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Ethernet February 2, 2024

How industrial Ethernet is improving manufacturing communication

Industrial communications networks and control engineering are evolving to improve operations and industrial Ethernet is playing a key role.

By Thomas Burke
Ethernet November 17, 2023

Video: Time sensitive networking – A game changing industrial technology

Time-sensitive networking (TSN) enables multiple industrial Ethernet protocols and commercial Ethernet to coexist on the same physical wire.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet August 25, 2023

Innovation is better without disruption

Innovation within technology is better done without disruption and versioning issues, which is what EtherCAT strives to achieve.

By Martin Rostan
Ethernet June 23, 2023

Unified environment for control system integration benefits

The Unified Environment for Control System Integration is a concept developed by the FDT Group that aims to provide a common framework and environment for integrating control systems, devices and software applications from different vendors.

By FDT Group
Ethernet June 13, 2023

How TSN benefits industrial applications

Time-sensitive networking (TSN) can offer many benefits in industrial applications once the barriers to its adoption are overcome.

By Suzanne Gill
Ethernet May 3, 2023

Benefits of upgrading a facility to Ethernet

Ethernet is a robust and stable network framework that has more possibilities than other networking protocols.

By Bryan Little
Ethernet April 30, 2023

EtherCAT reaches almost 60 million nodes

The EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) announced 59.1 million nodes to date with 18.4 million nodes added in 2022 alone.

By EtherCAT Technology Group
Ethernet April 25, 2023

How Ethernet TSN delivers a competitive edge for manufacturers

Ethernet time-sensitive networking (TSN) gives users a secure and accurate way to communicate within industrial control systems (ICS) while delivering reliability and interoperability for critical communication.

By Thomas Burke
Ethernet February 17, 2023

Welcoming safety over Ethernet to the field

Ethernet-APL enables digital communication in process automation from the sensor to the control level and also should be implemented utilizing the same network architecture.

By Control Engineering Europe
Ethernet November 6, 2022

Ethernet reliability in the age of IIoT, digital transformation

Improving Ethernet technology can enable the better coordination of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) communications and improve reliability.

By Thomas Burke
Ethernet September 9, 2022

Industrial Ethernet’s value for communications

Picking the right industrial Ethernet protocol for communications can give vendors, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators an advantage.

By Thomas Burke
Ethernet September 8, 2022

HART-IP simplifies Ethernet-APL transition

HART over 4-20mA remains ubiquitous throughout process industries, and the experience gained using this protocol will speed the transition to HART-IP over Ethernet-APL.

By Sean Vincent
Ethernet August 27, 2022

Advanced physical layer project for Ethernet completed

Specifications internationally standardized, conformance test plans implemented, first products released

Ethernet August 27, 2022

EtherCAT Technology Group’s benefits for manufacturers

The EtherCAT Technology Group is used as the standard for connectivity across many manufacturing industries.

By Robert Trask, PE
Ethernet August 11, 2022

Internet protocols are the new frontier for Ethernet

IoT communication protocols provide users with enhanced security and efficiency and can help bring the worlds of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) together.

By Thomas Burke
Ethernet June 11, 2022

EtherCAT conformance test tool released

Version 2.3 of the EtherCAT Conformance Test Tool is available to all EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) members via the organization’s Technical Advisory Board (TAB).

By EtherCAT Technology Group
Ethernet May 23, 2022

Single-pair Ethernet benefits for manufacturers

Single-pair ethernet (SPE) has been gaining attention in recent years and has many potential applications and advantages for manufacturers.

By Suzanne Gill
Ethernet May 5, 2022

Chip-based EtherCAT optimizes field communication

From ASICs to microcontrollers, ESC chips boost performance and simplify commissioning, in conjunction with diagnostics and development tools.

By Robert Trask, PE
Ethernet May 3, 2022

Creating connected industries, technologies with IIoT, Industry 4.0

Seven steps to a smarter factory: Automation vendors want to gain a competitive advantage with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0. Ethernet with time-sensitive networking (TSN) helps.

By Thomas Burke and John Browett
Ethernet February 6, 2022

How Profinet over Ethernet-APL brings value to process industries

Enable highly efficient communications to instrumentation in the field with the right mix of technologies.

By Michael Bowne and Profibus & Profinet International (PI) Process Automation Working Group
Ethernet January 13, 2022

What is EtherCAT?

Learn more about the unique functional principle of EtherCAT and how it simplifies implementation for end users while expanding the number of available devices.

By Robert Trask, PE
Ethernet January 4, 2022

Three criteria for choosing unmanaged Ethernet switches

Ensure all devices and Ethernet nodes in a system are connected so operators receive the critical data they need to maintain operations.

By Control Engineering Europe
Ethernet December 28, 2021

Single-pair Ethernet expands beyond automotive applications

Single-pair Ethernet (SPE), rated for rugged and harsh environments, is lightweight and more cost effective than four- or eight-wire Ethernet and can enable the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). See industrial communications speed vs. distance table.

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet November 5, 2021

TSN becoming a must-have for manufacturers

Time-sensitive networking (TSN) is shaping the future of industrial network technology through convergence, process transparency and next-level communications.

By Thomas Burke
Ethernet August 28, 2021

How serial-to-Ethernet converters help attackers breach cyber-physical assets

Serial-to-Ethernet converters provide ICS operators with a cost effective and easy-to-use solution to achieve operational efficiency, but they also present malicious threat actors with a gateway to high-risk cyber-physical devices.

By Cynalytica
Ethernet August 27, 2021

Power over Ethernet benefits, applications and certifications

Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology has been around nearly 20 years, but there’s still confusion about what it can and can’t do for end users and what the certifications mean.

By Craig Chabot
Ethernet August 19, 2021

Testing the physical infrastructure with industrial Ethernet

The role of Ethernet continues to expand, supporting the high speed transfer of data and certification will play a larger role in this expansion.

By Mark Mullins
Ethernet July 23, 2021

Ethernet group discusses safety, conformance testing

The EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) held a Technical Working Group (TWG) Semi meeting and focused on Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE) technology and conformance testing.

By EtherCAT Technology Group
Ethernet July 16, 2021

Microprocessor manufacturer joins TSN group

The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) announced the Intel Corporation has joined the organization to develop and promote the application of time-sensitive networking (TSN).

By CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA)
Ethernet July 13, 2021

Regional interest agreement signed for technology group

PI North America has signed a contract with the IO-Link Community to become a Regional IO-Link Interest Group (RIOLIG) for North America.

By PI North America
Ethernet June 21, 2021

How Ethernet technology advances can help process manufacturers

Ethernet Advanced Physical Layer (E-APL), an enhanced physical layer for single-pair Ethernet (SPE) based on 10BASET1L, could help process manufacturers move on from 4-20 mA technology.

By Ronny Becker and Andreas Hennecke
Ethernet June 16, 2021

Benefits of single-pair Ethernet for manufacturers

Single-pair Ethernet (SPE) can help the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) drive industrial automation forward and manufacturers can benefit.

By Ruud van den Brink
Ethernet June 15, 2021

Ethernet-APL standard is complete, products are on the way: Two-wire, 10Mbit/s Ethernet for process industries

See 10 Ethernet-APL benefits, including technical specifications, test standards, and two-wire Ethernet physical layer components enabling deployment of high-speed communication field instruments in hazardous process automation environments, available after 3 years of work.

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet May 20, 2021

How single-pair Ethernet benefits IIoT architecture

Single-pair Ethernet (SPE) provides an enabling platform that allows the migration from various legacy networks to one universal physical layer.

By Stuart McKay
Ethernet April 6, 2021

Tools troubleshoot industrial Ethernet problems

Technology ranges from the simple to the sophisticated

By Mark Mullins
Ethernet March 9, 2021

Ethernet interoperability testing week

The first EtherCAT Interoperability Testing Week was designed to provide EtherCAT device developers with an online opportunity to improve interoperability.

By EtherCAT Technology Group
Ethernet February 22, 2021

Top 5 Control Engineering Articles Feb. 15-21, 2021

Articles about the 2021 Engineers’ Choice Awards, the evolution of control systems in artificial intelligence, top 5 VFD parameter changes explained, and more were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from Feb. 15-21, 2021. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Keagan Gay
Ethernet February 12, 2021

Functional safety networks for Ethernet communication protocols

PROFIsafe extends the Profinet communication protocol to address unique requirements for safety-related information necessary to conform to strict safety standards.

By Nelly Ayllon
Ethernet February 6, 2021

How to ensure industrial Ethernet cables meet standards, applications

Strong and reliable industrial Ethernet cables help manufacturing plants simplify network architecture, improve cybersecurity and prevent unplanned downtime.

By Mark Mullins
Ethernet January 29, 2021

How to choose between managed and unmanaged switches

Industrial automation systems need hardened networking equipment to deliver required performance and cybersecurity, and designers also must consider whether unmanaged switches are sufficient, or if the step up to managed switches is warranted

By Bill Dehner
Ethernet January 19, 2021

What to know about industrial Ethernet versus office Ethernet

Ethernet is growing in popularity, particularly as more people work from home, but there are some important differences between industrial Ethernet and office Ethernet people need to be aware of.

By Jon Breen
Ethernet September 8, 2020

Shuttle system gets smart to meet e-commerce demands

Control system case study: Using EtherCAT and PC control, Swisslog’s shuttle system delivers a data-driven distribution center solution that cuts hardware costs 25% in warehouses.

By James Figy
Ethernet July 6, 2020

Safety over EtherCAT conformance test benefits

The Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE) conformance test is required for manufacturer to prove the safety of a device, and increases reliability, freedom from errors and interoperability of secure communication.

By Christiane Hammel
Ethernet May 30, 2020

IIoT-based industrial protocol upgrade to support process, factory automation industries

FDT Group and ODVA are partnering together for FDT’s 3.0 architecture solution by incorporating FDT IIoT Server (FITS), to the common industrial protocol (CIP).

By FDT Group
Ethernet May 26, 2020

Single-pair Ethernet technology benefits for IIoT

Single-pair Ethernet (SPE) enables a simultaneous power supply of terminal devices via power over data line (PODL) over a single pair of copper wires, opening up new possibilities and fields of application for industrial Ethernet and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

By Control Engineering Europe
Ethernet May 8, 2020

Combine Ethernet, fieldbus advantages, avoid limits

EtherCAT provides reliable, deterministic communication through industrial-hardened hardware and unique functional principles. How does EtherCAT work?

By Sree Swarna Gutta
Ethernet April 29, 2020

Five key ways an industrial Ethernet protocol can use TSN

Time-sensitive networking (TSN) is a practical option to meet the needs of time-critical applications, create flexibility in network design and plan for the future brought about by Industry 4.0 and IIoT. See five benefits of its use in industrial Ethernet networks.

By Steve Fales
Ethernet February 8, 2020

Continuous improvements help Alabama cotton gin increase yields

A cotton gin facility in Alabama upgraded its industrial network to better manage its increased production while running optimally for long periods of time.

By Nelly Ayllon
Ethernet December 14, 2019

Ethernet for process and discrete devices

Think Again: Separate efforts aim to extend Ethernet to process and discrete devices. Standards can promote interoperability for devices and software if standards are specific enough.

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet December 2, 2019

Ethernet/IP enhanced to integrate IO-Link devices

ODVA has published enhancements to The EtherNet/IP Specification, which outline how to integrate devices built to the IO-Link Communication Standard into CIP architectures

Ethernet November 1, 2019

C8210-M001 by Beckhoff Automation 

The C8210-M001 cabinet domes from Beckhoff Automation support efficient and globally usable wireless solutions for PC-based control technology when combined with the appropriate CU8210-D00x USB-2.0 sticks from Beckhoff for WLAN and 4G mobile communication.

By Beckhoff Automation
Ethernet October 28, 2019

Ethernet group accepts addition to standard

The EtherCAT Technology Group's (ETG) technical committee has accepted EtherCAT G, introduced by Beckhoff Automation in 2018, as an addition to the EtherCAT standard.

By EtherCAT Technology Group
Ethernet October 25, 2019

Time-sensitive networking benefits for manufacturing applications

Time-sensitive networking (TSN) allows for increased automation and connectivity on the plant floor through industrial communication applications.

By Volker E. Goller
Ethernet May 10, 2019

Time-sensitive networking benefits for industrial systems

Time-sensitive networking (TSN) can simplify industrial systems and reduce system and hardware costs, an appealing choice for companies looking to harness data in the Industrie 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) era.

By Anil Kumar, Denzil Roberts, Ph.D., Steve Zuponcic
Ethernet May 9, 2019

Industrial Ethernet considerations and advice

Best practices: Industrial Ethernet protocols should allow and promote industrial functions, easy connectivity, and use, and integration with other networks, including legacy networks. Consider this advice.

By Michael Bowne
Ethernet May 5, 2019

Are industrial Ethernet networks ready for Industrie 4.0?

Industrie 4.0’s potential places a lot of demands on manufacturers looking to make data-driven decisions, and industrial Ethernet networks need to handle the increasing speed and volume.

By John Wozniak
Ethernet May 4, 2019

Managing industrial Ethernet switches

While traditional industrial networks are using Ethernet switches to prepare for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications, there is a place for unmanaged switches, though they come with some risks.

By Suzanne Gill
Ethernet February 3, 2019

Low-cost field control network

International: CC-Link IE Field Basic is an option for smart factory network architectures where low-cost control networks are needed.

By Stone Shi
Ethernet January 12, 2019

Software unlocks EtherCAT diagnostics

Through a vendor-independent diagnosis interface, an EtherCAT master can provide detailed slave diagnostic information and network health status via human-machine interfaces (HMIs) or third-party tools.

By Robert Trask, PE
Ethernet January 9, 2019

Industrial Ethernet enables smarter, more reliable machines

Machine builder uses industrial Ethernet for remote monitoring and diagnostic services to improve machine reliability and uptime.

By Michael Bowne
Ethernet January 5, 2019

Improving industrial network communications

Selecting a Profinet interface may enhance industrial network communication for devices.

By Michael Bowne
Ethernet November 27, 2018

Industrial Ethernet specification with TSN

The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) announced the completion of the specification for CC-Link IE TSN to meet future market demands to integrate operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT).

By CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA)
Ethernet November 15, 2018

Four ways to encourage manufacturing expansion

In a positive example of collaboration to encourage manufacturing growth, Harting announced a $6 million expansion inside existing Elgin, Ill., facility. Community colleges, government officials, and various organizations worked with Harting and encouraged that growth in four ways.

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet November 13, 2018

Standardization and harmonization activities extended for Ethernet networks

The OPC Foundation has launched an initiative to further enable OPC UA adoption by extending standardization and harmonization activities for OPC UA including TSN-enabled Ethernet networks.

By OPC Foundation
Ethernet November 7, 2018

Keeping the noise down

Ethernet-enabled motor integration offers an automation solution.

By Eric Rice, Applied Motion Products
Ethernet November 2, 2018

PC on a DIN rail

Charlotte, N.C. —DIO PC control PC for networked control systems features either 386/486 or 586 microprocessor with RAM and Flash memory. The solid-state unit contains an integrated L-Bus port for local analog and digital I/O modules. Other features include 24 V dc power input, two com ports, one LPT port, and an Ethernet port.

By Staff
Ethernet October 3, 2018

Complex upgrades demand advanced expertise

Partial upgrades to existing automation systems can be difficult, requiring close cooperation between the system integrator and plant personnel.

By Stephen Goldsworth, Raju Nair, and Jonathan Shores, Tesco Controls Inc.
Ethernet August 26, 2018

Wireless group expanding IoT network, improving power and energy costs

The Zigbee Alliance announced a certification program designed to create business opportunities for members and a mesh network designed to improve power generation.

By ZigBee Alliance
Ethernet August 21, 2018

TSN: Evolution, next steps for industrial systems

Technology Update: IEEE Time Sensitive Networking evolves standard Ethernet to enable deterministic networking that supports coexistence of critical and non-critical forms of traffic. Experts provide TSN updates and explanations.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet February 22, 2018

Industrial Ethernet use growing in factory installations

The annual report from HMS Industrial Networks indicates industrial Ethernet is being installed more than traditional fieldbuses and is expected to grow even more as companies go wireless.

By HMS Industrial Networks
Ethernet January 12, 2018

Multi-connectivity gateway for IoT applications

Advantech's UTX-3117 is a fanless and extended-temp embedded box ideal for smart city street lighting, smart metering, smart parking, smart agriculture, HVAC, healthcare, industrial automation, and other applications that use the Internet of Things (IoT).

