Robot picking and packing series expanded

ABB's IRB 360-6 FlexPicker robot has a reach of 1600 mm and a mid-range payload of 6 kg and is designed for harsh washdown environments like meat and dairy applications. Courtesy: ABBABB expanded their IRB 360 FlexPicker robot series with the IRB 360-6, which has a reach of 1600 mm and a mid-range payload of 6 kg. It also has an arm system with additional stainless parts, reinforced components as well as stronger bearings and joint sockets.

The IRB 360-6 can operate at very high speeds and features short cycle times and precision accuracy, which makes it useful in both narrow and wide spaces with very tight tolerances. The tool flange can accommodate larger grippers, allowing for efficient handling of flow wrapped products at high speeds from an indexing belt.

The IRB 360-6 is also designed to work in the harshest washdown environments in which sanitary design is of the utmost importance, such as meat and dairy applications. The optional all-stainless steel parts are IP69K rated, which allows the robot to be washed down with industrial detergents and high pressure hot water. The robot is also designed with smooth, rinse-off surfaces, as well as lubricant free joints that are resistant to most corrosives.

ABB Robotics. 

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