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Industrial PCs March 1, 1998

GE Fanuc Buys Rest of AFE Holdings, Forms Integration Team

More than year after buying 70% of AFE Holdings in late 1996, GE Fanuc Automation North America Inc. recently bought the remaining 30% of AFE.A manufacturer of operator interface (OI) and software products with subsidiaries in the U.K., U.S., and Canada, AFE's products are now sold under GE Fanuc's family of Cimplicity OI products.

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Industrial PCs February 1, 1998

Modular Instrument Open Spec

Austin, Tex.—PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation (PXI) specification delivers a modular architecture that leverages the PCI bus in the CompactPCI form factor for a wide range of PC-based control and measurement applications. The PXI also leverages the CompactPCI specification for industrial computers, defining a rugged form factor for PCI that offers superior mechanical integrity, easy i...

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Industrial PCs February 1, 1998

Redundancy in Control

How is redundancy implemented for PC-based control? The first step is defining a physical interface to the real world that will provide multiple computers controlling the same I/O system.One way to provide multiple "controllers" is to implement a "mirroring backup" so that another system also collects all data.

By Gint Burokas
Industrial PCs January 1, 1998

PC&automation Conference Will Aid Factory Floor-Management Ties

A growing working relationship between three standards—the PC, Windows, and Interbus—is becoming the basis of a new open infrastructure for connecting the management office with the production floor. To help participants handle this trend, Interbus Club recently joined with IBM and Microsoft to launch a new international conference called "pc&auto...

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