By Advantech
Ethernet December 27, 2017

Understanding industrial Ethernet cable requirements

Ethernet plays a major role in today’s automation systems to pass data through the system at high rates and the digital performance of a network is subject to the active devices within it such as the switches and controllers.

By Suzanne Gill, Control Engineering Europe
Ethernet December 4, 2017

One cable automation combines communication and power

New connector technologies expand EtherCAT and EtherCAT P communication with additional power supply.

By Sree Potluri and Andy Garrido, Beckhoff Automation
Ethernet September 14, 2017

Is EtherCAT the answer?

Standards-based IP used over low-power link technologies.

By Andrew Caples
Ethernet September 10, 2017

Straight talk on industrial integration

Hybrid environment of proprietary and open-source standards will persist.

By Kevin Parker
Ethernet August 27, 2017

Enabling IIoT’s benefits with Ethernet

Industrial Ethernet is designed to withstand harsh environments found in industrial facilities and can be useful for companies looking to take advantage of Industrie 4.0 and the potential it can offer for the upcoming manufacturing revolution.

By Brian Shuman
Ethernet July 13, 2017

Industrial fail-safe, node-to-node communication

CIP Safety, for functional safety applications on EtherNet/IP and DeviceNet networks, provides fail-safe communication between nodes, such as safety I/O blocks, safety interlock switches, safety light curtains, and safety PLCs in safety applications up to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3.

By Katherine Voss
Ethernet July 12, 2017

Safety over industrial communication networks

Industrial Ethernet is becoming easier to use for industrial safety applications. Standards, trends, and technologies are helping with industrial Ethernet-based safety systems.

By Joey Stubbs
Ethernet July 5, 2017

Ethernet-connected variable frequency drives

The Mitsubishi Electric FR-A800- E and FR-F800- E variable frequency drives (VFDs) are designed to provide Ethernet connectivity as a standard feature.

By Mitsubishi Electric
Ethernet July 4, 2017

ProfiSafe safety layer on top of Profinet and Profibus

Safety network: PI North America, the organization for Profinet and Profibus, explains use of the ProfiSafe safety network on top of industrial Ethernet, Profinet, and device-level Profibus networks.

By CFE Media
Ethernet June 4, 2017

ODVA members collaborate on critical elements for the push toward industrial automation, wireless communications, and technology

Cybersecurity, enabling technologies for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and cloud computing, industrial Ethernet, and wireless communications are among areas of attention for ODVA members.

By Emily Guenther
Ethernet May 23, 2017

Multislot Ethernet chassis for enhancing TSN

National Instruments' (NI) cDAQ-9185 and cDAQ-9189 multislot Ethernet chassis feature are designed to enhance time sensitive networking (TSN) and rugged CompactDAQ hardware for distributed measurements

By National Instruments
Ethernet April 24, 2017

Top 5 Control Engineering articles April 17-23: Ethernet benefits, safety integrity levels, matrix drives, more

Articles about Ethernet benefits, safety integrity levels for process applications, matrix drives reducing energy consumption, sensors and control system inputs, and radar sensors for liquid level measurement were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from April 17-23. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Ethernet April 12, 2017

Ethernet cuts automation hardware, labor costs, errors

Think Again about digital networks: A redesigned automated industrial process with the goal of improving safety and efficiency saved $106,654 in hardware, design, and installation costs by using an industrial Ethernet protocol instead of hard wiring, not counting a two-thirds reduction in potential errors or other project benefits.

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet March 3, 2017

Ethernet solutions for electrical, shock resistance

Advantech’s EKI-9516/9512 EN50155-certified Ethernet switches are designed to be resistant to shock and vibration, which ensures stable connection and communication.

By Advantech
Ethernet January 21, 2017

Unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches

AutomationDirect’s SE2 DIN-rail Stride unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches offer up to 16 ports and select models are IP65-rated to withstand washdown environments.

By AutomationDirect
Ethernet January 12, 2017

Open field network for Ethernet communication launched

The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) has launched CC-Link IE Field Basic, which is an open field network using general-purpose 100Mbps Ethernet communication.

By CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA)
Ethernet December 13, 2016

Finding IIoT benefits

Think again, smarter manufacturing: Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with smart applications of automation can include process optimization, higher quality, safer processes, lower energy use, regulatory compliance, higher profits, and more sustainable operations. These real benefits in real money are worth the investment; see examples.

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet December 12, 2016

Are we far from digital factories?

Control Engineering International: What are the attributes of a digital factory and how can they help you today? Control Engineering China provided insights after touring a plant touted as a model factory for Industrie 4.0.

By Aileen Jin
Ethernet December 3, 2016

EtherCAT specification document released

The EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) has published a first draft of the official EtherCAT P technology specification with the extension of all corresponding documents on its website.

By EtherCAT Technology Group
Ethernet November 30, 2016

Remote IO modules with EtherNet/IP

Moxa's ioLogik E1200 line of remote input/output (I/O) modules features support for EtherNet/IP and a restful API and are available with a wide range of input and output types.

By Moxa Americas Inc.
Ethernet November 8, 2016

Industrial Ethernet extenders for train networks

Westermo's DDW-002-B1 is an industrial Ethernet extender designed to interconnect Ethernet networks within rail cars using the existing cables in the train coupling.

By Westermo
Ethernet October 21, 2016

Gateway for bridging industrial Ethernet networks

Hilscher's netTAP 151 is a four-port device that exchanges input/output (I/O) data between different industrial Ethernet networks by acting as a protocol converter.

By Hilscher North America
Ethernet October 13, 2016

EC: LNP-1002G-10G-SFP Gigabit PoE+ Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

Network Integration — Ethernet switches: The LNP-1002G-10G-SFP is a 10-port industrial 10 Gigabit PoE+ unmanaged Ethernet switch with eight 10/100/1000Tx and two 1G/10G SFP slots. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Finalist.

Ethernet October 13, 2016

EC: LNX-2012GN-SFP Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch

Network Integration — Ethernet switches: The LNX-2012GN-SFP is a 20-port industrial Gigabit managed Ethernet switch with eight 10/100/1000Tx and twelve 100/1000 SFP slots. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Finalist.

Ethernet October 13, 2016


Network Integration — Wireless products: With EZWiFi, the need for lugging programming cables or trying to access tight spaces are past headaches. EZWiFi conveniently connects any EZAutomation device with a serial port over WiFi. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Finalist.

Ethernet October 13, 2016

EC: Wireless Ethernet and Serial Device Server

Network Integration — Wireless products: Wireless Ethernet and Serial Device server uses licensed frequencies and a full 5 Watts of broadcast power communicate Ethernet signals 40 miles. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Winner.

Ethernet October 13, 2016

Absolute encoder with EtherCAT interface

Dynapar's Hengstler AI25 absolute encoder product line features an EtherCAT interface, which allows users to integrate into virtu­ally any system that uses the EtherCAT communication protocol.

By Dynapar
Ethernet October 8, 2016

EtherNet/IP encoders for position applications

Turck's RS-107/108 and RM-105/106 EtherNet/IP enabled encoders provide an optical based encoder solution and are designed for automotive production, logistics, metal processing, and printing and packaging machine applications.

By Turck
Ethernet August 26, 2016

More answers about leveraging network building blocks, industrial Ethernet deployment

Additional answers are available resulting from the Control Engineering webcast: Leveraging Network Building Blocks and Cisco Validated Designs for Industrial Ethernet Deployment.

By Andy Banathy, Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet August 11, 2016

Precision motion drive system for linear motion applications

Amacoil’s Model RG rolling ring linear drive is integrated with a motion controller for linear motion applications and provides 7 to 800 lb of axial thrust.

By Amacoil
Ethernet July 29, 2016

EtherCAT IO solution for reducing wiring requirements

Beckhoff's EtherCAT P solution has communication and power supply in a 4-wire Ethernet cable that enables direct power supply for both EtherCAT P slaves and the connected sensors and actuators.

By Beckhoff
Ethernet July 22, 2016

Modbus TCP to RTU gateway for Ethernet networks

ICP DAS USA's tGW-735i Modbus TCP to RTU gateway that is designed to allow a Modbus TCP host to communicate with up to three serial Modbus RTU/ASCII devices through an Ethernet network.

Ethernet July 16, 2016

Ethernet-based motion modules and servo drives

Mitsubishi Electric Automation's RD77GF simple motion modules and MR-J4-GF-RJ servo drives are designed to integrate on a single open network with gigabit speeds.

By Mitsubishi Electric Automation
Ethernet June 24, 2016

Motion controller designed to control up to 32 drives

Galil Motion Control's DMC-52xx0 EtherCAT master is a 32-axis motion controller with the ability to control up to 32 drives and is designed for applications such as point-to-point positioning, position tracking, contouring, linear and circular interpolation, and electronic gearing.

By Galil Motion Control
Ethernet June 21, 2016

Advanced managed switch series for EtherNet/IP networks

Phoenix Contact's Series 7000 advanced managed switches are designed to support the device level ring (DLR) redundancy mechanism and are suitable for use in EtherNet/IP networks because they support the common industrial protocol (CIP).

By Phoenix Contact
Ethernet June 20, 2016

Ethernet spanner with multiprotocol technology

Turck's TBEN-L Ethernet spanner uses multiprotocol technology and is designed to link multiple Ethernet networks and its master to master data exchange allows programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to exchange data.

By Turck
Ethernet June 18, 2016

HMI touchscreen series with built-in Ethernet communications

Omega's NS Series of touchscreen human-machine interfaces (HMIs) feature built-in Ethernet communications, alarming/recipe/data logging capabilities and live video input/display capabilities.

By Omega Engineering
Ethernet April 25, 2016

Modules designed to connect controllers to Profibus networks

Molex's SST PB3-CPX modules are designed to connect controllers to Profibus DP-V0 and DP-V1 networks and are designed for industrial automation applications.

By Molex
Ethernet March 31, 2016

Industrial managed switches with Web-based management

Wago's configurable industrial managed switches network Ethernet devices offer Web-based management or CCI configuration.

Ethernet March 18, 2016

Replacing Legacy Networking Protocols with Ethernet Webcast: Questions answered

More answers about replacing legacy network protocols with Ethernet, the topic of a Mar. 10 Webcast, are provided by a senior electrical engineer. Topics include mobile device security and communicating via Ethernet or cellular.

By Nicholas Hitchcock
Ethernet March 15, 2016

Gigabit switches and media converter for industrial applications

Westermo's SDW-541-F1G-T4G and SDW-550-T5G Gigabit switches and the MCW-211-F1G-T1G media converter are suitable for heavy industrial, maritime and rail trackside data communication networks.

By Westermo
Ethernet January 24, 2016

Ethernet line extenders for enhanced network security

Westermo's DDW-242 and DDW-242-485 industrial Ethernet line extenders are used to establish long-distance, high-speed remote connections between simple or complex Ethernet networks using existing copper cables and can operate in extreme industrial environments.

By Westermo
Ethernet December 26, 2015

HMI series designed for harsh marine, automotive applications

Exor's eTOP Series 500 of human-machine interfaces (HMIs) features Ethernet, USB, and serial ports and has optional plug-in modules for fieldbus systems & networks and optional integrated PLC with distributed and integrated input/output (I/O).

By Exor America
Ethernet December 23, 2015

HMI series supports up to four communication protocols

Idec's HG2G-5T series of enhanced human-machine interfaces (HMIs) supports for up to four communication protocols simultaneously and features a wide range of operating temperatures, and a long-life LED backlight.

By IDEC Corporation 
Ethernet December 15, 2015

Ethernet PLC units for programming and industrial networking applications

AutomationDirect's Ethernet Basic and Ethernet Standard programmable logic controllers (PLCs) feature a built-in 10/100 Mbps Ethernet communications port for programming and Modbus TCP networking.

By AutomationDirect
Ethernet December 12, 2015

EtherCAT IO controller for automation systems

Galil Motion Control's RIO-574x0 EtherCAT slave I/O controller is packed with digital and analog I/O to be used remotely and can be used with any generic EtherCAT master controller.

By Galil Motion Control
Ethernet October 15, 2015

EC: ProView EKI-5000

Network Integration - Ethernet hardware: ProView EKI-5000 Ethernet switches converge process control and IT into one networking domain. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

Ethernet October 15, 2015


Network Integration - Ethernet hardware: The LMP-1002G-SFP is a 10-port industrial PoE+ managed Ethernet switch, with eight 10/100/1000Tx (30W/port) and two 100/1000Fx SFP slots. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

Ethernet October 15, 2015

EC: DataTuff Cat 5e PROFINET Type C trailing cable 7962A

Network Integration - Ethernet hardware: New UL-rated, quad design Profinet cable from Belden provides Ethernet connectivity using open standard technology to easily connect devices across all systems for efficient factory automation. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

Ethernet October 15, 2015

EC: Cisco 829 industrial integrated services routers

Network Integration - Ethernet hardware: Cisco 829 are industrial integrated services routers designed for harsh industrial environments. Their compact form factor, security, manageability, 3G/4G-LTE WAN and WLAN connectivity enables rapid deployment of a wide variety of IoT solutions. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

Ethernet October 15, 2015

EC: Octopus OS30/34 waterproof IP65/IP67 switches

Network Integration - Ethernet hardware: The Octopus is a wirespeed routing switch that brings advanced IT functions to dirty and wet manufacturing environments and transportation settings where high vibration resistance is needed. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

Ethernet October 15, 2015

EC: Modbus TCP/IP to Profinet Device Gateway (Two-Port)

Network Integration - Ethernet hardware: The Modbus TCP/IP to Profinet Device Gateway allows you to transfer data between Modbus TCP and Profinet devices that are located on different subnets. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice Honorable Mention.

Ethernet October 15, 2015

EC: Allen-Bradley Stratix 5400 industrial Ethernet switch

Network Integration - Ethernet hardware: The Stratix 5400 switch is an all-gigabit option designed to help manufacturers achieve higher network speeds for high bandwidth applications, and supports Layer 2 switching and Layer 3 routing. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice Awards Winner.

Ethernet October 9, 2015

Ethernet IO modules with built-in web server

Turck's multiprotocol FEN20 Ethernet I/O modules make standard switching signals quickly and effectively bus-capable and have with digital inputs and outputs that can be used in Profinet, Modbus TCP, or EtherNet/IP systems.

By Turck
Ethernet September 29, 2015

Multi-axis servo system for cabinets, switchgear enclosures

Beckhoff's AX8000 servo drive system is designed to meet high control speed and accuracy requirements while reducing in installation space for control cabinets and switchgear enclosures.

By Beckhoff
Ethernet September 20, 2015

Acadian Seaplants Ethernet connections help with 40% capacity increase

Plantwide Ethernet: New seaweed-processing facility with Ethernet infrastructure and integrated motor control centers allowed Acadian Seaplants to increase capacity by 40% and provide flexibility, visibility, and improve maintenance without production disruption.

By Wade Hazel
Ethernet August 29, 2015

Cellular IO modules for IIoT applications

Moxa's ioLogik 2542-HSPA and ioLogik 2512-HSPA cellular remote I/O modules are designed for IIoT applications and designed to provide users with access to remote field devices in harsh and rugged conditions.

By Moxa
Ethernet August 28, 2015

How Ethernet networks can add health, visibility to industrial applications

Plantwide Ethernet: As the number of devices increase in automation networks, management and issue diagnostics become more challenging for automation and information technology (IT) professionals. A converged network approach and greater cross-team visibility of edge devices create reliable, industrial networks in step with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and big data initiatives. Adding edge intelligence and universal visibility are necessary to remove bottlenecks.

By Ken Kao
Ethernet August 25, 2015

Managing the risk of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing rapidly, and more devices are going online. Are industry, consumers, and the companies creating products and services and integrating the technologies ready to deal with the security that goes with protecting the devices and users? Industrial network design and best practices can help. See six steps for IoT risk mitigation.

By Gib Sorebo
Ethernet August 20, 2015

Connector series for factory automation, transportation

Harting's M12 Slim Design connectors and components with crimp termination technology in factory automation and transportation applications and carry data in processes such as optical technologies used in monitoring high-speed production lines.

By Harting
Ethernet August 9, 2015

Operator control station controller has IO, ports for serial, Ethernet, CAN

Horner's EXL10 operator control station (OCS) controller uses Horner's built-in XL Series I/O and features three Modbus Serial ports, dual independent Ethernet ports, and dual CAN ports.

