Manufacturing IT, MES

Manufacturing IT, MES March 17, 2010

AT&T becomes principal customer for Ford electric vehicles

AT&T has agreed to purchase two of the first Ford Transit Connect electric vans.

By David Greenfield
Manufacturing IT, MES March 1, 2010

Engineering altruism: What’s in it for me?

Altruism is great, as long as there’s something in it for me. One-liners like this have been funny since standup comedians used to fall down for a laugh. Why? It’s because the second phrase contradicts the first one, and contradiction is a strong design element of humor. Engineering altruism is spending some personal time, sometimes even company-sanctioned time, on collaborative pro...

By Mark T. Hoske, editor-in-chief
Manufacturing IT, MES February 8, 2010

Major Clean Air Act settlements announced

Settlements address 28 industrial plants and require pollution control upgrades, acceptance of enforceable emission limits, and payment of civil penalties.

By David Greenfield
Manufacturing IT, MES February 1, 2010

FlexLine Wireless Radar Gauge

Honeywell Process Solutions FlexLine Wireless radar gauge from Honeywell Process Solutions monitors tank levels and prevents hazardous plant and terminal incidents. The gauge is primarily used for inventory control and custody transfer purposes. The radar gauge establishes new levels of precision and flexibility in tank inventory management—especially when weight and measure approval is r...

Manufacturing IT, MES January 30, 2010

Scottish Power selects PAS to improve automation at twelve sites

PlantState Suite software and services to improve safety and operability at power plants.

By Peter Welander
Manufacturing IT, MES January 29, 2010

ExxonMobil develops energy-efficient gas engine oils

New Mobil SHC Pegasus is reported to deliver energy savings of up to 1.5%

By David Greenfield
Manufacturing IT, MES January 27, 2010

Ultra Green plans to create world’s largest green engineering conglomerate

With a growing base of engineers specializing in low-carbon technologies Ultra Green announces an ambitious expansion plan to market new energy technologies.

By David Greenfield
Manufacturing IT, MES January 20, 2010

Regulator designed to help reduce manufacturers’ emissions

Actio Corp.'s newest Regulator product enables proactive emissions monitoring and reduction.

By David Greenfield
Manufacturing IT, MES January 1, 2010

Industry Update: Czech Republic

R&D, the power industry, and more are being affected by the current the economic state of affairs in the Czech Republic. An insider in the automation and controls sector tells how.

By Petr Pohorský, Control Engineering Czech Republic
Manufacturing IT, MES December 31, 2009

Functional Devices self-powered wireless current sensor simplifies retrofits

Functional Devices Inc. introduces what it calls the world's first completely self-powered wireless current sensor with EnOcean energy harvesting technology.