PLM, Control Design

PLM, Control Design May 1, 1999

New school of thought produces safer process control designs

A "new" way of thinking about problem solving—derived from the Russian Navy—has potential to improve safe designs of process control systems.Presently accepted tools, such as Hazardous Analysis and Operability (HAZOP) studies, What-if reviews, and event trees are used to conduct formal safety audits of process designs to ensure the consequences of incidents have been eliminate...

By Dave Harrold
PLM, Control Design May 1, 1999

Microsoft embeds Windows NT

Microsoft (Redmond, Wash.) has taken the next step in Windows NT technology and caught some by surprise. As NT has been welcomed into corporate Information Technology departments, Microsoft has been moving to reach the embedded, real-time markets. Closely following the launch of Windows CE is the announcement of embedded Windows NT. The need for a general-purpose operating system (OS) capable of spanning business and industrial applications is growing.

By Gary Mintchell and Dave Harrold, CONTROL ENGINEERING