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IIoT adoption increasing, but projects still in development

A survey from Bsquare finds that few industrial companies are using advanced analytics to make... » more

Manufacturing execution systems (MES) and Factory 4.0's benefits

The manufacturing execution system (MES) is a control system designed to execute, monitor, track,... » more

Make productive assets part of the supply chain

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) responds to increasing demands placed on goods makers as... » more

IoT gateway and edge processing device

Define Instruments' Zen IoT is a gateway device for connecting standalone discrete control system...

Connect the physical with the digital

Leaders say, don’t let culture impede technology progress with the Industrial Internet of Things... » more

Industrial internet group announces testbed results

The Industrial Internet Consortium has published the first results of its testbed program on issues... » more

Reference architecture to be used as basis for fog computing, networking standards

The OpenFog Consortium announced that its OpenFog Reference Architecture will be the basis for a... » more

IIoT analytics framework technical report published

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), has published the IIC Industrial IoT Analytics Framework... » more


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Industrial Networking Video Series

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Industrial Networking: Introduction to Networking

Doug Bell introduces Chris Harris. Networks communicate in several ways including by wire, wireless, and fiber optics. Various standards such as RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and Ethernet come with the particular device being...

Industrial Networking: Basics of RS-232

The RS-232 standard allows for communication between two devices in either a master-slave or master-master configuration. A master-master configuration does not require the cables to be changed however the hardware needs to...

Industrial Networking: RS-232 Media and Hardware

All types of connectors are found with RS-232 with no set standard, zip links are a solution especially in long distance (up to 50 feet) applications. DTE and DCE devices require different wiring configurations. The device...

Industrial Networking: Networking Protocol Basics

A compatible wiring scheme does not mean two devices can communication with each other, they need the same language. In a network, there must be a device that produces a signal for the network to work, cannot have two slave...

Industrial Networking: Basics of RS-422

The RS-422 standard allows use with up to 11 devices and 4000 feet of wire. The standard is commonly confused with RS-485 and can even work with RS-485 devices. RS-422 is not widely supported. Long-time automation trainer Doug...


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Cyber Security Research

2017 IIoT for Engineers report: 8 key findings

Respondents to the 2017 IIoT for Engineers study identified eight key... » more

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Cyber Security Video Series

Cyber Security: Technology Review

A very fast paced look at many types of hardware...

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Avoid the worst control system ever

Automation System Integration Blog: Nobody wants to get a screaming... » more

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