By Horner Automation Group
Ethernet July 23, 2015

Industrial network communications products contribute to lower cost operating systems

The programmable logic controller (PLC) is used extensively for automation of typically electromechanical processes, such as the control of machinery on factory floor assembly lines and other production equipment. Various industrial networks connect various actuators, electric motors, drives, and other devices to the industrial control network.

By Dan Jones
Ethernet July 13, 2015

Connecting infrastructure Webcast questions, answers on industrial automation networks

The Internet of Things (loT) for industrial plants is growing in the number and diversity of connections. A “Connecting Infrastructure” Webcast, now archived, discussed how use of wireless, mobility, and virtualized services dramatically increase the value of the connections. Answers that didn’t fit into the question and answer session are covered here; topics include training, Ethernet network design, future proofing, best practices, and cable types.

By Dan McGrath
Ethernet July 7, 2015

Industrial plug connector with Profinet technology

Helukabel's Helukat RJ45 Cat5 IP20 Profinet plug connector has built-in connection technology and a linear and angled design that makes it useful for tight installation spaces in industrial applications.

By Helukabel
Ethernet June 17, 2015

Recorder and controller with PID controls; 50th anniversary

The Eurotherm nanodac recorder and controller data recording device provides four universal inputs for graphical recording combined with PID control. Eurotherm, part of Schneider Electric since 2014, marks its 50th year in 2015.

By Eurotherm
Ethernet May 21, 2015

Ethernet-to-fiber media converter for harsh industrial environments

Moxa's IMC-21GA Gigabit Ethernet-to-fiber media converter is designed for harsh industrial environments and high-bandwidth applications such as megapixel machine vision inspection or IP video surveillance.

By Moxa
Ethernet May 13, 2015

Digital panel meter series for processing, automation applications

Omega Engineering's Platinum Series Digital Panel Meters are designed to deliver universal inputs supporting thermocouples, RTD's, thermistors, and process voltage/current.

By Omega Engineering
Ethernet April 28, 2015

Ethernet cabling system for industrial applications

Harting's Ha-VIS preLink is an Ethernet cabling system for industrial applications and is designed for installations in cramped spaces or junction boxes. Wires are inserted into the preLink termination block according to their color codes and a preLink crimping tool is designed to ensure the wires are always assembled precisely and correctly.

By Harting
Ethernet March 17, 2015

Automated material recovery system more than doubles recovery of key recyclables

The new facility is able to sort more tonnage of recyclables than other facilities operating in New York City, due to automation, conveyors, magnets, and optic augmentations in the design. During five years at the older facility, the company marketed 5 tons of aluminum. Within six months of the new facility’s opening, the system had produced 63 tons of baled aluminum. The Bronx facility sorts through 300 to 400 tons of waste and recyclable material daily, and Action Environmental Solutions is looking to increase that amount. This is part of the Control Engineering March 2015 cover story.

By Kim James
Ethernet March 13, 2015

Servo drives with integrated Ethernet and motor-feedback capability

ABB's MotiFlex e180 servo drives feature integrated Ethernet and motor-feedback capability and are designed for OEMs and automation engineers.

Ethernet February 25, 2015

Investing in automation opportunities

Manufacturers should act and invest in opportunities that will improve their efficiency and their ability to do new things.

By Jack Smith
Ethernet January 30, 2015

Ethernet switches designed to synchronize clocks

The EDS-405A-PTP Ethernet Switch by Moxa has five ports and uses hardware-based time sync of all connected devices distributed over Ethernet networks to sub-microsecond accuracy.

By Moxa
Ethernet January 21, 2015

Making better industrial connections in North American markets and globally

Harting, known globally for rugged industrial connectors, continues to expand into North American markets with radio frequency identification (RFID), industrial Ethernet switches, I/O connectors, board-level connectivity, custom 3D board level designs, current sensors, and cable sets.

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet January 13, 2015

Cabinet module drives for multiple motor coordinated systems, multiple lines

The Sinamics S120 cabinet module (CM) drive packages by Siemens are designed to configure complex common DC bus lineups for multi-motor coordinated drive systems and can control units with multiple line and motor modules.

By Siemens
Ethernet December 2, 2014

Managing CIP connections

Properly managing your control system CIP connections can help avoid confusion and other complications within a process automation project.

By John Boyd
Ethernet November 24, 2014

PoE switch technology for industrial networks

Advantech's EKI-9361P and EKI-9312P are communication solutions for high-bandwidth Ethernet powered devices in industrial applications and are designed for industrial heavy-duty PoE devices with Gigabit Ethernet capabilities.

By Advantech
Ethernet November 19, 2014

What to consider when specifying for new components

I previously wrote a post on cross referencing; that is, finding a replacement for an existing component. In this post I'd like to elaborate a little bit on specifying components in general.

By Frank Lamb
Ethernet November 17, 2014

All-in-one PLC for OEMs, machine builders

Product Exclusive: Unitronics’ Vision430 is an all-in-one PLC with an integrated 4.3-in. landscape touchscreen that also supports expansion I/O, a mini USB programing port, and a Micro SD card for data logging and backup. It also supports communication modules like Ethernet, Serial, CANbus, and Profibus.

By Unitronics
Ethernet November 10, 2014

Ethernet protocol approved as China standard; test center certifies first product

EtherCAT industrial Ethernet protocol was recently approved as a national standard in China, and its North American testing and certification center approved its first product.

By CFE Media
Ethernet October 31, 2014

60th Anniversary: CE History from 60, 30, and 15 years ago on automatic control patents, level sensing systems, data acquisition, and analog signals

Happy 60th, Control Engineering! Help us celebrate by looking at issues from 60, 30, and 15 years ago. Control Engineering magazine first published in September 1954. This monthly column in 2014 will review coverage in issues 60, 30, and 15 years ago. While technologies have progressed since then, topics below (automatic control patents, level sensing systems, data acquisition, and analog signals) remain relevant today.

By CFE Media
Ethernet October 20, 2014

EC: DataTuff TC Cat 5e cord sets

Control Components: Belden's DataTuff TC Cat 5e Cord Sets, comprised of UL 1277-rated industrial Ethernet cable and RJ45 connectors, can be easily deployed in pre-existing 600 V cable trays for cost-effective and speedy installation. This is a Control Engineering 2015 Engineers' Choice award winner.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet October 20, 2014

EC: eWON Flexy M2M router

Network Integration — Ethernet Hardware: The eWON Flexy Modular industrial M2M router that allows to access, collect, and monitor remote data. This is a Control Engineering 2015 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet October 20, 2014

EC: Gecko 4TX Industrial Ethernet Switch

Network Integration — Ethernet Hardware: The Gecko 4TX is an industrial Ethernet switch that combines the advantages of fully-managed switches with the benefits of fast, simple deployment—making it convenient to configure and monitor without needing special IT know-how. This is a Control Engineering 2015 Engineers’ Choice honorable mention.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet October 20, 2014

EC: SICOM3028GPT Ethernet switch

Network Integration — Ethernet Hardware: The Kyland SICOM3028GPT series is an all-in-one multi-functional solution with 10/100/1,000 Mpbs Ethernet Copper/Fiber, RS232/422/485 Serial, GPS, IRIG-B, HSR/PRP, PTP over E1/E1 features over Layer 2 and/or Layer 3 networks. This is a Control Engineering 2015 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet October 20, 2014

EC: DIN rail mounted EDat module

Network Integration — Ethernet Hardware: Metz Connect’s DIN rail mounted terminal block is designed for RJ45 and fiber optic wiring. This is a Control Engineering 2015 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet October 20, 2014

EC: Field Plug Pro

Network Integration — Ethernet Hardware: The RJ45 plug features a metal die-cast housing for mechanical protection and electrical shielding. This is a Control Engineering 2015 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet October 20, 2014

EC: AC7195 Ethernet slip ring

Network Integration — Ethernet Hardware: The AC7195 slip ring capsule allows Ethernet transfer through a rotating interface with no degradation of Ethernet signal transfer. This is a Control Engineering 2015 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet October 20, 2014

EC: Ethernet-to-Belden 9463 Blue Hose Industrial Media Converter

Network Integration — Ethernet Hardware: The Industrial Media Converter lets users run Allen-Bradley remote I/O and EtherNet/IP data simultaneously on existing Blue Hose cable, which enables them to upgrade their legacy PLC system in phases during scheduled downtime. This is a Control Engineering 2015 Engineers’ Choice award winner.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet October 20, 2014

EC: ADAM-6200 series Ethernet modules

Network Integration — I/O Systems: The ADAM-6200 series are Ethernet modules with daisy chain networking, remote monitoring, and group configuration capabilities. This is a Control Engineering 2015 Engineers’ Choice award winner.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet September 24, 2014

Industrial Ethernet network communications for device manufacturers

HMS Industrial Networks' Anybus CompactCom for Common Ethernet is a communication solution that is loadable with Profinet, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP or Ethernet Powerlink and is available in chip, brick, or module form factors.

By HMS Industrial Networks
Ethernet September 22, 2014

Fiber optics improve industrial controller communications

Optical fiber cables can answer the challenges of factory automation providing a robust, durable, high-bandwidth multimode means of communications. Termination has gotten easier.

By Natalia Juhasz
Ethernet September 18, 2014

Gateway switch for PLC programming and process visualization

Wago's PFC200 is designed to offer computing power for PLC programming and process visualization and is designed to act as a fieldbus gateway that can switch between field devices.

Ethernet September 15, 2014

Configurable modular industrial Ethernet switch

Belden's MSP30 Layer 3 configurable modular industrial Ethernet offers routing functions and enables communication between physically separated networks and it has POE+ support, which eliminates the need for additional power supply units or cables.

Ethernet August 19, 2014

Industrial Ethernet physical layer design: Questions and answers

Additional answers about an industrial Ethernet network case study and about industrial network design are provided below, after the archived, 1-hour webcast: “A Network Foundation – Applied Case Study in Deploying a Reliable Physical Infrastructure for Process.” A link to the Ethernet network design webcast presentation is provided.

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet August 14, 2014

Stereo camera with 3D texture projection

IDS Ensenso N20 stereo camera comes with active texture projection for 3D vision applications.

Ethernet July 30, 2014

Ethernet cable for aerospace applications

Gore Ethernet cables provide high data rate of up to 10 GB in a lightweight package for aerospace applications.

Ethernet July 21, 2014

Rugged Power over Ethernet injector series puts Ethernet signals and power in one cable

Red Lion Controls' N-Tron series Gigabit 1000-POE+ Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) are designed to deliver power and data over one Ethernet cable to any PoE+ or PoE-enabled device and are built to operate in harsh conditions like the oil and gas industry.

Ethernet July 15, 2014

Improve availability and decrease maintenance in your industrial network

Industrial Ethernet networks have changed the manufacturing landscape in the past several years and will continue to do so, but companies should also be prepared for when the network fails and have safeguards in place.

By Chris Vavra
Ethernet July 12, 2014

Most used Ethernet protocols

Table provides governing organizations and websites for the most-used Ethernet protocols among 200 respondents to the Control Engineering Mobility, Ethernet, and Wireless Study, November 2013. See also bar chart showing 16 protocols.

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet July 10, 2014

Profinet: Mediate the rift between control engineering and IT

Control engineers need to know that IT is not the enemy, and IT needs to know that Ethernet on the plant floor is not Ethernet in the office.

By Carl Henning
Ethernet July 9, 2014

EtherCAT: Ethernet for automation, best practices

Integrating Ethernet into automation can start at the lowest levels, continue through process control level for controller-to-controller networking, on to the enterprise network level for SCADA and reporting. Ethernet can be the only network used to conduct the business of manufacturing.

By Joey Stubbs
Ethernet June 19, 2014

Connecting the networking dots

Networking involves many aspects including synchronization, selecting protocol conversion solutions, and integrating HMIs with PLCs and PACs.

By Jack Smith
Ethernet June 11, 2014

Ensure network availability in an industrial environment

These 9 tests show why you need industrial cables, rather than commercial-grade cables. Control Engineering International: Industrial grade cables can improve the long-term performance and reliability of industrial networks, explained Loredana Coscotin, product marketing manager for Industrial Cable EMEA at Belden, in a Control Engineering Europe article.

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet May 20, 2014

Automation improves alternator test system

Inside Machines: Motorcar Parts of America, an autoparts rebuilder, decided to design and build a new testing system in house using a programmable automation controller (PAC) and human machine interface (HMI). An auto parts rebuilder used off-the-shelf automation components to test remanufactured alternators quickly and efficiently.

By Bernie Galhoff
Ethernet May 13, 2014

Smart I/O and Ethernet connect to and expand fieldbus capabilities

Technology Update: Smart input/output (I/O) devices connected to industrial Ethernet can extend and expand traditional fieldbus functionality, incrementally, as needed.

By Kurt Wadowick
Ethernet May 9, 2014

Profinet IO bus coupler can exchange Ethernet data

Beckhoff Automation's EK9300 Profinet IO Bus Coupler enables a Profinet controller to exchange data with one or more EtherCAT, Profinet, EtherNet/IP, and Profibus systems in real-time communication.

Ethernet April 8, 2014

Network interface for Profinet and IRT connectivity

Innovasic's RapID Platform Network Interface for Profinet IRT and RT connectivity supports Profinet v2.3 and is delivered as a module or embedded design.

Ethernet April 4, 2014

Industrial Ethernet switches ease upgrades to Gigabit speed

Moxa's EDS-G500E Series of industrial Ethernet switches are designed to simplify upgrading an existing large-scale network to Gigabit speed and can withstand harsh conditions as well as prevent unplanned system downtime.

Ethernet March 19, 2014

Industrial media converter allows Ethernet over A-B Remote IO

ProSoft Technology's Ethernet to Belden Blue Hose Industrial Media Converter allows upgrades to Allen-Bradley Remote I/O systems with minimal downtime by running EtherNet/IP communications over the existing A-B Remote I/O network.

Ethernet February 27, 2014

Ethernet switches and media converters

Advantech's EKI-3525M and EKI-3525S Ethernet switches and media converters feature 4+1 multi-mode and single-mode fiber port fast Ethernet switches and are IP40 certified and have a power input range of up to 52.8VDC.

Ethernet February 26, 2014

Ethernet Powerlink connectivity for industrial devices

The Anybus CompactCom 40-series from HMS Industrial Networks allows very fast and accurate communication between the host device and Powerlink and are used for demanding industrial applications such as synchronized servo drive systems.

Ethernet February 25, 2014

CAN gateway IO module

Wago Corporation's 750-658 I/O module easily links CAN field devices CAN be used with 750 Series PLCs or couplers, providing a gateway between a CAN network and other fieldbuses like Ethernet and Profibus.

Ethernet February 19, 2014

PoE switch for industrial manufacturing, outdoor environments

Moxa's EDS-P510A-8PoE Series are Gigabit managed PoE+ Ethernet switches that are engineered to perform in harsh outdoor and industrial manufacturing environments while delivering network speeds of up to 1000 Mbps.

Ethernet January 23, 2014

Gigabit Industrial Ethernet: networks and tunneling processes to increase quality, reduce costs

Digital Edition Exclusive: Removing the communication bottleneck improves automated machinery precision by adding extra capacity, collecting more data, and better monitoring diagnostic information.

By Jeanine Katzel
Ethernet January 22, 2014

Miniature wi-fi modules

The eConais EC19D family of SiP module solutions are designed for the Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) markets and enables product designers to connect their devices to 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi networks.

Ethernet January 3, 2014

Network management software receives upgrade, monitors more

Siemens upgraded its Sinema Server V12 network management software, which can now monitor up to 500 components and 50,000 clients.

By Siemens
Ethernet December 23, 2013

Profibus-to-fiber converters

Moxa's ICF-1280I and ICF-1180I Profibus-to-fiber converters that transparently bridge Profibus to optical fiber while providing isolation and protection from interference.

Ethernet December 11, 2013

Industrial Ethernet’s role becoming ever more important in China

The Chinese market for industrial Ethernet and fieldbus technologies grew by 18 million nodes in 2012. More than 3 million nodes used Ethernet and the remainder used fieldbus technology, according to IHS.

By Source: IHS
Ethernet December 6, 2013

Radio module for Internet of Things applications

The Multiradio Module OWL355 by connectBlue is designed for industrial, medical and Internet of Things (IoT) applications and enables wireless connectivity for embedded system across Bluetooth and WLAN.

