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Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology
Info Management July 28, 2021

Data integrity with electronic batch records

Electronic batch records (EBRs) can improve record-keeping by making it more automated and removing the human element from the equation.

By Bryon Hayes
Courtesy: PLCopen
Info Management July 19, 2021

Top 5 Control Engineering articles July 12-18, 2021

Articles about IEC 61131-3 structuring, simulation and computer-aided design, edge computing, industrial wireless best practices and HART status information were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from July 12-18, 2021. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Courtesy: Cincinnati Incorporated/Steve Rourke, CFE Media and Technology
HMI, OI October 26, 2021

Seven tips for creating a customer-facing dashboard

Maintaining a customer-facing dashboard as an asset can help manufacturers get access to their data more quickly and efficiently. Seven tips are highlighted.

By Dave Hurt
Operators always need a clear view of what’s happening. Courtesy: Mark T. Hoske, Control Engineering
PLM, Control Design November 18, 2020

Best practices matter when designing control systems

When lives depend on control system design (and even when they don’t), best practices matter. Here’s what I’d like control system designers to know.

By Mark T. Hoske
Courtesy: Mark Stone/University of Washington
Manufacturing IT, MES October 16, 2021

Center for optoelectronic, quantum technologies

The National Science Foundation (NSF) will fund an endeavor at the University of Washington to bring atomic-level precision to devices that will transform the IT industry for decades to come.

By UW News staff
Courtesy: Brett Sayles
Industrial PCs November 19, 2021

High-performance computing research for clean energy

The DOE announced up to $3 million to connect industry partners with U.S. National Laboratory high-performance computing (HPC) resources for clean energy technology.

By Department of Energy