Industrial palletizing robot

ABB Robotics' IRB 660 is a 4-axis machine that combines a 3.15 m reach with a 250 kg payload and its optimized motor power and motion performance produce shorter cycle times. Courtesy: ABB RoboticsABB Robotics' IRB 660 is a dedicated palletizer is a 4-axis machine that combines a 3.15 m reach with a 250 kg payload, making it ideal for palletizing bags, boxes, crates, bottles and more.

The IRB 660's optimized motor power and motion performance produce shorter cycle times. The palletizer comes in a high-speed version capable of handling 180 kg payloads at full speed, and the 250 kg version is designed for high throughput. The robot's reach allows it to service up to four in-feed conveyors, two pallet stacks, one slip-sheet stack and four palletizing out-feeding lines.

The IRB 660 features ABB's IRC 5 controller and comprehensive packaging line software, PickMaster, which houses all the key functions for programming and intuitive operation on the shop floor. Furthermore, the robot's rugged design and IP 67 tightness make for steady performance in even the toughest environments.

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