Industrial PCs

Courtesy: Emerson
Industrial PCs February 24, 2022

Product advice on tough industrial PCs

Next-generation industrial PCs (IPCs) that are genuinely industrial-grade are foundational for successful edge computing and analytics applications, according to a company with a Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice Award product. See seven attributes of a good IPC design.

By Nishita Palkar
Courtesy: Silvia Cardarelli, University of Michigan
Industrial PCs February 16, 2022

Exciton surfing could enable next-gen energy, computing

Excitons, which escape traditional electrical losses, could help cool down computers and enable faster speeds and higher efficiencies.

By Catharine June
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Industrial PCs February 3, 2022

Five-phase approach to improving operational technology PCs

Improving operational technology (OT) PCs is crucial as attacks against industrial control systems (ICSs) continue rising. Five strategies are highlighted.

By Tim Mullen
Courtesy: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Industrial PCs February 3, 2022

Tiny materials lead to quantum computing advance

Using ultrathin materials to reduce the size of superconducting qubits may help make personal-sized quantum computing devices according to MIT researchers.

By Adam Zewe
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Industrial PCs January 31, 2022

Quantum computing language developed

Twist is an MIT-developed programming language that can describe and verify which pieces of data are entangled to prevent bugs in a quantum program.

By Rachel Gordon
Courtesy: Beckhoff Automation
Industrial PCs January 14, 2022

Integrated machine vision optimizes automated component assembly

German machine builder Aixemtec accelerates high-precision assembly of micro-optics with innovative automation solutions, reducing setup by a factor of eight.

By Christian Kukla
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Industrial PCs December 11, 2021

Photonic chip for isolating light might help miniaturizing quantum devices

University of Illinois researchers have developed a compact photonic circuit that uses sound waves to rein in light, which could help miniaturize quantum computing devices.

By Emily Edwards
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Industrial PCs December 10, 2021

Impact of semiconductor chip shortage

A perfect storm of events, triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, has left the world scrambling with a semiconductor shortage and it is having major effects on the global economy. Two experts offer insights on the challenge.

By Rachel Rose
Courtesy: Brett Sayles
Industrial PCs November 19, 2021

High-performance computing research for clean energy

The DOE announced up to $3 million to connect industry partners with U.S. National Laboratory high-performance computing (HPC) resources for clean energy technology.

By Department of Energy
Courtesy: Brett Sayles
Industrial PCs October 25, 2021

Quantum computing, AI prompts a smarter power grid

Cornell University researchers are using quantum computing and artificial intelligence (AI) to make a smarter power grid to reduce blackouts and other issues.

By Blaine Friedlander