Ethernet November 25, 2013

More industrial Ethernet spending, more productivity

Control Engineering research on industrial Ethernet shows that half of respondents expect to spend more and be more productive in the next 12 months. Ethernet is highly integrated with controls, automation, and instrumentation, according to 40% of respondents. See more Ethernet research details.

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet November 14, 2013

Centralized remote data management for SCADA, PLCs

Product Exclusive: Are you still using legacy dial-up or radio modems to pull data? eWon introduces eFive, its new centralized remote management solution, providing an integrated, open solution for SCADA and PLCs.

Ethernet October 23, 2013

Greater manufacturing connectivity, communications

Harting connector systems and cables, circuit board connections, Ethernet switches, RFID systems, and circuits printed on 3D molded plastic were shown at the Harting annual press conference and customer event, highlighting current and future capabilities of the third-generation family business. See photo gallery at bottom.

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet October 22, 2013

Ethernet IO modules with customizable functionality

Advantech’s ADAM-6200 Series of Ethernet-based remote I/O modules has a physical auto-bypass feature in case of module failure as well as an HTML5-based web page that provides visualized status of individual modules.

Ethernet October 17, 2013

EC: QuickDAQ 2013

Software - Applications: QuickDAQ 2013 offers out-of-the-box measurement data support. The ready-to-measure application software allows the user to configure, acquire, log, display, and analyze data from any of Data Translation's more than 150 DAQ modules. This is a Control Engineering 2014 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

Ethernet October 17, 2013

EC: MXconfig

Software - Applications: MXconfig is a Windows-based utility that greatly simplifies mass installation, configuration, and maintenance of Moxa industrial Ethernet switches. This is a Control Engineering 2014 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

Ethernet October 17, 2013

EC: EKI-3725 Unmanaged Switch

Network Integration - Ethernet hardware: Advantech’s EKI-3725 is a 5-port gigabit unmanaged industrial Ethernet switch that reduces power consumption by up to 60%. This is a Control Engineering 2014 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet October 17, 2013

EC: iMcV-Giga FiberLinX-III Media Converter

Network Integration - Ethernet hardware: The iMcV-Giga FiberLinX-III gigabit intelligent Ethernet media converter combines media conversion and fiber switch functionality in a single device. Additionally, it occupies just one slot in a multi-port chassis, making it even more cost effective. This is a Control Engineering 2014 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet October 17, 2013

EC: Allen-Bradley Stratix 5700 managed industrial Ethernet switch with Network Address Translation

Network Integration - Ethernet hardware: The new Allen-Bradley Stratix 5700 managed industrial Ethernet switch with Network Address Translation (NAT) is a hardware Layer 2 implementation that provides wire speed 1:1 translations ideal for automation applications where performance is critical. This is a Control Engineering 2014 Engineers’ Choice award winner.

Ethernet October 17, 2013

EC: Industrial Ethernet Multiprotocol

Network Integration - Ethernet hardware: TURCK Industrial Ethernet Multiprotocol technology simplifies industrial Ethernet for Distributed I/O, employing one device for three protocols—EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and PROFINET—to create easier integration with host control systems. This is a Control Engineering 2014 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet October 17, 2013

EC: Secure Gigabit Routers

Network Integration - Ethernet hardware: Gigabit speed Ethernet router with firewall security functionality, integrated digital I/O outputs, built in 3G/UMTS connectivity for global access and multipoint VPN tunneling all on one small package. This is a Control Engineering 2014 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet October 17, 2013

EC: EP9214 EtherCAT Box

Network Integration - I/O systems: The EP9214 EtherCAT Box from Beckhoff Automation is a feature-laden I/O module that enhances power monitoring and distribution while providing overload protection and diagnostics for up to four NEC Class 2 power feeds circuits. This is a Control Engineering 2014 Engineers’ Choice award winner.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet October 17, 2013

EC: U-Remote

Network Integration - I/O systems: The U-Remote is a completely new distributed I/O solution that supports up to 64 hot swappable slices/cards that support 16 wire (4 sensors) with pluggable connectors that need no tools to install all with self configuring software. This is a Control Engineering 2014 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet October 17, 2013

EC: VPort 56-2MP-T

Network Integration - Network hardware: The VPort 56-2MP-T is a wide-temperature HD IP camera with built-in 10x optical zoom designed for mission critical environments. This is a Control Engineering 2014 Engineers’ Choice award winner.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet October 16, 2013

Industrial Internet helps make use of saved data

Control Engineering International: Control Engineering China interviewed Bernie Anger, general manager, Control and Communication Systems, GE Intelligent Platforms, about benefits of industry Internet.

By Andy Zhu
Ethernet October 15, 2013

High-frequency analog IO modules

High-frequency Snap-Airate-HFi rate input and Snap-AOD-29-HFi pulse-width modulation (PWM) modules by Opto 22 support testing, simulation, and other high-speed applications.

Ethernet October 15, 2013

Industrial Internet brings huge changes, benefits to industry

Control Engineering International: Benefits of industrial Internet are many, according to Rich Carpenter, chief technology officer, GE Intelligent Platforms, in comments to Control Engineering China.

By Andy Zhu
Ethernet October 14, 2013

Apps for Engineers: Monitor devices, training, documentation, 360-degree viewer

CFE Media’s Apps for Engineers is an interactive directory of more than 170 engineering-related applications for Android and iOS operation systems, created by various companies. This month, gain access to a mobile version of a website, view training videos and seminars, receive online support on products and activities, and get a 360-degree product view.

Ethernet October 12, 2013

Improving motion network noise immunity

Automatic retry can double the noise immunity of real-time industrial Ethernet-based motion networks.

By Derek Lee and Ted Phares, Yaskawa America Inc.
Ethernet October 9, 2013

Ethernet M12 connector has slim external diameter

Harting Har-speed M12 X-Code Ethernet line includes the Slim Design connector.

Ethernet October 7, 2013

Ethernet/IP added to software development kit

The Sitara AM335x by Texas Instruments has added support for EtherNet/IP in addition to Profibus and EtherCAT, which enables OEMs to connect their devices to a wider range of PLCs or HMI systems.

Ethernet October 1, 2013

Network architecture of the future: It’s now

Plan your process networks long before you need them.

By Robert Henderson
Ethernet October 1, 2013

Rugged Ethernet modules can be used on machines without enclosures

Molex's compact 30 mm digital HarshIO modules deliver IP67-rated on-machine Ethernet connectivity between I/Os and control systems using a Profinet fieldbus.

Ethernet October 1, 2013

Rapid Ethernet migration

Technology Update: Putting Ethernet over RS-485 resolves product obsolescence issues and rapidly migrates fieldbus infrastructure to Ethernet, extending usefulness of a variety of end-of-life products.

By Dave Karpenske
Ethernet September 23, 2013

Profinet Competence Center extends demonstration and training capabilities

KW-Software develops training and demonstration programs in its role as a competence center. Video: Dan Swanson discusses the capabilities of the center and a brief description of Profinet.

Ethernet September 23, 2013

Industrial wireless access uses IEEE 802.11abgn protocols

The ProSoft Technology 802.11abgn Industrial Wireless Access Point/Bridge/Repeater uses fast roaming technology.

Ethernet September 20, 2013

Cabling system simplifies wiring for IO modules

The Simatic Top connect cabling system from Siemens wires IO modules to reduce time consuming terminal block connections with reliable sensor and actuator wiring.

Ethernet August 15, 2013

EtherNet/IP and Profinet-enabled Ethernet switches

The EDS-405A/408A-EIP and EDS-405A/408A-PN Ethernet switches by Moxa are designed to integrate legacy networks and feature management functions to support most applications that require an Ethernet switch.

Ethernet August 2, 2013

Industrial Ethernet switches – 2013-08-02

The OM-ESW-100 series by Omega Engineering is a range of compact IEEE 802.3 layer two network unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches with automatic speed, duplex, and cable sensing.

Ethernet July 29, 2013

Brushless DC motors with EtherCAT

Dunkermotoren's compact brushless DC servo motors now offers EtherCAT interface on all of its BG45, BG65, BG65S and BG75 base models and feature CANopen over EtherCAT (CoE) compatibility.

Ethernet July 26, 2013

Ethernet communication adapter for AC drive

A dual port EtherNet/IP communication adapter for the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 525 AC drive from Rockwell Automation allows OEM and end users to use topologies and add support for DLR functionality.

Ethernet June 20, 2013

Communications platform for automation

KEPServerEX V5.12 features a security plug-in, user access management, and increased interoperability with modern OPC UA standards

Ethernet May 9, 2013

Gigabit high-power injector for Power over Ethernet

The INJ-24A Gigabit High Power PoE+ Injector from Moxa transmits 60 watts of power to any PD or PoE device and can easily adapt to different power standards with a DIP switch.

Ethernet April 30, 2013

Right angle connectors with 360 degree shielding

Belden's Lumberg Automation product program now include molded M12 male and female right-angle connectors that have 360 deg shielding and can transmit data even in extremely demanding environments.

Ethernet April 25, 2013

Upgrade to field network with I/O blocks, high speed, gateway

Mitsubishi Electric has upgraded and expanded connectivity for its CC-Link IE Field network. Features include integration with TCP/IP field devices, inherent determinism, and flexible topology.

Ethernet April 25, 2013

Ethernet switch for harsh environments

The high-density layer 2 compact rack switch Ruggedcom RSG2488 from Siemens supports up to 28 ports in a 1U chassis. Its rugged design makes it ideal for use in electric power, transportation, and defense applications.

Ethernet April 24, 2013

When M2M meets IT

Engineering and IT Insight: Subsecond latency and delivery jitter lead to lost production time and potentially millions of dollars of unrealized production. Do not let your production suffer when M2M network requirements collide with IT policies. See 5 quality of service measures.

By Dennis Brandl
Ethernet April 22, 2013

Network organization pushes industrial Ethernet for process automation, machine integration

Control Engineering Europe: At Hannover Fair 2013, ODVA continues on the path of collaboration and partnership with Cisco, Endress+Hauser, Rockwell Automation, Schneider Electric, and others to accelerate adoption of industrial Ethernet in process automation. A machine information integration initiative was discussed.

By Suzanne Gill
Ethernet April 4, 2013

Use of Ethernet as an industrial communications technology in motion control to more than triple by 2016

The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for new motor control Ethernet nodes is projected to be the highest across the whole industrial space at nearly 30%, according to IMS Research, part of IHS Inc.

By IHS Inc.
Ethernet March 29, 2013

A new approach for more secure industrial networking

An electric utility user argues for more secure authentication for SCADA networks. Video: Chris Sistrunk asks for broader adoption of DNP3 version 5.

By Peter Welander
Ethernet March 26, 2013

Managed Gigabit Ethernet switches offer up to 24 GB ports, connectivity

Red Lion Modular N-Tron NT24k Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch Series for industrial networks can have up to 24 Gigabit ports, many connectivity options, web browser management, and advanced ring technology.

Ethernet March 19, 2013

Compact AC drive for open- and closed-loop applications

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex525 AC drive by Rockwell Automation is designed for a number of applications including material handling and compressors. It also has several motor control options for open- and closed-loop applications.

Ethernet March 18, 2013

Transport Ethernet, power over existing 2-wire installations

Product Exclusive: Using patented PCN IP-485 technology, PCN IP-Excite provides a robust and reliable way to transport Ethernet and Power over existing two-wire installations.

Ethernet February 18, 2013

Application drives automation

Automation technologies are used to improve product and process consistency and quality and are used for integration both on the plant floor and over the industrial networks that have become so vital to the day-to-day activities.

By Jack Smith, Editor
Ethernet February 7, 2013

Ethernet configuration package

The Ethernet Configuration Package by dSPACE enables real-time simulation for electronic control units and comes with a configuration tool and blockset to make the simulation as precise as possible.

Ethernet February 1, 2013

Configurable router and security appliance

The GarrettCom Magnum 10RX by Belden is designed for industrial applications and supports mixed TCP/IP and legacy protocols and comes with up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Ethernet January 25, 2013

Ethernet communication module for control devices, inverters

Decentralized frequency inverters 8400 protec and motec and central inverter 8400 TopLine drives by Lenze now available with optional high-speed EtherNet/IP fieldbus interface.

Ethernet January 24, 2013

High power industrial Ethernet switch

Advantech EKI-2726FHPI is designed for industrial applications, can do PoE+, and is DIN-rail mountable.

Ethernet January 23, 2013

Smart Grid-Ready Telecontroller

Ethernet 2.0 ECO Telecontroller by Wago converts signals via connected IO into IEC-compliant data and maximizes space within compact substation control cabinets.

Ethernet January 16, 2013

Aaxeon Technologies changes name to Antaira

Aaxeon Technologies, a manufacturer and distributor of industrial networking products, changed its name to Antaira.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet December 27, 2012

Compact, industrial Ethernet IO block

Turck BL compact on-machine, flexible block I/O simplifies communications for industrial Ethernet with analog, digital, thermocouple, RTD, serial, RFID, or a mixture of signal types in a compact, machine-mountable device.

Ethernet December 21, 2012

Consider a sensor network to ease connections

Do industrial networks meet expectations? Bypass increasing Ethernet and other network incompatibilities at the I/O, sensor, and safety level by using a widely accepted sensor network.

By Helge Hornis, PhD
Ethernet December 14, 2012

Network interface for device level ring networks

The RapID Platform Interface by Innovasic supports device level ring (DLR) networks incorporates PriorityChannel technology to eliminate network traffic loading and ensure real-time EtherNet/IP messages are delivered.

Ethernet December 6, 2012

Industrial RFID trends

Factory automation RFID technology trends differ from those of logistics or commercial RFID systems. Factory floor RFID components are more industrial and hardened for less downtime, with faster data acquisition.

By Tim Cicerchi
Ethernet November 16, 2012

PI North America meeting: Profinet growth, Ford Powertrain integration

Ford Powertrain expanded standardization of automation systems over the past five years; greater Profinet communications were part of the mix, said Mike Bastian, global controls manager of Ford Powertrain at the 18th General Assembly Meeting (GAM) of PI North America.

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet November 15, 2012

ODVA selects organization leadership for 2012-2013

The ODVA Board of Directors selections were made during the ODVA annual meetings in October. Cyril Perducat has been appointed as chairman of the board for the 2012-2013 term. ODVA is the governing organization for EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, CompoNet, ControlNet, and other network tools based on the ODVA Common Industrial Protocol (CIP).

Ethernet November 12, 2012

EC: MXview Industrial Network Management Software v2.2

Software - Applications: Moxa's MXview is a user-friendly industrial network monitoring and visualization tool that is specifically designed for configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting managed Ethernet switches, as well as other SNMP-enabled devices. This is a Control Engineering 2013 Engineers' Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet November 12, 2012

EC: Hirschmann RSP Switches

Network Integration - Ethernet hardware: Hirschmann RSP Switches offer redundancy features to enable zero switchover time for high availability. This is a Control Engineering 2013 Engineers' Choice Award winner.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet November 12, 2012

EC: IndraControl S67 Sercos III Bus Coupler

Network Integration - Ethernet hardware: Rexroth extends the architecture of its Sercos III bus with the IndraControl S67 bus coupler, with 8 digital onboard inputs and is designed to expand the viability, flexibility and value of Sercos III Ethernet based automation bus solutions. This is a Control Engineering 2013 Engineers' Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet November 12, 2012

EC: C441 Series of Ethernet Communication Modules

Network Integration - Ethernet hardware: The C441 series of Ethernet communication modules allow customers to select from Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, and Modbus RTU communication protocols with built-in HTTP web services in one card. This is a Control Engineering 2013 Engineers' Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet November 12, 2012

EC: SmartWire-DT Ethernet Gateway

Network Integration - Ethernet hardware: The SmartWire-DT system automates, simplifies and expedites connecting control panel components, establishing a new level of efficiency, accuracy and reliability. This is a Control Engineering 2013 Engineers' Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet November 12, 2012

EC: ICS-G7852 Passively-Cooled Industrial Core Switch

Network Integration - Ethernet hardware: Moxa's ICS-G7852 is a Layer 3 industrial Ethernet core switch with a fully redundant, passively-cooled, modular design that supports up to 48 10/100/1000 ports and four 10 GB ports. This is a Control Engineering 2013 Engineers' Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet November 12, 2012

EC: Lumberg Automation LioN-M Modules for ProfiNet I/O

Network Integration - I/O systems: The LioN-M module connects sensors and actuators directly to control systems and supports investment in existing communication structures. This is a Control Engineering 2013 Engineers' Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet November 12, 2012

EC: XI/ON Modular I/O System

Network Integration - I/O systems: Designed for decentralized signal processing, the XION system provides intelligent, adaptable I/O options for global applications across industries. This is a Control Engineering 2013 Engineers' Choice Awards Honorable Mention.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet November 12, 2012

EC: PACSystems RSTi

Network Integration - I/O systems: PACSystems RSTi, an innovative standards-based granular machine I/O, is based on global standards and delivers on Profinet's promise of a consistent and standard high performance communication link between field I/O and controller. This is a Control Engineering 2013 Engineers' Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet November 12, 2012

EC: SLIO Universal Remote Slice I/O System

Network Integration - I/O systems: VIPA's SLIO Remote I/O is a universal, ultra-compact, highly functional, easy to operate and maintain, scalable I/O System with an outstanding price-performance ratio. This is a Control Engineering 2013 Engineers' Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering
Ethernet November 8, 2012

Industrial identification success factors

Product identification requires professional planning and industrially suitable infrastructure.

