Manufacturing IT, MES
It’s important to develop a team approach from the start of any integration process to ensure all members of the operation and controls teams have input into the final system. Courtesy: Concept Systems
Manufacturing IT, MES December 19, 2018

A method to avoid the madness: Automation experts add productivity

A sound process and a main automation contractor can relieve stress for an integrator. Reduce risk and maximize plant productivity of large system integration projects in three ways.

By Amanda Geldhof
Chobani empowers its employees with as much data as possible. Courtesy: Inductive Automation
Manufacturing IT, MES December 12, 2018

Yogurt plant improves active culture, technology

System integrator helps Chobani streamline operations to provide more flexibility and efficiency.

By Jim Meyers
Siemens has acquired COMSA Computer und Software GmbH to grow their presence in the automotive marketplace. Courtesy: Siemens
Manufacturing IT, MES December 4, 2018

Electrical system design software company acquired

Siemens announced it has acquired COMSA Computer und Software GmbH to grow their presence in the autonomous and electric vehicle market.

By Siemens Industry, Inc.
Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) researchers, led by Panos Markpoulos, are taking on Big Data to reduce the negative impact of faulty measurements in data collected from complex sensing systems. Courtesy: Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
Manufacturing IT, MES November 30, 2018

Researchers receive grant to improve Big Data analysis

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) researchers have received a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation’s Office of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure to research signal processing solutions, which could impact how Big Data is better managed.

By Michelle Cometa
Image 1. Location information provides spatial context for areas along the pipeline, indicating how environmental factors support or degrade pipeline infrastructure integrity. Courtesy: DMTI Spatial, a Digital Map Products company
Manufacturing IT, MES November 30, 2018

Three ways location intelligence and IIoT make pipeline asset management easier

If the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is integrated with location intelligence it can help midstream oil & gas operations to manage pipeline assets, mitigate potential risks, and optimize new pipeline routes.

By Robert Szyngiel
Upgrades to include more logically organized content, faster loading pages, and better mobile access. Courtesy: Control Engineering, CFE Media
Manufacturing IT, MES November 20, 2018

Five reasons to appreciate the new site

Think Again: Website redesigns can cause user discomfort, but you’ll like the new Control Engineering website in five major ways.

By Mark T. Hoske
Manufacturing IT, MES November 14, 2018

Front of mind: AI in manufacturing

Control Engineering Poland: Expectations are high among manufacturers for the ability of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve processes and profitability. New research shows that companies able to sort the systems and personnel issues surrounding implementation can get a leg up on the competition as use cases grow.

By Rick Butler
Dave McCarthy is senior director of products, Bsquare. Courtesy: Bsquare
Manufacturing IT, MES November 3, 2018

Using IIoT to simplify automation and control

Integrating information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) organizations is difficult but critical to IIoT success. Five best practices for overcoming these cultural barriers are highlighted.

By Dave McCarthy
Manufacturing IT, MES October 27, 2018

Spatial intelligence platform for robots, industrial automation equipment

Humatics Corp.'s Spatial Intelligence platform is comprised of radio-frequency beacons deployed in a constellation, mobile sensors, and a software suite.

By Humatics Corp.
Manufacturing IT, MES October 26, 2018

Applications available as SaaS offering for process manufacturers

Seeq announced availability of its analytics solutions delivered via software as a service (SaaS) to allow process manufacturing organizations to analyze, predict, collaborate, and share insights to improve production outcomes.

By Seeq