How to Maximize Factory Automation Efficiency with Low Cost Machine Vision eGuide


This eGuide illustrates solutions, applications and benefits of machine vision systems.  Vision systems are a primary consideration for any manufacturer who is looking to improve quality or automate production, but choosing systems that match your application and ownership requirements can be confusing.

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Understanding Machine Safety Guidelines eGuide


This eGuide illustrates how machine safety is serious business and should be at the forefront of any machine builder’s design process. Register below for this eGuide exploring safety, summarizing the key steps necessary to lower risk, and highlighting how integrated safety components can simplify machine design.

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eGuide: Wireless Reliability in Harsh Environments

Wireless failures at home or in the office will be an inconvenience until a replacement device is installed. Wireless network failures in industrial applications, however, jeopardize the safety of onsite personnel and damage expensive machinery/equipment.  In this Control Engineering eGuide learn how to increase device reliability in harsh environments and decrease unplanned system downtime.

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Control Engineering eGuide, Human Factors and the Impact on Plant Safety

Indications are that human beings are responsible for up to half the abnormal situations in process plants.  Moreover, those studies suggest that process industries in the U.S. lose more than $20 billion annually as a result.  In spite of these statistics, most process plants depend heavily on operator intervention during critical operational phases (e.g., startup, shutdown) and when things start going wrong.

This eGuide contains a series of articles and videos that considers theoretical and practical; immediate needs and a look into the future.

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Optimize Automation with Lifecycle Management

Global pressures and decreased time-to-market challenge manufacturers to embrace lean concepts and optimize automation with lifecycle management. In this Control Engineering eGuide learn how to create value with re-use; gain productivity with lean automation and connectivity, and optimize panel design and construction. 

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The Rocky Relationship Between Safety and Security eGuide

Process control and safety systems have always followed one key concept: Separation. They were always separate and independent of each other. The safety system would be ready to kick in and take action no matter what the condition of the process control system.

Over the last few years, safety standards and certification requirements have changed. So have approaches to the design and implementation of safety systems – a fact that affects not only the replacement of aging systems, but also the selection of safety and control systems in new facilities.

Learn more about methods used to ensure that the integration be¬tween the safety system and the basic process control systems (BPCS) do not compromise functional independence and define the best practices to secure an industrial system by registering to download this eGuide, The Rocky Relationship between Safety and Security sponsored by ABB.

Is Your Safety System Compliant with Today's Safety Standards.

Control Engineering eGuide: Is Your Safety System Compliant with Today's Safety Standards.

Financial benefits, reduced operating costs, and safer operations can all be realized through safety system compliance. However, operational aspects of safety systems are under increased scrutiny throughout process manufacturing facilities due to evolving standards. Learn how changes in safety standards are affecting legacy systems by registering for this Control Engineering’s eGuide “Is Your Safety System Compliant with Today’s Safety Standards” sponsored by ABB.  Click here to learn more.

Practical Defense: Protecting your Production from Cyber Crime eGuide

Practical Defense:  Protecting your Production from Cyber Crime eGuide

Cyber security is war. You have to defend your systems from all sorts of outside attackers, and if one that’s skilled and determined gets you in his sights, defending yourself may be tougher than you think. Once an attacker breaks through a hardened perimeter, moving around inside is usually pretty easy. That’s why defense in depth with incident detection, response, and attribution is so important. 

In response, Control Engineering introduced an eGuide Practical Defense:  Protecting your Production from Cyber Crime to assist manufacturers in learning how to protect production, devices and implement best practices against the cyber threat.  Download Control Engineering’s eGuide by registering below.

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Integrated Safety eGuide

Process industries are inherently hazardous, and maintaining safety in processes and operations has become increasingly complex and costly. But too often, companies have difficulty demonstrating a clear return on investment in their safety activities. With both safety and financial concerns being a high priority, those in the process industry sometimes struggle to reconcile them. 

This Control Engineering eGuide covers a recent white paper on how process industries can improve safety and profitability, without disrupting operations, and includes the additional informative articles regarding Integrated Safety:

  • Process safety what are the odds?
  • Analysis: Engineering values from the top down
  • Integrating emergency shutdown valves with a process control system
  • Developing People: Making operators more effective

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How to Reduce Wiring Costs and Improve Panel Efficiencies eGuide

Building with Lean processes isn’t enough; there’s big savings in the way the control is designed. Lean Manufacturing has been adopted by more manufacturers as a source of increased competitiveness than any other improvement meth­odology, according to The MPI Group, which maintains an extensive database of manufacturing operating data.

Its 2010/2011 Manufacturing Study indi­cates that 69% of U.S. manufac­turers are using Lean principles at some level to improve operating performance.

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Low Voltage Energy Efficient Drives

Of all resources on which modern manufacturing is de­pendent, energy is arguably the most fundamental. It is also a resource that has long been taken for granted. How­ever, rising energy prices and compliance concerns related to greenhouse gas emissions in some industries increas­ingly are leading operators to critically assess energy use.

Over the last few years, Control Engineering has advanced the industry’s discussion and understanding of energy efficiency. Follow the discussion and gain how-to knowledge in this important eGuide.

Articles in the eGuide include:

  • Supersizing Our Way to Energy Inefficiency
  • Energy Management: First Steps Toward Greater Efficiency
  • Sustainability tips: How manufacturing can become more energy efficient
  • A worthwhile investment: The drive to reduce emissions and energy consumption

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Simplifying Plant Safety Instrumentation

There are sensors scattered throughout a plant’s production units that are there to trigger a shutdown if they move into an unsafe condition. Such devices can operate for months and years without needing to perform their function. If push comes to shove, how do you know they will do their job?


Monitoring temperature and pressure are vital to many safety applications, including those found in chemical plants, refineries, and power plants; anywhere from critical vessels to eyewash stations.


Over the last few years, Control Engineering has led the industry discussion in plant safety instrumentation applications.  Follow the discussion and industry how-to in this important eGuide. The articles in the eGuide include:

  • Intelligence at the Device
  • Practice Safe Sensing
  • Process Safety Resources at your Fingertips
  • Intrinsically Safe or Explosion Proof
  • United Electric Controls®: Simplifying Plant Safety Instrumentation white paper

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