By Michael LaGrega
Ethernet November 8, 2012

Technologies inside: Industrial identification success factors

Siemens Simatic MV400 are for optically readable codes or optical character recognition (OCR); Siemens Simatic Ident readers/writers include the product family Simatic RF.

By Michael LaGrega
Ethernet November 2, 2012

Micro PLCs have embedded motion capabilities

Allen-Bradley Micro850 and Micro830 PLCs by Rockwell Automation have motion capabilities for up to three axes of motion and have embedded Ethernet ports for HMIs.

Ethernet November 2, 2012

Design assistant for smart camera line

Matrox Design Assistant 3.0 is designed for the Matrox Iris GT smart camera line, which allows user to design their application's flowchart and HMI.

Ethernet October 29, 2012

Motion controller for robots

The SmartController EX by Adept is designed to control robots and features Gigabit Ethernet and a processor that is ten times more powerful than previous models.

Ethernet October 18, 2012

Industrial Ethernet advanced module station

The FGEN Advanced IO Module (AIM) station by Turck is designed for fixed IO applications and combines multiple Ethernet protocols including Modbus TCP and Profinet into one device.

Ethernet October 16, 2012

Profinet coupler for IO modules

The APAX-5071 Profinet Coupler by Advantech features an integrated 2-port Ethernet switch and can be connected in a line topology, which reduces wiring and installation costs.

Ethernet October 15, 2012

Tiny TFT touchpanel includes PLC, IO

Product Exclusive: Smallest TFT Touchpanel with built-in PLC and I/O: EZAutomation’s EZTouchPLC Jr significantly reduces space in a control cabinet and minimizes amount of wiring needed.

Ethernet October 5, 2012

Line scan cameras use CMOS technology, Gigabit Ethernet or Camera Link interface

Basler's 2k racer line scan cameras have started production. They are available with an Ethernet or Camera Link interface and have CMOS technology. The reach line rates of up to 48 kHz via Gigabit Ethernet and up to 80 kHz with the Camera Link interface.

Ethernet September 30, 2012

Applying industrial Ethernet

Cover story: Control Engineering, September 2012

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet September 21, 2012

IO processors for legacy systems

The IO processors by Opto 22 bring Ethernet networking and PAC-based control to legacy mistic and Pamux G4 digital I/O systems.

Ethernet September 11, 2012

Industrial Ethernet switches have 6, 10, or 20 ports

The Allen-Bradley Stratix 5700 line of industrial Ethernet switch from Rockwell Automation simplifies machine-level networks through configuration and monitoring rools and is available with 6, 10, or 20 fixed-port configurations.

Ethernet August 28, 2012

Multiprotocol technology for industrial Ethernet

The Industrial Ethernet Multiprotocol technology by Turck can be applied for anything that uses a host system with Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, or Profinet.

Ethernet August 27, 2012

PLC Ethernet adapter serves as micro PLC alternative

The FX3U-ENET-ADP by Mitsubishi Electric designed to be an alternative to micro PLCs to connect PLCs and HMIs. It also uses GX Works to create a direct connection and synchronizes a PLC's internal clock.

Ethernet August 17, 2012

Industrial Ethernet essentials: What you need to know

Ethernet of the industrial kind requires specialty knowledge and practices, unlike Ethernet for home and office. If you are installing or operating an industrial Ethernet network, here are five need-to-know essentials about cabling, signal quality, ground loops, switches, and traffic.

By David McCarthy
Ethernet August 16, 2012

8-port gigabit industrial switches

The LNX-802AG multi- and single-mode industrial switches by Aaxeon have a wide-ranging power design and are enclosed in an IP30 aluminum case for harsh environments.

Ethernet August 16, 2012

Network interface modules can add or change protocols

netJack by Hilscher is designed to add or change fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet protocols in automation devices.

Ethernet August 15, 2012

Industrial network integration improves productivity

Selecting industrial networking protocols, industrial Ethernet included, helps improve production efficiency and quality, with enterprise connectivity. Connectorized networking decreases repair time to minutes from hours.

By Bob Kollmeyer
Ethernet August 8, 2012

Technologies used at Saugatuck Brewing industrial Ethernet upgrade

Saugatuck Brewing expanded beer output by fourfold in two years, with help of EtherCAT industrial Ethernet and Beckhoff Automation PC-based controls.

By Shane Novacek
Ethernet August 8, 2012

Brewing more with industrial Ethernet

Case study: Saugatuck Brewing expanded beer output fourfold in two years, with help of EtherCAT industrial Ethernet and PC-based controls. See photo gallery.

By Shane Novacek
Ethernet July 11, 2012

Profinet modules added to automation product range

The LioN-M IO Profinet module by Belden has been added to the Lumberg Automation product range. The modules support real time (RT) and isochronous real time (IRT) standards.

Ethernet July 3, 2012

Industrial Ethernet adapters support device-level ring topology with EtherNet/IP

The Allen-Bradley Flex I/O dual-port EtherNet/IP adapters support a device-level ring (DLR) topology, which provides robust network infrastructure and fast recovery time.

Ethernet July 3, 2012

Plan for Networking Success

Current technologies guided by old thought processes can make for a useful combination.

By Jeff Monforton, senior engineer
Ethernet June 29, 2012

Communication module for Controller Area Network (CAN)

The Snap-SCM-CAN2B by Opto 22 acquires data from industrial devices, motors, actuators, and other devices connected to a Controller Area Network (CAN).

Ethernet June 27, 2012

Power, Ethernet connector based on M12 standard

Molex Brad Micro-Change M12 Circular Hybrid Technology (CHT) Connector combines Cat5e Ethernet communications with power

By Source: Molex
Ethernet June 22, 2012

Industrial Ethernet switches: trends, applications

Control Engineering International: In February 2012, Control Engineering China sent control engineers a questionnaire about industrial Ethernet switch applications and trends; 375 readers from 20 industries responded; 63% expect to purchase Ethernet switches this year; factors hindering purchase included...

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet June 22, 2012

Modular, managed industrial Ethernet switches

Control Engineering International: Industrial Ethernet switches that are modular and managed include the following, according to a Control Engineering China March 2012 article.

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet June 19, 2012

Fieldbus linking devices for plant-wide process control

New Foundation Fieldbus Linking Devices strengthen Rockwell Automation communication portfolio for plantwide process control.

By Source: Rockwell Automation
Ethernet June 15, 2012

Ethernet IO modules: Rugged, on-machine, high-speed, synchronized

Rockwell Automation EtherNet/IP-based on-machine distributed I/O has CIP Sync technology, an industry first, the company said. Allen-Bradley Slim ArmorBlock I/O modules have Sequence of Events (SOE) and Scheduled Output capability to improve response time and overall machine performance.

Ethernet June 5, 2012

Choose the right industrial connector

Evaluate application and environment to determine the best connector to incorporate into an industrial design or upgrade.

By Lynne Keener
Ethernet May 31, 2012

What exactly is “the cloud?”

We see the term everywhere, but does it have a specific meaning?

Ethernet May 16, 2012

Back to Basics: Data packets

Putting data in packages is basic to virtually all our networking concepts.

By Peter Welander
Ethernet May 4, 2012

Machinery, systems networking with Sercos III and EtherNet/IP

First practical results of the machinery initiative, launched jointly by Sercos International, ODVA, and OPC Foundation, in April 2011, were announced at the 2012 Hannover trade fair.

By Source: Sercos
Ethernet April 27, 2012

AS-Interface accessories use easy connection technology

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces G10 AS-Interface Accessories with “connect and done” technology. Lower profile design and significantly simplified mounting and connectivity provide big benefits in tight spaces.

By Source:Pepperl+Fuchs
Ethernet April 13, 2012

EtherNet/IP growing as national standard in Asia Pacific region

According to ODVA, the People's Republic of China and South Korea have adopted Ethernet/IP as the national standard for Internet use. Manufacturers and businesses will be able to take advantage of the Ethernet and TCP/IP growth.

Ethernet April 11, 2012

Time synchronization endpoint unit for Ethernet monitoring

The Napatech Time Synchronization Endpoint (NTTSE) allows IEEE1588 PTP time synchronization support to be retro-fitted to existing appliances.

Ethernet April 9, 2012

Control panel connectivity system add Ethernet

Product Exclusive: Eaton SmartWire-DT system adds EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP connectivity options to reach more customers with its lean automation solution, to reduce panel wiring costs, improve reliability.

Ethernet March 31, 2012

In-car Ethernet enters the road

Most cooperation releases automotive Ethernet into series production.

By Most
Ethernet March 23, 2012

Digital to analog converter

The 10-bit GSPS DAC EV10DS130A is designed for microwave systems and waveform generation.

Ethernet March 23, 2012

Gigabit fiber media converter

The FCU-2805P-SFP from Aaxeon Technologies is a gigabit fiber media converter that comes with a PoE injector and can support PoE power up to 30 watts per port.

Ethernet March 14, 2012

EtherNet/IP connection add-on device for Coriolis flowmeters

Micro Motion EtherNet/IP Module enables quick and cost-effective access to plant-wide networks, providing plant and process data to improve availability and throughput.

Ethernet March 9, 2012

Is it practical to use Ethernet for all industrial networking?

As industries seek to consolidate and reduce the variety of networking approaches, how far can you go?

Ethernet March 9, 2012

Drives leading industrial networking growth

IMS Research estimated 31 million new fieldbus and Ethernet nodes were installed in 2011 and is predicting that number will grow to 45 million by 2015.

By IMS Research
Ethernet March 5, 2012

Optimize signal clarity in an industrial network

Physical layer issues account for more than half of network installation problems—noise, ground loops, signal reflection, and cross-talk among them. Improve signal clarity with this advice.

By Galen Gareis
Ethernet March 5, 2012

Industrial Ethernet signal clarity

Best practices and latest technologies help ensure the information received over industrial Ethernet networks represents the desired measurement or instructions. These includes proper grounding, cable routing, proper shielding, and cable length.

By Helge Hornis, PhD
Ethernet February 29, 2012

Are there too many industrial networking protocols?

Most people would give an emphatic yes. Alternatives that use only one networking strategy (Ethernet) are at hand. Video: Bernie Anger and Carl Henning discuss one specific solution.

Ethernet February 27, 2012

Communications cards for industrial, OEM applications

Eaton's Ethernet series of communications cards provides four protocols, includes Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP, allowing flexible communication options for manufacturers and industrial customers.

Ethernet February 21, 2012

Server Software Simplifies System Troubleshooting

Sinema server software from Siemens shortens searches for solutions to network snafus.

Ethernet February 17, 2012

Compact Ethernet switches for rugged applications

Rugged PoE Octopus switches by Belden require less space than switches with an external power supply and are easier to install and maintain.

Ethernet February 16, 2012

Compact Ethernet serial servers

The Vlinx VESP211 series of Ethernet serial servers from B+B Electronics Manufacturing Co. Inc. allow serial devices to become nodes on the network and are easy to network-enable because of a compact frame.

Ethernet February 9, 2012

Modular industrial patch panel

Belden's modular industrial patch panel (MIPP) is a termination panel for cables that need to be connected to active equipment with Ethernet connections and serve as a bridge between between Belden cables and Hirschmann switches.

Ethernet January 27, 2012

Multi-pin connector for photovoltaic industry

The Solar SPEC pak by Anderson Power Products is a multi-pin connector that is IP68 rated and meets UL 6703A ratings for the photovoltaic industry, making up to 4 power or 16 signal connections in one connection.

Ethernet January 26, 2012

Wide temperature Ethernet switches

Two new Wago Ethernet switches operate in temperatures between -40 C to +70 C. Both the 852-103 and 852-104 are designed for process, energy, transportation and automation applications.

Ethernet January 25, 2012

Ethernet market growing in Asia Pacific region

According to IMS Research, the adoption of Ethernet in the Asia Pacific region is growing faster than in either EMEA or the Americas. Worldwide, Ethernet-based technologies will account for over 26% of all new networked nodes connected in industry in 2015.

Ethernet January 25, 2012

USB and you

Engineering at 30 Frames: Everywhere we look we see USB (as well as issues that come along with them) - in the field, office, and at home.

By Gust Gianos, Control Engineering
Ethernet January 24, 2012

Ethernet/IP I/O modules

Belden Inc. has released Ethernet/IP modules that can connect to discrete wiring devices via 16 digital I/O channels with universal input/output or input functionality

Ethernet January 20, 2012

Fiber to Ethernet converters

Weidmuller's Industrial Ethernet media converters are designed to create a reliable data exchange between copper and fiber optic media.

Ethernet January 12, 2012

High-speed serial protocol test platform

The TPI4000 Protocol Analyzer Series by Tektronix is designed to provide multiple test functions for just one instrument for serial protocol tests.

Ethernet January 11, 2012

IO module with current and voltage signal combination

Turck's 4AI4AO-VI analog I/O module feature four analog inputs for current and four analog outputs for voltage.

Ethernet December 23, 2011

CAN data logger with scripting functionality

Kvaser Eagle CAN to USB logger can run user-developed scripts and customized features.

Ethernet December 16, 2011

The world of IT comes to us, part 1

IT cyber security experts look at industrial systems with dismay. Here’s why.

Ethernet December 2, 2011

FPGA chip controller for SERCOS III Ethernet devices

The SERCOS EasySlave is an FPGA-based single-chip controller for simple SERCOS III Ethernet slave devices.

Ethernet November 29, 2011

Industrial network devices get diagnostic, connectivity upgrades

Brad automation products from Molex get diagnostic and communications enhancements for applications in factory automation, process control and complex machines.

Ethernet November 23, 2011

Portable HMIs are on the move at SPS

Data delivery, versatility seen as advantages as technology migrates from consumer devices.

Ethernet November 23, 2011

7-16 DIN connector adapters with bronze, silver plating

The RFA-4013 WB DIN Adapter Kit from RF Industries is now available in bronze and silver plating and comes with 6 cables.

Ethernet November 19, 2011

Product Exclusive: Servos include add-on instructions for multi-system functionality

Mitsubishi Electric Servos include an add-on instruction (AOI) solution so Mitsubishi servos can be used within RSLogix 5000 programming environment and communicate via EtherNet/IP.

Ethernet November 18, 2011

Ethernet field wireable connector takes an IP67 washdown

IP67 Bayonet Style RJ45 from Turck is designed to provide protection in washdown applications and areas of high impact. It is also water resistant.

Ethernet November 18, 2011

EC: Elinx ESW 100 Series DIN Rail Ethernet Switches

Network integration – Ethernet hardware: Less than 1-inch wide, industrial-hardened Elinx ESW 100 DIN Rail Ethernet Switches from B+B Electronics feature LC small-form factor fiber connectors and fit tight spaces, allowing network managers to easily add Ethernet devices and control network in noisy, dirty, and space-constrained industrial environments. This is a Control Engineering 2012 Engineers’ Choice award winner.

Ethernet November 18, 2011

EC: Mach104-16TX-PoEP Gigabit Ethernet Workgroup Switch with 16 PoE-Plus Ports

Network integration – Ethernet hardware: With Gigabit speed and 246 W of PoE Plus power, the Mach104-16TX-PoEP Ethernet switch is the highest performing industry-standard (IEEE 802.3at) PoE switch currently on the market—and with less than 35 W consumption (excluding PoE load), a real energy saver, Hirschmann said. This is a Control Engineering 2012 Engineers’ Choice honorable mention.

