Industrial PCs
Courtesy: CFE Media
Industrial PCs November 19, 2018

Energy-efficient memory developed to spur new computer applications

Researchers at Stanford University have developed spin-orbit torque technology designed for data-intensive computing applications like artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML).

By Andrew Myers
The ability of edge devices to execute advanced, including preprocessing and compression, helps reduce cloud storage requirements and unnecessary bandwidth utilization. Courtesy: Beckhoff Automation
Industrial PCs November 7, 2018

Advanced algorithms for analytics on the edge

Substantial computing power in modern industrial PCs and cloud bandwidth considerations make the case to analyze machine performance directly on controllers, before the cloud.

By Daymon Thompson
Helping with hybrid operational technology implementations, Stratus’ ztC Edge is a zero-touch, fully virtualized and self-protecting computing platform, specifically designed for industrial edge environments. Courtesy: Stratus Technologies
Industrial PCs November 6, 2018

Why hybrid OT is needed for successful IIoT and control projects

Integrating controls: It is critical to understand differing operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) priorities to achieve collaboration and integration. Without this, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and control projects will fail.

By John Fryer
Industrial PCs October 29, 2018

University to create college of computing to address current and future challenges

MIT announced a $1 billion commitment to address the global opportunities and challenges presented by the prevalence of computing and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) with the MIT Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing, which will be completed by 2022.

By MIT News Office
Industrial PCs October 11, 2018

Vote now for 2019 Engineers’ Choice Finalists

The official ballot is open for voting for Control Engineering North American print and digital edition subscribers, for a limited time. Review finalists and vote by using CFE Media's New Products for Engineers platform. (Voting closed Jan. 4, 2019.)

By Amanda Pelliccione
Industrial PCs October 4, 2018

Automation interfaces advance

Human-machine interfaces (HMIs) and other operator interface devices are being pushed to the edge of rugged applications to combine the best features of classic interfaces with modern commercial technologies.

By Benson Hougland, Opto 22
Industrial PCs September 22, 2018

Cloud computing should be considered by companies of all sizes

A cloud-based smart manufacturing strategy is going to be driven by business needs, but it can offer major benefits regardless of the company's size.

By Srivats Ramaswami, MESA International
Industrial PCs September 6, 2018

How much control goes to the cloud?

Cloud computing is gaining ground as industrial plants become more efficient, but it’s important to recognize where computing is needed and where it should be taking place.

By Bob McIlvride, Skkynet Cloud Systems Inc.
Industrial PCs April 28, 2018

Chips developed for microcontroller unit applications

MediaTek announced it has collaborated with Microsoft to deliver the first of a family of ARM-based Azure Sphere chips, the MT3620, which is designed to create a secure microcontroller unit (MCU) powered devices for connected applications.

By Chris Middleton, Vinelake
Industrial PCs April 25, 2018

Microsoft investing in IoT technology, partner ecosystem

Microsoft will be revamping its Internet of Things (IoT) strategy over the next four years by setting aside $5 billion to grow its partner ecosystem, develop a more intelligent edge environment, and build on existing products and services.

By Malek Murison, Vinelake