LabVIEW NXG from National Instruments helps engineers without programming experience capture data quickly and easily and get to results faster. Courtesy: National Instruments

New graphical programming platform accelerates understanding

National Instruments LabVIEW NXG 1.0 software, the next generation of LabVIEW, aims to deliver LabVIEW productivity to nonprogrammers with an easier workflow. NI continues LabView 2017 development and support. See video demo. » more

The 2017 System Integrators of the Year met at the Digital Manufacturing and Design Institute (DMDII) in Chicago to receive their awards. They are (from left), Jack Woebler of Interstates Control Systems, Shawn Campion of Integro Technologies, and Abhijit

CFE Media announces the 2017 System Integrator of the Year winners

The System Integrators of the Year have distinguished themselves by combining technology with a customer-centric approach. See roundtable video discussion. » more

Plant Engineering content manager Bob Vavra (left) discussed with Jack Woelber (center), president of Interstates Control Systems, and Jeff Miller, director of project management, how Interstates Control Systems continues its growth pattern and how that r

Interstates Control Systems, Sioux Center, Iowa

Interstates Control Systems is the 2017 System Integrator of the Year for the Large System Integrator Technology. President Jack Woelber shares some of the company's success stories and advice. » more

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