Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete Manufacturing January 6, 2023

Nanoelectrics platform based on graphene developed

Georgia Tech researchers have developed a nanoelectronics platform based on graphene - a single sheet of carbon atoms.

By Catherine Barzler
Discrete Manufacturing December 18, 2022

Asphaltene turned into graphene for composites

Rice University scientists are working on converting asphaltene, a carbon-rich resource, into useful graphene.

By Mike Williams
Discrete Manufacturing November 26, 2022

Custom algorithm used to solve challenges with robotic layer forming and de-tray system

AMT and Gojo Industries, Inc. worked together to create two robotic cells to function in part with their conveyor system, a de-tray operation and a layer forming system.

By Michael Horth
Discrete Manufacturing October 28, 2022

High-voltage power technologies driving semiconductor processes

The semiconductors being developed to address future demand will be more powerful and integrate more functionality than ever before. High-voltage power technologies will play a key role.

Discrete Manufacturing October 18, 2022

Graphene boosts flexible and wearable electronics

Studies from Caltech demonstrate that graphene can greatly improve electrical circuits required for wearable and flexible electronics.

By Whitney Clavin
Discrete Manufacturing September 14, 2022

Protecting the digital manufacturing supply chain while promoting innovation

Organizations must be constantly vigilant with not only their own cybersecurity practices, but also with those of their suppliers.

By Gary Cohen
Most of the more than 100 guests at the Festo 50th Anniversary Gala held in Cincinnati had their pictures taken with the Bionic Swift and Butterfly – Festo flying robots modeled after nature. From left to right: Frank Notz, Festo Management Board Member; Bill Gerbig, President of Ralph W. Earl; and Mark Snyder, Director of Festo North America Channel Management. Courtesy of: Festo U.S.
Discrete Manufacturing August 16, 2022

Manufacturer marks 50 years with manufacturing, R&D expansions

Festo marks its 50th anniversary with expansions to its Mason, Ohio, campus, which will be the site of a global production center and expanded technology engineering center.

By Festo Corporation
Discrete Manufacturing August 12, 2022

Three-sided pyramids form 2D structures

Rice University researchers have found 2D superlattices the tetrahedra create could lead to advances in metamaterials that manipular light and sound.

By Jade Boyd
Courtesy of: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Discrete Manufacturing July 31, 2022

Thin film growth technique is the result of microscopic holes

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have used epitaxy, an emerging method for synthesizing a thin film and membrane.

By Jason Daley
Courtesy: UW-Madison
Discrete Manufacturing June 17, 2022

Technique developed for fabricating the next generation of transistors

Materials engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a new method for making graphene nanoribbons.

By Jason Daley