Simplifying Plant Safety Instrumentation eGuide

There are sensors scattered throughout a plant’s production units that are there to trigger a shutdown if they move into an unsafe condition. Such devices can operate for months and years without needing to perform their function. If push comes to shove, how do you know they will do their job?

Monitoring temperature and pressure are vital to many safety applications, including those found in chemical plants, refineries, and power plants; anywhere from critical vessels to eyewash stations.

Over the last few years, Control Engineering has led the industry discussion in plant safety instrumentation applications.  Follow the discussion and industry how-to in this important eGuide. The articles in the eGuide include:

  • Intelligence at the Device
  • Practice Safe Sensing
  • Process Safety Resources at your Fingertips
  • Intrinsically Safe or Explosion Proof
  • United Electric Controls®: Simplifying Plant Safety Instrumentation white paper

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