Ethernet November 18, 2011

EC: Industrial HiVision 4.2 Network Management Software from Hirschmann

Software – Applications: Designed for effective industrial network supervision, Industrial HiVision v. 4.2 from Belden makes it easy for network administrators to monitor and report on all manageable devices from any manufacturer from a single screen. This is a Control Engineering 2012 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

Ethernet November 15, 2011

Ethernet extender line adds PoE and managed models

Deploys IP cameras and other Ethernet devices beyond Ethernet’s 100-meter limit (up to 6,250 meters without PoE, 1,900 meters with PoE), over existing Cat5 cable or telephone copper wire.

Ethernet November 3, 2011

Official safety communication standard established

The DDASCA Consortium named openSAFETY an official communication standard.

Ethernet October 28, 2011

Automation products: Network interface cards, IO modules, switches

Molex's Brad automation product line introduced at Pack Expo has advantages for packaging machine builders, robot manufacturers, and equipment system integrators.

Ethernet October 26, 2011

IO module replacement: What you need to know

When upgrading processors, do I/O modules also need replacing? Many processor brands will communicate with legacy I/O systems and provide most or all functionality of modern control platforms. This may not be the case if changing processor brands, according to this system integrator.

By David McCarthy
Ethernet October 14, 2011

Connection system eliminates wiring between devices

AutomationDirect's ZipLink is designed to eliminate the process of wiring between devices with prewired cables and DIN rail mount connector modules.

Ethernet October 14, 2011

Gigabit-only switch routes large amounts of data

GarrettCom's Magnum 12KX is designed to route large amounts of data in applications using complex networking techniques, such as VLANs ro multicast routing. It can connect to copper and fiber.

Ethernet October 4, 2011

Drive system adds Ethernet connectivity; motion control software; 128 axes motion controller

Siemens expanded Sinamics S120 drive system to include Ethernet connectivity to Profinet, Ethernet TCP/IP, and EtherNet/IP, upgraded its Simotion Scout motion control software, and extended the upper performance range of Simotion D motion controllers to support 128 axes of motion.

Ethernet October 2, 2011

Five compact units join DIN-rail power supply line

Wago Corporation added five Epsitron Compact units to its DIN-rail mount power supply line.

Ethernet September 27, 2011

Automation connectivity for packaging industry, other machine builders

Molex offers the packaging OEMs, integrators, and end users the Brad suite of connectivity, communications, control and power solutions at Pack Expo.

Ethernet September 26, 2011

Industrial Networks: Speed Delivers High-Performance Networking

Many demanding industrial applications require millisecond updates and jitter at a microsecond or less. High-speed protocols and appropriate network design can deliver determinism.

By Brian Oulton
Ethernet September 25, 2011

EtherCAT fieldbus option in servo drives

EtherCAT motion-bus network is available in Parker Compax3 servo drives.

Ethernet September 23, 2011

Product Exclusive: Ruggedized industrial Ethernet switches

Aaxeon Technologies introduces a line of ruggedized, managed industrial Ethernet switches designed for IP67 protection and –40 C to 75 C operating temperatures.

Ethernet September 13, 2011

Industrial connectivity software for oil and gas, manufacturing

KepServerEx version 5.6 has new drivers and plug-in option designed for critical operations for the oil and gas industry as well as manufacturing.

Ethernet September 1, 2011

Ethernet protocol, EtherCAT, processes on the fly

EtherCAT processes Ethernet frames on the fly and maps through a Fieldbus Memory Management Unit (FMMU), distinguishing it from other industrial Ethernet protocols. One EtherCAT frame holds the data for many network devices, then...

By Joey Stubbs, PE, PMP
Ethernet September 1, 2011

Ethernet protocols used for industrial applications, governing organizations, URLs

List of protocols, governing organizations, websites, and other useful URLs and articles from Control Engineering follows, with a table of industrial Ethernet protocols.

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet September 1, 2011

Answers about industrial Ethernet

Why is Ethernet good for industrial applications, instead of other network protocols? Why do Ethernet protocols differ? Which should be used, fiber or copper? Pepperl+Fuchs offers answers.

By Helge Hornis
Ethernet September 1, 2011

Optimizing Ethernet for industrial implementation

When selecting and installing industrial Ethernet, consider this advice from IMS Research.

By John Morse, Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet August 29, 2011

Industrial Ethernet switches support huge China water transfer project

What are key considerations to optimize your next industrial Ethernet implementation? Looking at how Ethernet is used in this China water transfer project could help with your next Ethernet project.

By Jim Krachenfels
Ethernet August 24, 2011

Small industrial unmanaged Ethernet switches, with fiber, IP30 case

B+B's ESW100 series is housed in an IP30-rated metal case and the DIN Rail switches are less than one inch wide, which may be the smallest switches with fiber available, the company said.

Ethernet August 23, 2011

Industrial Ethernet DIN rail switch for industrial automation, mission-critical networks

TC3314 is an industrial Ethernet DIN rail switch from TC Communications that supports industrial automation and mission-critical redundant ring networks.

Ethernet August 18, 2011

Ethernet protocol selection, other implementation answers

Why use EtherNet/IP Ethernet protocol? Is it a new or upgrade installation? Will you be doing the work without IT? What are key considerations to optimize your next industrial Ethernet implementation? Brian Oulton, director, networks business, Rockwell Automation has some answers.

Ethernet August 4, 2011

Flexible, multiport rack-mounted Ethernet switch for 19-inch open-frame cabinets

N-Tron has expanded its fully-managed gigabit-capable 7026TX Series with the 26-port 7026TX-AC rack-mounted Ethernet switch, designed for installation in a 19-in open-frame rack or machine cabinet.

By Source: N-Tron Corp.
Ethernet August 3, 2011

Ethernet switches have PoE Plus for higher power devices

Belden MACH104-16TX-PoEP Ethernet switches with Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE Plus) capability (the IEEE 802.3at standard) delivers increased power for Ethernet-enabled devices.

Ethernet July 27, 2011

Legacy network connections

Consider these points when blending network upgrades and connecting to legacy networks.

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet July 25, 2011

M2M 3G router for industrial network communications

Baltic Networks MaxxWave 3G Industrial Indoor/Outdoor Router runs on Sprint 3G network and was designed for industrial and other rugged applications, such as machine to machine (M2M) communications.

Ethernet July 1, 2011

Ethernet drive modules connect computers, hubs

AutomationDirect has released two new modules to improve wireless productivity capable of hardware handshaking can interconnect between computers and Ethernet hubs.

Ethernet June 24, 2011

Code reader adds resolution, Power over Ethernet, verification

Siemens' MV440 code reading systems has been enhanced with new features like high resolution, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and code marking verification.

Ethernet June 17, 2011

Compact RFID readers have IP67 protection

Siemens expanded its Simatic Ident Portfolio for intralogistics and assembly line applications, with RFID read/write ranges of 20-30 mm.

Ethernet June 10, 2011

Easy real-time Powerlink Ethernet network connection

B+R adds real-time Ethernet connection to products, using a new Ethernet Powerlink slave for field program gate arrays (FPGAs).

Ethernet June 8, 2011

Selecting an HMI communication method

How should your HMI talk to the PLC or other controller? You have several main options with differing functionalities based on your application needs.

By Timothy Lomax, Mitsubishi Electric Automation
Ethernet June 8, 2011

System on a chip speeds integration of EtherNet/IP into I/O modules

Advantech selects Innovasic Semiconductor's system-on-a-chip to enable extremely fast integration of the EtherNet/IP Ethernet protocol from ODVA.

Ethernet June 8, 2011

Gateways pass DNP Level 2 conformance tests

FieldServer Technologies now offers a full range of DNP3 Gateways that have successfully passed DNP3 Level 2 Conformance Test.

Ethernet June 6, 2011

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) advances shown at Interop Las Vegas 2011

Microsemi recently demonstrated PoE innovations that improve power delivery, management and efficiency.

Ethernet June 4, 2011

Next generation terminal server

GarrettCom Magnum 10ETS, part of the Magnum 10KT “10” series of networking products for power utility substations, easily integrates serial devices into smart grid initiatives, the company said.

Ethernet June 3, 2011

Understanding speed when it comes to fieldbus networks

Fieldbus networks have a slow data transfer rate. Why can't they be faster?

Ethernet June 3, 2011

Economical unmanaged Fast Ethernet switch for small, decentralized networks

Belden extends the Hirschmann Octopus line with a robust, unmanaged 10-port Fast Ethernet switch.

Ethernet June 1, 2011

Yokogawa joins PNO network organization

Yokogawa has joined PNO to expand industrial automation efforts to parts of Europe and Asia.

Ethernet May 28, 2011

Ethernet box offers analog inputs, outputs on one device

Machine-mountable Beckhoff Automation EP4374 EtherCAT combination I/O box enhances machine design flexibility, with two analog inputs and two analog outputs in one device.

Ethernet May 27, 2011

Industrial Ethernet is increasing strongly in China’s booming sectors

IMS Research report indicates that industrial Ethernet growth in China depends on strength of various vertical sectors. The market grew 20%, 2009 to 2010, IMS said.

Ethernet May 27, 2011

Partnership set to continue between companies for CIP Safety development

Secros international and ODVA have announced a continuation of their partnership in safety protocols with CIP Safety.

Ethernet May 25, 2011

IP67-managed Ethernet switches, rugged, redundant in tough environments

Ethernet switches from Advantech Corporation allow for certified and redundant connections in Ethernet networks. EKI-6558TI and EKI-6559TMI managed switches are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Ethernet May 24, 2011

Automation company sells one millionth I/O module

Advantech sold their one millionth ADAM Remote I/O module to B+B Electronics Manufacturing Company Inc.

Ethernet May 24, 2011

Extender kits for ABB industrial control networks

Symphony Harmony Users can Now Cost Effectively Upgrade and Extend the Reach of their Control Systems

By SOURCE: Paralan
Ethernet May 13, 2011

ODVA industrial network organization announces leaders for 2011-2012

ODVA board of directors includes leaders from automation companies: Bosch Rexroth, Cisco Systems, Rockwell Automation, Omron, Schneider Electric and Weidmüller. ODVA supports DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, CompoNet, and ControlNet.

Ethernet May 12, 2011

UPS product line gets UL listing

Falcon Electric's 220 Vac SSG Series UPS product line is ideal for harsh industrial, military and IT power environments and has obtained Underwriters Laboratory listing.

Ethernet May 12, 2011

Industrial core switches added to line of Ethernet infrastructure products

Moxa's ICS series joins a suite of switches and the MXview industrial network management software, creating industrial Ethernet platforms with high scalability, performance, reliability, and ease of maintenance.

Ethernet April 28, 2011

Back to Basics: Internet, next version, IPv6

Industry shouldn’t panic about the next version of the Internet Protocol, version 6 (IPv6), the transition from IPv4, or the recent exhaustion of the IPv4 address pool. Take advantage of opportunities, while you can.

Ethernet April 6, 2011

Industrial Ethernet protocol to serve as communication platform for new embedded processors

Texas Instruments will implement EtherCAT technology for its ARM- and DSP+ARM-based embedded processors.

Ethernet March 15, 2011

ServoWire Drives, XD-Indexer Drives integrate on common system, reduces project costs

Network of ServoWire drives can be expanded beyond 16 ServoWire drives to more than 100.

Ethernet March 7, 2011

Industrial unmanaged switches optimized for plug-and-play applications in harsh industrial environments

N-Tron Corporation’s five-port 105TX-SL and 16-port 116TX industrial unmanaged switches provide expanded tolerances to shock, vibration, temperature fluctuations and noise.

Ethernet March 5, 2011

Device profile underway for on-board weighing systems

CAN in Automation intends to develop the CANopen profile for on-board weighing systems with plans to release the first version of the draft standard proposal by the end of 2011.

By Source: CAN in Automation (CiA)
Ethernet February 25, 2011

New Ethernet-capable optical data couplers enable live video communication

Pepperl+Fuchs LS680 combines user-friendly operation with higher data transmission speeds for new levels of communication.

Ethernet February 24, 2011

Bosch Rexroth commits to ODVA, EtherNet/IP advancements

Bosch Rexroth has become a principal member of ODVA, joining industrial suppliers Cisco Systems, Rockwell Automation, Omron, and Schneider Electric.

Ethernet February 11, 2011

Data transfer via tunneling

Using one network to transfer data from another.

Ethernet February 8, 2011

Cable outlets expand cable diameter range for right-angle connectors

PG11 and PG13.5 cable outlets have been added to Binder-USA’s line of RD24 Series 692 and 693 right-angle connectors to accept cables with a diameter between 8 and 12 mm.

Ethernet January 26, 2011

ODVA forms rail transport special interest group

Network organization for EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, and other protocols expects to provide solutions for on-board train controls, monitoring, signaling, and demand-response.

Ethernet January 14, 2011

CC-Link: 1 Gigabit Industrial Ethernet field network delivers determinism and accommodates 10/100/1000 Mb TCP/IP field devices

This white paper describes the open CC-Link IE Field network, an Industrial Ethernet technology, which operates at 1 Gigabit/sec.

Ethernet January 5, 2011

Industrial Ethernet protocols international market rankings

According to a recent study, Powerlink and Profinet are among the most used industrial Ethernet protocols for transferring machine and sensor data in true real-time.

Ethernet January 4, 2011

Industrial networks by the numbers: EtherCAT, CC-Link, SERCOS, EPSG, Garrettcom

Industrial networks hit some numerical milestones. EtherCAT’s organization cited record membership, CC-Link marked 10 years, GarrettCom manufactured the 100,000th switch, SERCOS celebrated 25 years, and Ethernet Powerlink Standardization Group (EPSG) added to its organization.

Ethernet December 13, 2010

Advanced solar tracking function block

Wago Corporation’s free Solar Positioning Function Block (SPFB) increases concentrated solar arrangement effectiveness. SPFB achieves this by enabling dynamic solar mirrors to track the sun’s arc within +0.02o via Wago-I/O-System.

Ethernet December 10, 2010

Industrial Ethernet group publishes safety development package

EtherCAT Technology Group's Safety Development Package for Automation Vendors aims to offer a easy way for automation suppliers to implement safety over EtherCAT Ethernet protocol.

Ethernet December 1, 2010

Weighing system offers direct Ethernet connectivity

VPG's BLH-Nobel weighing systems G4 Family of multichannel weight/force HMI now offers EtherNet/IP communication protocol capability.

Ethernet November 22, 2010

Electrostatic precipitator integrates pulse power supply system

The electrostatic precipitator by FLSmidth integrates the newest Coromax pulse power supply system, an advanced high voltage system.

Ethernet November 10, 2010

Embedded PC included in motion control system

Siemens now includes an embedded PC for its Simotion P320-3 motion control applications. Providing maintenance-free controls, the Simotion P320-3 brings the power and simplicity of a PC to motion control.

Ethernet November 1, 2010

EC: Belden DataTuff 600V Cat 5e AWM-rated Cable

Network Integration - wire, cable, cordsets, connectors - Belden. Belden DataTuff 600V Cat 5e AWM-rated Cable - Unlike traditional Ethernet cables, Belden's 600V Cat 5e AWM-rated Cables are able to be used reliably in particularly tough EMI environments, i.e., motor control centers and switch gear applications. This is a Control Engineering 2011 Engineers' Choice (EC) Award winner.

Ethernet November 1, 2010

EC: Allen-Bradley Stratix 8300 Layer 3 managed switch

Network Integration - Ethernet hardware - Rockwell Automation - Allen-Bradley Stratix 8300 Layer 3 managed switch, with Cisco technology, helps engineers and IT professionals achieve secure, seamless integration of Ethernet applications while incorporating software and programming tools familiar to IT engineers. This is a Control Engineering 2011 Engineers' Choice (EC) Award winner.

Ethernet November 1, 2010

EC: EDR-G903 Industrial Firewall Router

Network Integration - Ethernet hardware - Moxa - EDR-G903 Industrial Firewall Router - Moxa's EDR-G903 is an Industrial High Performance Secure Firewall Router. This is a Control Engineering 2011 Engineers' Choice (EC) Honorable Mention.

Ethernet November 1, 2010

EC: 750-881 Ethernet 2.0 Programmable Fieldbus Controller

Machine and Embedded Control - PLCs: Wago Corporation, 750-881 Ethernet 2.0 Programmable Fieldbus Controller. Wago's 750-881 Programmable Fieldbus Controller streamlines programming and commissioning via high-speed PLC program processing (1000 instructions/235 µS) and integrated dual-port Ethernet switch (no additional hubs/switches). This is a Control Engineering 2011 Engineers' Choice (EC) Award winner.

