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HMI, OI October 8, 1997

ISA TECH/97 Highlights From Anaheim, Calif., Day Two

Boeing Explores Development of ‘Smart’ Transducer Bus Lee Eccles of Boeing Commercial Airplane Co. began his presentation in the ‘Use of Automation to Enhance Productivity in the Aerospace Industry’ by asking the question ‘why bother?’ In structural sensing and testing of airplane wings and fuselages at Boeing, a lot of effort goes into simply setting up the test. Structures for destructive testing of a wing or testing flight-control actuators require huge setup times.

By Control Engineering Staff
HMI, OI September 1, 1997

LonWorks Helps Get Semiconductor System ‘Pumped’


By Control Engineering Staff
HMI, OI September 1, 1997

Getting the Message Across

Conveying understandable process information to an operator requires more than dazzling HMI graphics in real time.

By Dick Johnson
HMI, OI August 1, 1997

Ground Loops and Their Cures

The National Electrical Code (NEC) defines a ground as ‘a conducting connection, whether intentional or accidental, between an electrical circuit or equipment and the earth, or to some conducting body that serves in place of the earth.’ A ground loop can be defined as any objectionable current flowing in a circuit’s ground or return path. Here is a short guide that will help identify possible sources of ground loops in your electrical systems and how to solve them. The simplest ground loop involves connection between two different earth grounds as shown in the top figure. With earth ground #1 at one potential, and earth ground #2 at a different potential, a ground loop current will flow in the loop as indicated.

By William L. Mostia, Jr. PE, Amoco Chemicals
HMI, OI June 1, 1997

Diagnostic capabilities accelerated with DeviceNet and PC Control


By Control Engineering Staff
HMI, OI January 1, 1990

Buyer’s Guide Information

Control Engineering Buyer’s Guide 2000-01FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS… Q. How do I update my free listings?A. Updates of free listings in Control Engineering Buyer’s Guide must occur online.More than 4,300 people at all companies in last year’s guide receive a mailing May 12-16 containing: Cover letter ink-jetted at the top with the user’s log-in and password. Directions on how to update free listings ONLINE ONLY. Updated category list (for reference only—updates must happen online). Advertising opportunities information with Promotion piece describing advertising opportunities online and in print. Form for buying print logo/column inch ads to go with the free listings. Q1.

By Control Engineering Staff
HMI, OI January 1, 1970

This is the one

Imagine the best automation, control, and instrumentation product.Out of thousands of products covered in Control Engineering during year 2000—in print, online, in electronic newsletters—our editors picked 40. The 14th annual Control Engineering Editors' Choice Award winners appear on the next few pages, with more information in the online version at www.

By Mark T. Hoske,
HMI, OI January 1, 1970

Control Engineering Highlights the 40 Best Products of 2000

Control Engineering editors— in the 14th annual process—highlighted the best products of the year, based on technological advancement, impact on the market, and service to industry.Editors selected from among thousands of products mentioned in Control Engineering and Control Engineering Online during year 2000, in nine product categories: Control components; Human-machine interface...

By Antonia E. McBride, and Control Engineering Staff
HMI, OI January 1, 1970

Applied Data to use Synergetic chip in computer

Applied Data Systems (Columbia, Md.) and Synergetic Micro Systems (Downers Grove, Ill.) announced March 5 at NMW a collaborative design effort to produce a new 32-bit StrongARM computer incorporating Synergetic's EmbeddedComm/EC-1 universal fieldbus chip. The two partners report their new product suite will be sold to OEMs and equipment suppliers, and expect the suite to offer price and perform...

By Staff
HMI, OI January 1, 1970

Ethernet Security, Safety Relies on Common Sense Networking

KEY WORDS Networks and communication Ethernet Internet and intranet PC-based control Device-level networksThe price of freedom? A little less freedom. More users are seeking to gain Ethernet's interoperability and flexibility. However, the relatively greater openness of Ethernet can mean increased network vulnerability, especially when networks are linked via the Internet.