort

Honeywell’s FOUNDATION fieldbus solution provides an efficient, cost-effective bridge between the rich information that resides in every fieldbus device and the extensive features and benefits of Experion® PKS Orion. Field Device Manager is tightly integrated with the Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS), providing valuable user benefits from the project phase through commissioning and over the full life cycle of the plant.

The solution saves time and reduces effort for engineering and maintenance tasks. Users can add new device DDs in seconds, enabling Experion PKS Orion and FOUNDATION fieldbus technology to work together to optimize operations, minimize process downtime, and support better business decisions. Careful attention to detail provides unparalleled ease of use and performance unmatched in the industry.

Fieldbus devices have a lot to say and Experion ensures that every word is clearly heard and directed to the right people to keep a plant running in a safe, efficient, and cost effective manner.

For more information, visit the Honeywell website.

Lee College offers certified FOUNDATION fieldbus training courses

Lee College

If you're ready to become fully skilled with FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, there's no better place to go than the Fieldbus Center at Lee College. Lee College Certified FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus training courses offer hands-on design, installation, and maintenance instruction using realistic industrial applications.

Classes, including our FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus Certified Professional, Technical Specialist, and our Certified Support Specialist course calendar schedule may be reviewed on our website. Seats currently are available for the 2013 FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus Certified Professional course, February 11–22 and the FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus Certified Technical Specialist course, February 25–March 1.

To register or if you have questions about the classes, email the college or call 832-556-4446.

For more information or to review the catalog, visit the Lee College website.

MooreHawk fault-tolerant system ensures FOUNDATION fieldbus communications

Moore HawkeTrunksafe Fault-Tolerant Fieldbus System from MooreHawke, a division of Moore Industries-International Inc., provides a cost-effective, highly reliable strategy for maintaining FOUNDATION fieldbus communications between the fieldbus host and field devices without interruption in the event of a single-point failure such as an open-circuit or short circuit.

Trunksafe consists of two redundant fieldbus dc power supplies and a specially engineered device coupler to provide a secure fieldbus physical layer. The system:

  • Maintains all process and diagnostic communications without interruption, even if the network cable is broken or shorted;
  • Is compatible with FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 networks and devices; and
  • Includes physical layer diagnostics that monitor and report open and short circuits, dc power status, and segment noise.


Trunksafe is part of MooreHawke's comprehensive line of fieldbus physical layer options, which includes Trunkguard Fieldbus device couplers and power supplies designed for general purpose, non-incendive, and Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas; and the Routemaster Fieldbus System for intrinsically-safe (IS) applications.


For more information, visit the MooreHawke website.

Phoenix Contact builds single-point integrity into process infrastructure

Fieldbus infrastructure components from Phoenix Contact are designed specifically to meet the tough requirements of a process environment. The modular components offer connectivity from the controller to the field, allowing the devices to be planned, installed, expanded, and replaced channel by channel as needed.

Field junction box assemblies are available in two sizes of aluminum and stainless steel. They are installed in Div 2/Zone 2 areas with field device connectivity in a Div 1/Zone 0 or 1 hazardous location using modular device couplers. These Phoenix Contact products go beyond providing short circuit protection and energy limiting—their compact module width and single-sided spur wiring optimize size and weight.

Redundant fieldbus power supplies have swappable plugs providing high availability, automatic current balancing (ACB) technology, and high power output, 500 mA @ 28 V dc. They are galvanically isolated and include a fixed end-of-line terminator to reduce the risk of installation errors. Passive filtering allows for low heat dissipation and long service life. Pluggable connectors, local diagnostic LEDs, and relay contacts are available for ease of installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

For more information, visit the Phoenix Contact website.

R. Stahl ISbus fieldbus products gain DNV approval for maritime applications

Fieldbus Foundation technology is already well established on shore, but the fieldbus market is also growing at a considerable rate in offshore plants and aboard ships. For this reason, R. Stahl had its complete range of ISbus products inspected and certified by the DNV (Det Norske Veritas) for use in maritime environments on board. The approval includes device couplers for installation in Zones 1 and 2 for intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe bus devices. The couplers were subjected to tests according to the strict requirements for "open deck" installation.

The ISbus units had to prove their suitability for an extended temperature range (­25 to +70-deg C) and fulfill very demanding EMC requirements. In addition to suitability for ships, the approval also attests to the possibility of installing ISbus couplers under especially rugged conditions. Fieldbus power supplies with integrated advanced physical layer diagnosis, along with the diagnosis communication module that enables integration of diagnostics into asset management systems, are suitable for below-deck areas where devices are used at temperatures from 5 to 70-deg C.

Providing a wide range of housings and accessories, R. Stahl ensures practical solutions for fieldbus applications under all kinds of extreme conditions—from very high or very low temperatures to salt mist atmospheres and extreme mechanical stress through permanent vibrations.

For more information, visit the R. Stahl website.

Softing gateway and linking device provides new functionality

The latest version, 1.71, of Softing’s Modbus Gateway and Linking Device FG-110 FF offers a number of new functionalities. Users can now combine the FG-110 FF with AMS® Suite 12—the latest version of Emerson’s asset management system. In addition, improved Modbus mapping enables users to map mode, channel, and set point to Modbus register.

The configuration tool FF-Conf was also upgraded and includes an improved Live List. The FG-110 FF is part of the FIM-110, the official successor of Rosemount’s FIM-3420.

For more information, visit the Softing website.


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