Ethernet November 1, 2010

EC: DataMan 8000

Hardware HMI - bar code and ID readers: Cognex Corporation, DataMan 8000. The rugged DataMan 8000 Series of readers offers the industry's most advanced technology for reading 1D and 2D codes regardless of size, quality, printing method or surface, and is the only handheld ID reader that offers Industrial Ethernet communication and liquid lens technology. This is a Control Engineering 2011 Engineers' Choice (EC) Award winner.

Ethernet October 15, 2010

Are Coriolis flowmeters a universal technology?

Just a flowmeter? The capabilities of current designs can put them among the most versatile devices in your plant. Coriolis meters can measure mass flow of liquid and gas, density, temperature, and viscosity. One instrument makes the measurements without additional devices or sampling lines, simplifying measurement systems and reducing life cycle costs.

By Jerry Stevens, Endress+Hauser, Inc.
Ethernet October 14, 2010

Podcast: Hardware and software to troubleshoot industrial Ethernet – Siemens Industry, Control Engineering

Marty Jansons, network consultant at Siemens Industry, discusses network troubleshooting with C.G. Masi, for Control Engineering, CFE Media, in a 12:30 minute podcast.

Ethernet October 14, 2010

Podcast: Troubleshooting and tools for industrial networks, Ethernet-Fluke Networks, Control Engineering

About 80% of networking problems involve physical connections, says Mara White, market development manager for Fluke Networks, in discussions about network troubleshooting with C.G. Masi, for Control Engineering, CFE Media. The 6:19 minute podcast covers tools to use and things to watch for to ensure industrial Ethernet and other industrial networks run smoothly.

Ethernet October 11, 2010

Control Engineering webcast, the Complex Simplicity of Ethernet, offers application advice

Advice for using Ethernet in industrial environments will be among knowledge shared in a Control Engineering webcast, the Complex Simplicity of Ethernet. Advice includes use of Ethernet in industrial applications, when redundancy is needed, streaming SCADA video for gauge verification; and Ethernet safety.

Ethernet October 11, 2010

Pocket PLC has 400 lines of program memory, 254 symbolic variables

Galil Motion Control has a new RIO Pocket PLC. RIO-47202 Pocket PLC provides 400 lines of program memory and 254 symbolic variables, twice as many as the standard RIO. It offers six programmable PID loops (up from two) and is ideal for customers that require more space for application programs providing an intelligent, low-cost and compact solution for handling I/O.

Ethernet October 4, 2010

Inside Machines: Vision-guided robots automate vial, syringe filling

Pharmaceutical filling equipment adapts to drug container shapes and sizes so short runs can be processed with minimal downtime. Automated Systems of Tacoma Inc. (AST) has developed a new vision-enabled flexible robotic filling system that can handle a wide range of container types and sizes, and can be switched from one size or type to another in about 30 minutes. A Cognex In-Sight Micro vision system is used to precisely locate each container and stopper and provide the robots these locations prior to processing. October Control Engineering

Ethernet September 30, 2010

Low power consumption device server

The NPort 5100A Series serial device servers from Moxa create network-ready devices and give direct access for PC software.

Ethernet September 30, 2010

Product Exclusive: Ultra-wide temperature UPS from Falcon Electric

New uninterruptible power supply is designed to withstand heat up to 65 °C (149 °F) and down to -22 °F (-30 °C ). Falcon Electric SSG-RP Series ultra-high temperature UPS has been designed to operate reliably in temperature environments beyond the capability of standard commercially available UPS products. It is a true double-conversion on-line UPS, providing clean, tightly regulated, sinewave output power even when operating from a dirty incoming ac power source, acting like an electronic firewall. This is a Control Engineering September 2010 Product Exclusive.

Ethernet September 24, 2010

Control algorithm software optimizes solar energy harvesting

Beckhoff Automation TwinCAT Solar Position Algorithm library brings embedded PC-based control to solar power plants in a feature-laden function block that permits the exact calculation of sun angles anywhere in the world at any time, without the use of sensors.

Ethernet September 22, 2010

Industrial Ethernet: Switches help flexibility, security

Designing and deploying a robust and secure network infrastructure requires protecting the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of control and information data. Smaller LANs can help manage different types of network traffic. Creating domains of trust limits access to authorized personnel. These practices require a new segmentation methodology.

By Gregory Wilcox, Mike Hannah, Mark Devonshire, Rockwell Automation
Ethernet September 22, 2010

Industrial Ethernet: Future-proof, rugged

Specialized fieldbus systems were used for simplified networking of machine drives, I/O, PLCs and other devices, but fast Ethernet technology replaces these systems, and offers certain advantages.

By Scott Hibbard, Bosch Rexroth Corp.
Ethernet September 21, 2010

Advanced industrial Layer three switches help Ethernet flexibility

Advances in Ethernet help integrate plantwide network architectures. Industrial layer three switches expand Ethernet’s flexibility and security in a more securely designed network. See network design diagrams.

By Gregory Wilcox, Mike Hannah, Mark Devonshire, Rockwell Automation
Ethernet September 4, 2010

Is Office Ethernet Hardware Tough Enough for Industrial Use?

Considerations include operating temperature, humidity, operating voltage, redundancy, vibration, and more. See comparison table.

Ethernet August 18, 2010

TTEthernet: Time-triggered services deliver synchronous Ethernet

TTEthernet provides a set of time-triggered services implemented on top of standard IEEE 802.3 Ethernet.

Ethernet August 11, 2010

IEC approves openSAFETY, bus-independent protocol

The fieldbus-independent openSAFETY protocol was tested according to IEC 61784-3 FSCP 13 and approved by national IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) committees, as a international standard.

Ethernet August 4, 2010

New Website features Ethernet protocol

Hoping to convert users still bound by hard-wiring techniques, new technically oriented site promotes the growing protocol.

Ethernet August 2, 2010

NIWeek: NI LabVIEW 2010 optimizes compiler for faster code execution

At NIWeek 2010, National Instruments announced LabVIEW 2010, the latest version of the graphical system design software platform for test, control, and design. An off-the-shelf compiler technologies that execute code an average of 20% faster. A new IP Integration Node that makes it possible to integrate any third-party FPGA IP into LabVIEW applications. User-submitted suggestions are included among the upgrades.

Ethernet July 30, 2010

SERCOS III testing system ensures interoperability

A test tool for slave devices on the SERCOS III Ethernet-based automation bus ensures that SERCOS III slave implementations from different manufacturers are compatible and interoperable.

Ethernet July 9, 2010

Hardened PoE Ethernet switch

New industrial grade EDS-P510 PoE Ethernet switch from Moxa withstands harsh and outdoor environments.

Ethernet June 9, 2010

Siemens Scalance XR-324 managed industrial Ethernet switch

A 19-in. rack mounted industrial Ethernet switch is modular, flexible, supports gigabit Ethernet in four models.

Ethernet April 2, 2010

Turck adds more rugged Ethernet switches, managed, unmanaged

Turck rugged Ethernet switches include unmanaged models for 4- or 8-pin M12 twisted pair cable, and 4- and 5-pin 7/8-16UN power cable.

Ethernet April 1, 2010

10 Network Troubleshooting Tips

Experience, coupled with good tools, enables successful industrial network troubleshooting. Here are 10 things to look for.

By Mark T. Hoske, Control Engineering
Ethernet April 1, 2010

Managed edge switch for industrial Ethernet networks

GarrettCom Magnum 6KL managed edge switch has fiber port configurability and managed network capabilities for hostile industrial network environments. It provides options and media found previously only in larger Magnum Ethernet switches, and brings fiber port configurability for managed networking capabilities to the edge of industrial networks.

Ethernet March 23, 2010

EtherNet/IP: Embedded switch technology: Flexible topology options

Integrating embedded switch technology into devices eases configuration, says Rockwell Automation.

By Mark T Hoske
Ethernet March 19, 2010

GarrettCom Magnum 6KL managed edge switch for Ethernet

Compact, configurable, hardened, the GarrettCom Magnum 6KL managed edge switch, has fiber port configurability and managed network capabilities for hostile industrial network environments.

Ethernet March 19, 2010

10 network troubleshooting tips from Fluke Networks

Experience, coupled with good tools, help with industrial network troubleshooting. Here are 10 things to watch when installing or troubleshooting copper (twisted pair) and fiber optic cabling networks, according to Fluke Networks.

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet March 11, 2010

‘Option card’ connects Danfoss VLT AutomationDrive to Profinet-based networks

MCA120 features a built-in Web server for remote diagnostics and visual confirmation of basic drive parameters, as well as an e-mail, says Danfoss Drives.

By Renee Robbins
Ethernet February 1, 2010

Message Manager ILX56-MM

ProSoft Technology Inc. Message Manager ILX56-MM from ProSoft Technology Inc. transfers data between multiple PAC/PLCs over several industrial networks without PAC/PLC programming. The Message Manager aggregates data transfers from up to 16 PAC/PLCs distributed throughout a plant and allows configuration and diagnostic monitoring from one location.

Ethernet January 26, 2010

I/O hubs save machine builder 60%: Balluff IO-Link

Ingersoll CM Systems Inc., in building its next generation deep fillet rolling machine, saved 60% in cost compared to previous I/O modules. Savings came from reducing the number of machine components by using economical Balluff IO-Link hubs.

By Richard Bertolone, Balluff
Ethernet January 1, 2010

Ethernet fieldbus coupler

Wago Corp.’s new 750-352 ECO Ethernet Fieldbus Coupler enables the transition from centralized PAC/PLCs to flexible, decentralized networks. The ECO Coupler supports protocols such as Modbus TCP/IP and EtherNet I/P, and accommodates 64 I/O modules. Said to be ideal for applications with medium I/O counts, the 750-352 allows integrators to reduce costs via economical distributive controls.

Ethernet December 30, 2009

Wago 750-352 ECO Ethernet Fieldbus Coupler

Wago Corp.'s new 750-352 ECO Ethernet Fieldbus Coupler helps transition from centralized PAC/PLCs to flexible, decentralized networks supporting Modbus TCP/IP and EtherNet/IP.

Ethernet December 1, 2009

Linear position sensors for increased performance

MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division’s Temposonics linear-position sensors are installed in electrical linear motors, in pneumatic, hydraulic, ball-screw or power-grip belt drives, and wherever high-accuracy, dynamic positioning tasks must be performed. According to the company, the R-Series’ quick response time and high accuracy result in higher machine performance and product quali...

Ethernet December 1, 2009

Fieldbus Foundation: 1st Foundation H1 Device Couplers are registered

Rigorous Fieldbus Foundation testing is said to assure interoperability of components at the fieldbus physical layer.

Ethernet November 19, 2009

Rockwell Automation sponsors release of open-source software stack

Open-source EtherNet/IP communication stack developed by the Vienna University of Technology cost effectively connects I/O devices.

By Renee Robbins
Ethernet November 18, 2009

Hardy Instruments: Feeder control module, weight controller for closed-loop control

Hardy Instruments, a Rockwell Global Encompass partner, introduced new weight controllers and feeder control module at Automation Fair. See photos.

Ethernet November 12, 2009

HMS Industrial Networks gateway connects SAE J1939 networks to Siemens PLCs

Oil and gas production and on-vehicle applications will benefit from an HMS Industrial Networks Anybus intelligent gateway. It enables a Profibus-DP Master to read and write J1939 network data for control and monitoring. See also ControlNet announcement.

Ethernet November 3, 2009

Harting says Fast Track Ethernet Switching augments automation IT performance

Standard Ethernet IEEE 802.3 networks and Harting Fast Track Switching help automation IT by giving automation priority over other Ethernet messaging, company says.

Ethernet November 3, 2009

Fast Track Ethernet Switching augments automation IT performance, Harting says

Standard Ethernet IEEE 802.3 networks and Harting Fast Track Switching help automation IT by giving automation priority over other Ethernet messaging.

Ethernet October 4, 2009

Agreement: B&B Electronics offers SEL hardened communications products

Communications products from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc. (SEL) are available from B&B Electronics Manufacturing Co.

Ethernet October 3, 2009

Aaxeon Technologies new Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Switch with SFP

Aaxeon Technologies LNX-501AG-SFP Lanolinx Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Switch has a small form factor pluggable module (SFP Mini-GBIC port) and 4 x 10/100/1000T ports.

Ethernet October 1, 2009

6-port managed industrial Ethernet switch

Aaxeon Technologies introduces a new 6-Port Lanolinx Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch, the LNX-602N-MM/SS30-T. It has a wide operating temperature, four 10/100BaseT(X), and two 100BaseFX ports. The switch has Ethernet redundancy protocol support (recovery time &10 ms over 250 units of connection) and spanning tree/rapid spanning tree protocol (IEEE 802.

Ethernet August 24, 2009

Aaxeon Technologies 6-port managed industrial Ethernet switch

Aaxeon Technologies introduced a new 6-Port Lanolinx Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch, the LNX-602N-MM/SS30-T. It has a wide operating temperature, four 10/100BaseT(X) and two 100BaseFX ports.

Ethernet August 21, 2009

Networking: Softing Profinet stack to enhance Cisco’s Ethernet switches

Cisco Systems has selected Softing's conformance class B ready Profinet stack to enhance its industrial Ethernet switch family with Profinet IO capabilities.

By Renee Robbins
Ethernet August 7, 2009

PTO holds a virtual general assembly meeting

Organization reports that industrial Ethernet and fieldbus adoption continues upward climb despite recession. Growth in larger automation markets may have already turned the corner.

By Peter Welander
Ethernet August 7, 2009

Industrial networking: Build Ethernet networks using device level ring technology

Rockwell Automation embeds device level ring technology into its control system architecture to increase network resilience and installation flexibility.

By Renee Robbins
Ethernet August 4, 2009

Industrial network selection advice from Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation talked to Control Engineering recently about industrial network selection. The following answers are from Steve Zuponcic, manager, IA Solutions, commercial engineering, Rockwell Automation.

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet August 1, 2009

Siemens Scalance XB unmanaged Ethernet switch

Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. expanded its Scalance X family of industrial Ethernet switches to include the space saving and affordable Scalance XB. The entry level, Scalance XB unmanaged industrial Ethernet switch can be used in a line or star topology where plug-and-play connections and low-cost port expansion features are required.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet July 1, 2009

PoE splitter powers industrial Ethernet devices

N-Tron has enhanced its iPOE family of industrial hardened Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices by adding a PoE splitter. This product enables products that would otherwise require a dedicated power drop to be deployed with only a Cat5 cable. A PoE sourcing device such as N-Tron’s 100-POE-4 Midspan or 105TX-POE endspan provides PoE via a Cat5 cable, and at the other end of the Cat5 the 100-P...

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet June 11, 2009

Vision systems, automation controls get point-and-click connectivity

Cognex introduces Cognex Connect, a simple configuration interface for controlling multiple vision systems from any network PC.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet June 8, 2009

B&R SafeDesigner: Program safety with virtual wiring of logical function blocks

Designing and implementing safety automation is easier with the SafeDesigner development and configuration tool, B&R Industrial Automation says. The B&R tool provides an integrated safety tool for programming safety-related functions from within the Automation Studio development environment.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet May 11, 2009

Ethernet switch and serial device server

Moxa NPort S8000 series combines an Ethernet switch and serial device server with two fiber Ethernet ports, three Ethernet ports, and four RS-232/422/485 serial ports. The design saves cabinet space, and reduces overall power consumption and costs. This is a Control Engineering North American print edition Product Exclusive.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet May 1, 2009

Suddenly, the business world is all a Twitter

For most businesspeople, the line between their work and personal lives has been blurry ever since companies started issuing laptops and cell phones. And now that we're firmly ensconced in the era of Web 2.0, that line is being washed away completely. There's still some debate about the business value of certain Web 2.

By Sidney Hill, Jr., executive editor
Ethernet May 1, 2009

Modbus TCP to serial RTU/ASCII gateway

Aaxeon Technologies STM-501C Modbus TCP to Serial RTU/ASCII Gateway allows legacy Modbus RTU/ASCII devices to operate on a Modbus TCP network. It allows either Modbus serial master or slave to communicate with a Modbus TCP slave or master.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet April 17, 2009

Industrial Ethernet: managed or unmanaged switches?

