PLM, Control Design

PLM, Control Design July 31, 2018

How digitalization helps machine tool builders

Inside machines and embedded systems: New technologies will drive the digital factory of the future inside a machine in three ways. Greater efficiency and reliability will add value; new services will add revenue.

By Ramona Schindler, Siemens Industry Inc.
PLM, Control Design July 5, 2018

Strategies for upgrading PLC hardware

As technology advances, hardware needs to be updated for optimal efficiency.

By Evan Novakowski, Avanceon
PLM, Control Design February 15, 2018

Automation product designs cure pain points

When the research and development (R&D) team communicates with customers, automation product designs improve, and the resulting designs resolve pain points.

By Vikram Kumar, EZAutomation
PLM, Control Design January 30, 2018

CAN networks make mobile machine upgrades easier

CAN J1939 is the communication network used by electronic diesel engines to transmit data about the operating conditions of the engines to other devices necessary to operate mobile machinery.

By Paul Badowski, Cross Company
PLM, Control Design January 20, 2018

Requirements for a seamless quality management system

A seamless quality management system (QMS) allows companies to close gaps across product lifecycle manufacturing (PLM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and manufacturing execution systems (MES) and enhance continuous improvement and Lean manufacturing initiatives.

By Valérie Goulévitch
PLM, Control Design January 9, 2018

Hot topics in Control Engineering for 2017

Think Again: Control Engineering readers choose hot topics of 2017 based on online traffic at the automation industry website. What can you learn from these top Control Engineering articles of 2017? Also see the top three covers of 2017.

By Mark T. Hoske
PLM, Control Design November 15, 2017

Digitization of plants: An effective ROI model

Cyber-physical production systems (CPPSs) strive to merge the real and virtual worlds, improving return on investment (ROI) by accelerating operations, reducing errors, and lowering costs. Interoperability is important to digitization.

By Vinay Bhanot, L&T Technology Services in North America
PLM, Control Design November 7, 2017

Multi-alternative power supply control

Reliable energy efficiency: Space vehicles, among the most challenging and varied operating environments, require alternative energy sources with a multi-level control structure to exclude the risk of failures and ensure uninterrupted power supply in various flight modes.

By S.L. Podvalny and E.M. Vasiljev, Voronezh State Technical University, Russia
PLM, Control Design October 13, 2017

Explore an open IoT operating system

An open Internet of Things operating system (IoT OS) aims to help manufacturers. Siemens, at its recently opened Asia-Pacific Digital Experience Center, explained the purpose and benefits of its MindSphere IoT OS to Control Engineering China.

By Aileen Jin
PLM, Control Design October 10, 2017

Industrial control systems are converging with Big Data

Companies are using industrial control systems (ICS) and Big Data together to provide management with the insight to improve decision-making for planning, optimization, and continuous improvement of industrial plant operations.

By Anil Gosine, MG Strategy+