New full-service automation and manufacturing support program

Maverick Technologies launches PlantFloor24 as a round-the-clock service to assist with routine and incident related activities. Videos: Paul Galeski, Maverick CEO, explains the PlantFloor24 concept; Kirk Norris and Peter Esparrago provide a more in-depth discussion of how PlantFloor24 works.


Paul Galeski, CEO of Maverick Technologies, offers a brief description of the new PlantFloor24 offering. (2:55)
Kirk Norris and Peter Esparrago provide a more in-depth discussion of how PlantFloor24 works. (12:43)

Maverick Technologies has introduced PlantFloor24, which it characterizes as the world’s first full-service, platform-independent, 24/7 hardware, software, and process support solution. This can allow companies to outsource automation services, which can reduce operating costs and provide for more flexible staffing.

While Maverick has 19 offices around the U.S., the control center for this new service will be in Columbia, IL, at the company headquarters. This will include remote monitoring, diagnostics, and testing capabilities, however in-plant services can be dispatched from local offices as needed.

“No one else in the industry is offering anything like PlantFloor24,” said Kirk Norris, Maverick’s senior vice president of strategic manufacturing solutions. “We provide more services than small systems integrators, with expertise in a broader range of platforms than an OEM. As a result, our clients get objective, comprehensive support for all their technologies.”

Norris directs the new program in conjunction with Bill Stewart, vice president of corporate planning and strategy, along with other technical leaders in the organization. Norris and Steward bring extensive experience from Anheuser-Busch and Dow Chemical, respectively.

Maverick sees the program comprising a range of services offered on an a la carte basis so a user can create a service package that best reflects its specific needs and can compliment internal capabilities. Small and large facilities can therefore benefit from the service in different ways ranging from incident response to routine monitoring activities. Maverick’s contention is that it can provide internal experts on virtually any type of control platform from any OEM.

Edited by Peter Welander,

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