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Computer systems predict objects’ responses to physical forces

MIT researchers believe they can help answer questions about what information-processing resources... » more

Self-service industrial analytics software

TrendMiner's 2017 R2 self-service industrial analytics software is designed to leverage global...

Using software to provide IIoT value

Schneider Electric is expanding its industrial software platform offerings to provide value for the... » more

How to get faster ROI from a QMS implementation

Companies looking to get a good return on investment (ROI) on their quality management system (QMS)... » more

Manufacturers should embrace augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) has the potential to make the manufacturing floor faster, safer, and more... » more

Overcoming compatibility issues with virtualization

Using a virtualization approach can save time, money, and resolve backup and recovery issues. » more

Make productive assets part of the supply chain

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) responds to increasing demands placed on goods makers as... » more

WEBCAST: What cloud-based ERP does for manufacturers & distributors

Can 21st-century manufacturing and distribution operations thrive, if supported by 20th-century...

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Graphic HMI terminals for smaller applications

Rockwell Automation's Allen-Bradley PanelView 5310 family of graphic human-machine interface (HMI) terminals are designed to provide integration for applications of up to 50 HMI screens.

Self-service industrial analytics software

TrendMiner's 2017 R2 self-service industrial analytics software is designed to leverage global connected data sources to unlock data insights across the extended enterprise for optimizing overall plant performance and...

Embedded PC devices with multiple cores

Beckhoff's CX20x2 Embedded PC devices integrate Intel Xeon D processors, each with 4, 8, or 12 CPU cores of the 5th generation Intel Core microarchitecture, and are manufactured using 14 nm process technology.

HMI/SCADA solution with contextual mobility

PcVue's Contextual Mobility HMI/SCADA solution uses a mobility infrastructure that takes advantage of IPS (indoor position system) and GPS (global positioning system) to provide proximity and location services for field engineers...

Data management software suite

National Instruments' Data Management Software Suite is designed to provide a complete workflow to standardize measurement data across teams, mine data for useful information, transform the data through automated analysis, and...


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