Just because you can use an unmanaged switch does not mean you should use an unmanaged switch. It has been said that you will either use a managed switch or wish you had, explains Carl Henning, deputy director, PTO, Profibus and Profinet North America. See related links.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet April 13, 2009

Application checklist: Do you need rugged or commercial Ethernet hardware?

Weidmuller offers a list of choice points based on an Ethernet network application.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet April 9, 2009

Detroit delivers record turnout Profinet training class

PTO (formerly the Profibus Trade Organization) announced March 23 that its 2009 Profinet training class schedule began with record attendance at its March 11, 2009, training class. Link to the 2009 schedule.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet April 1, 2009

How to Improve ROI with RFID

Industrial production line use of radio frequency identification (RFID) has become increasingly popular, and the technology has become a hot-button topic. Why? Technology enhancements have advanced RFID far beyond its barcode counterparts—and gotten attention for return on investment (ROI) opportunities.

By Mark DiSera, Turck
Ethernet March 26, 2009

OPC Foundation Certification Test Lab opens in North America

The new OPC Foundation North American Certification Test Lab joins the first OPC Test Lab opened in Erlangen, Germany in 2008.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet March 1, 2009

Industrial Ethernet cables, hardware selection advice

Commercial-grade cabling and hardware is not considered tough enough for use in harsh industrial environments. In these environments, networked devices and cables are routinely exposed to dust, moisture, vibration, extreme temperatures, and exposure to oil and corrosive solvents, as well as frequent movement of heavy vehicles and equipment on the plant floor, says Patricia Saito-Carvallo, Belde...

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet February 27, 2009

Switch to industrial Ethernet switches; rugged advantages

Rugged Ethernet switches and hardware provide advantages, says Rockwell Automation, including...

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet February 25, 2009

10 benefits of Common Industrial Protocol networks, according to ODVA

End-users, vendors, and other proponents of the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) continue discussions about CIP features and benefits, at the 2009 CIP Networks Conference & 13th Annual Meeting, Feb. 24-26. CIP runs EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, CompoNet, and ControlNet. The 10 benefits are...

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet February 6, 2009

Endress+Hauser, Rockwell Automation jointly develop device integration tools

Tools provide access to isolated diagnostics and step-by-step guidance on connectivity, configuration and commissioning of Endress+Hauser instrumentation with the Rockwell Automation PlantPAx process automation system.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet February 5, 2009

Gigabit-speed industrial Ethernet protocol: A look inside

Look inside CC-Link IE (industrial Ethernet) Gigabit-level controller network with the table below.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet February 1, 2009

Plug into Industrial Ethernet Protocols

Industrial Ethernet protocols can be standard and unmodified, or modified to be industrially hardened. Perspectives from some protocol proponents clarify needs for various implementations.

By Mark T. Hoske, Control Engineering
Ethernet January 21, 2009

Powerlink specification V.1.1.0 integrates new features; contest for Euro students

Ethernet Powerlink Standardization Group (EPSG) has released the new Powerlink specification V.1.1.0. Separately, the registration deadline for an EPSG contest for European college students is Feb. 28.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet January 20, 2009

Copper-based assembly is cost-effective alternative to fiber optic modules

Making the choice between copper or fiber-optic networking products remains a major decision when setting up an industrial network. W. L. Gore & Associates developed Gore SFP+ Copper Cable Assemblies for high-performance computing and networking. See photo.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet January 15, 2009

Zero defects: Vision system helps achieve zero defects

Mayer & Co. needed a vision system to detect whether a work piece has been inserted with the correct side facing upwards. The company found the solution using cameras from Cognex and support from Buxbaum Automation.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet January 6, 2009

New generation of Modbus gateways, serial to Ethernet

Industrial Automation Group of Advantech introduced the EKI-1220 series Modbus Gateways, said to offer quick and easy integration of Modbus serial devices with Industrial Ethernet networks.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet January 3, 2009

Single-chip design PCI Express serial cards

Aaxeon Technologies released new single-chip design PCI Express serial cards.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet December 29, 2008

EtherCAT industrial Ethernet I/O terminal supports IEEE 1588 synchronization

Beckhoff Automation EL6688 EtherCAT Terminal achieves optimum automation synchronization of large production lines and factories using the IEEE 1588 standard.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet December 4, 2008

Post-Katrina: Rugged fiber-optic network is set to report through hurricanes

For levee and canal monitoring in post-Katrina New Orleans, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers installed a new monitoring system with help from Prime Controls, Sutron Corp., and Weed Instrument fiber-optic based communication modules.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet December 3, 2008

Molex releases new connection system and expanded line of Ethernet switches

Announcements made by Molex at the SPS/IPC/Drives show featured the Ultra-Lock 8-pole connection system and industrial Ethernet switches with 16 and 18 ports.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet November 22, 2008

Belden releases new continuous flex Ethernet cables

Belden announced two new additions to its line of DataTuff Industrial Ethernet cables for industrial data networks and plant floor control.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet November 18, 2008

Industrial Ethernet advantages using Profinet protocol

Network tools speed troubleshooting, promote predictive maintenance, and decrease downtime to help companies maintain good health. See photo gallery inside.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet November 11, 2008

Introduction to Wireless Networking

We are all familiar with highly connected wireless networks such as mobile phone networks, but concerns about reliability, performance, and security have kept this core networking technology from making its way to the shop floor. Instead, the current generation of wireless products used in automation applications typically relies on simple transmitter/receiver pairs, offering no advanced networking. To make the most of wireless products, automation and process engineers and managers need to understand

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet November 11, 2008

Benefiting from Industrial Ethernet at the Device Level with Smart Remote I/O and Peer-to-Peer Technology

In this white paper, the shift to Ethernet at the device level will be explored and some of the most popular industrial Ethernet implementations described. Peer-to-peer and graphic control languages will be examined, followed by a listing of some of the add-on benefits of industrial Ethernet.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet November 1, 2008

New direction for industrial Ethernet cabling

Today’s plant-level networking systems need to interact with central process control and manufacturing execution systems. With the proliferation of Ethernet connectivity, the Internet Protocol (IP) is becoming the standard method for transport of data between these two domains. For the electrical and electronics industries in the 1980s, the Electrical Industry Alliance (EIA) was the prima...

By Pete Lockhart, Anixter
Ethernet October 15, 2008

Redundancy-focused managed network software

At this week’s ISA show in Houston, TX, GarrettCom Inc. announced Release 4.1 of Magnum MNS-6K for managed switches and Release 14.1 of MNS-6K-Secure, a version of MNS-6K with extended security features.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet October 6, 2008

Hot news in temperature: Industrial thermostat, infrared linescanner

Two new products are expected to help with industrial temperature measurement applications. Raytek has a new high-speed infrared linescanner, and Omega Engineering has a new small thermostat.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet October 2, 2008

Fluke: How to improve industrial network health at 3 levels

New troubleshooting and management tools from Fluke and Fluke Networks help plant-level engineers manage the added responsibilities and challenges of industrial Ethernet to help users improve uptime and plant productivity. (See photos, tips.) Three levels of help are...

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet October 2, 2008

Listen In: How Enterasys industrial Ethernet switches improve cyber security 

Enterasys I-Series industrially hardened Ethernet switches are secure, policy-based industrial Ethernet L2 switches with convection cooling, and dc power. Listen in: In a 3:10 minute audio clip, Holly O'Gara, Enterasys, tells how an Ethernet switch can bolster cyber security.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet October 1, 2008

Wow. Well done – Heads up thinking in automation

Think Again: I’ll bet that sometime this past year, you’ve used a new industrial automation product—sensors, logic, actuators, software, networks, or instrumentation—and thought, “Wow. Well done. This product is amazing.” Think again and take a moment and fill out a nomination form for a Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice Award. Link to some heads up thinking.

By Mark T. Hoske, Editor in Chief
Ethernet October 1, 2008

5-port industrial Ethernet switch

The Iguana Series IUE-500EC is a 5-port unmanaged Ethernet switch positioned as an enhanced entry-level industrial switch. It supports IEEE 802.3/802.3u/802.3x with 10/100M, full/half duplex and MDI/MDI-X auto-sensing RJ45 ports. Designed for harsh environment applications, it comes with conformal coating and extended temperature range of -40 to 80 °C.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet October 1, 2008

Industrial Ethernet security issues

In the wake of panel discussions on Ethernet security at this year’s Hannover Fair, Control Engineering has followed up with a variety of industry experts to determine the biggest Ethernet security issues facing users, and discuss what manufacturers should be doing internally—and in conjunction with service and product providers—to mitigate the risk.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet October 1, 2008

Gigabit Ethernet: Is the Time Right?

Using gigabit Ethernet is a lot like having the fastest car in the world. Just as most current highways can’t accommodate a car that operates that fast, a substantial portion of installed Ethernet devices are incapable of leveraging gigabit Ethernet speed, which is 10 times faster than the well-established fast Ethernet technology.

By Ralf Kaptur, Molex
Ethernet October 1, 2008

Analyze real time Ethernet networks

Hilscher North America Inc. has released netAnalyzer, a PCI based network analyzer designed for use with real time Industrial Ethernet protocols such as EtherNet/IP with CIPsync and others. Network traffic can be time-stamped within a 10ns resolution to provide accurate information to determine jitter and delay times for individual nodes on a real time Ethernet network.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet September 12, 2008

Fiber-optic-ready EtherCAT modules

To provide optimum wiring flexibility for Industrial Ethernet applications, Beckhoff Automation released two EtherCAT modules for fiber-optic cabling—the EK1501 EtherCAT coupler and EK1521 junction terminal. The modules enable long distance networking up to 1.24 miles (2 km), as described in a September 2008 Control Engineering print edition product exclusive. In addition....

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet September 1, 2008

PTO reports high growth, cross-industry collaboration

The number of Profibus nodes in the market has surpassed the 25 million mark, said the PTO (previously known as the Profibus Trade Organization, but now also encompassing Profinet). Based on a node count of 10 million reported at the 2004 annual meeting, this increase represents a nearly 25% annual growth rate, the organization explained at its annual conference, held Aug.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet August 13, 2008

Ethernet communication tips

Details of Ethernet in an industrial environment can be hard to find, and resources specific to industrial Ethernet hard to come by. Users often overlook the possibility of using Ethernet to manage application response time for end devices. Ethernet switches and cabling can be easily installed by a user, interconnecting dozens or hundreds of devices, and eliminating many legacy fieldbus restrictions such as node counts and distances. Here are tips and specifics that can be useful.

By Michael B. Roche, Schneider Electric
Ethernet August 1, 2008

IP-67-rated sensor actuator interfaces

Weidmuller’s line of Active Sensor Actuator Interfaces (SAIs) supports Ethernet and Ethernet/IP protocols, as well as Profibus-DP, CANopen, Modbus and DeviceNet. Three configurable modules provide wiring flexibility for achieving modular and decentralized process control. Standardized M8 and M12 connectors allow quick plug-and-play installation in harsh environments for up to 16 digital I...

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet August 1, 2008

For dc electric fastening

Stanley Assembly Technologies has introduced the QA Alpha controller for dc electric fastening. The controller, which has enhanced process capabilities and embedded toolbox software, is compatible with Stanley QPM dc electric tools, from 0.6 to 2,000 Nm and higher. Enhanced process capabilities include linking of multiple parameter sets in a sequence for tightening different fasteners in a work...

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet June 6, 2008

Simple, Robust Sensor Safety Networking

While AS-Interface may still be the simplest network for the lowest and most important level of automation, new features make it a more attractive networking option than ever before— including the recent adoption of Specification 3.0, which adds many advanced capabilities. In 2001 AS-Interface Safety at Work (SaW) was released in Europe, with North America following in 2002. A core requirement for SaW was to be compatible with all applications in the field, irrespective of how old the instal

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet June 3, 2008

Industrial Ethernet Product Research May 2008

Research was undertaken to gain a better understanding of Control Engineering subscribers’ applications and needs regarding industrial Ethernet.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet May 1, 2008

SNMP-managed fiber Ethernet switches

Following the introduction of its line of industrial Ethernet switches and Optolinx media converters, Aaxeon has added a new model into the line of SNMP-managed fiber Ethernet switches. GEN-5509 is an 8-port 10/100TX + 1-port 100FX managed Ethernet switch that features support for IEEE 802.3/802.3u; store-and-forward switching architecture; IP security; 10/100, full/half duplex, MDI/MDI-X auto-...

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet April 3, 2008

Industrial Ethernet: M12-based fiber optic data transmission

New microFX components from Harting Technology Group have active transceivers with diagnostic function for optical data transmission up to 125 MBit/sec for industrial Ethernet, multi-mode glass fiber, and….

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet April 1, 2008

3-phase power measurement

Wago Corporation’s 750-493 3-Phase Power Measurement Module integrates comprehensive monitoring of a power supply network with the connectivity of an I/O system. At 12 mm wide, the high-density, 6-channel module provides cost and space savings. The 750-493 is a component of a remote I/O or distributed control system and is compatible with 16 different fieldbus networks (including Ethernet...

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet March 1, 2008

Slim industrial Ethernet switch

Aaxeon Technologies has announced additional slim line models in the Lanolinx line of industrial Ethernet switches. The unmanaged Ethernet switches are 45% thinner than previous models. New models have four 10/100 copper ports and either one or two 100FX fiber ports. Single- and multi-mode models are available.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet March 1, 2008

Video for Process Control

Sometimes a technology becomes “type cast” in industrial environments, suggesting that it can only be used for specific purposes. Industrial video is one example, generally considered useful for industrial surveillance, but it has many capabilities to assist in actual process control applications when used creatively.

By Latimer Schneider, Panasonic
Ethernet February 6, 2008

See inside: Software maps, monitors, troubleshoots Ethernet networks

Taipei, Taiwan – Imagine seeing a map of an industrial Ethernet network, then using that map for more efficient configuration, quicker changes, and immediate notification of problems for faster troubleshooting.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet February 1, 2008

Industrial Ethernet cabling

Belden has announced a line of DataTuff Industrial Ethernet Connectivity components, including cord sets, jacks, plug kits, tools and accessories to complement its DataTuff industrial Ethernet unshielded and shielded twisted pair cables with bonded-pair technology. The new line provides standards-based, end-to-end connectivity solutions.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet February 1, 2008

RFID gateway module

The new Turck 2RFID module for the company’s BL ident radio-frequency identification (RFID) system adds to existing BL20 and BL67 network I/O systems. Up to 8 channels can be added to each BL ident node, depending on system requirements. All channels operate in parallel, so there is no time delay during communication between the data carrier and module.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet January 15, 2008

Think big: Widescreen operator panel for industrial use, 25% more information

Schaumburg, IL – Beijer Electronics has introduced a widescreen format with its operator panel H-T70t. With 800 x 480 pixels on a 7-inch display, H-T70t can display 25% more information than a traditional display of 640 x 480 pixels. The operator gains instant access to information instead of having to switch to another screen. The TFT-display ensures that the information is presented with clarity and a high level of detail.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet January 7, 2008

BK1250 compact I/O coupler

Acts as a bridge between the company’s original Bus Terminal I/O line and high-speed EtherCAT Terminals

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet January 3, 2008

Belden expands: Hirschmann cuts ribbon at Americas headquarters, offers Ethernet vocabulary

Chambersburg, PA — Hirschmann Automation and Control Inc., a Belden Co., recently celebrated the inauguration of its new Americas headquarters facility here in Chambersburg, PA. The new 35,000 square foot facility features expanded office and warehouse space along with a state-of-the art training and conference center. Hirschmann’s three divisions are located in the new facility: ECS (electronic control systems), INET (industrial networking), and ICON (industrial connectors).

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet January 3, 2008

Modular RFID: Gateway expands radio frequency identification on machine, in cabinet

Minneapolis, MN — The new Turck 2RFID module for the company’s BL ident RFID system adds to existing BL20 and BL67 network I/O systems. “BL ident’s modular design provides flexible integration into new or existing Turck systems,” says Mark DiSera, product marketing manager for the company’s network and interface division. “This modularity provides customization in both IP 20 rated cabinet installations and IP 67 rated field installations,” he says.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet January 1, 2008

ABB joins North American PTO

ABB Inc. joined PTO North America. PTO develops and promotes the use of Profibus fieldbus and Profinet industrial Ethernet standards for automation. ABB has been actively working with the PNO (Profibus and Profinet Nutzerorganisation) in Germany since its inception in 1989 and is a member of the PNO Advisory Board.

By Staff
Ethernet December 27, 2007

Fieldbus standards: SEMI accepts EtherCAT as a communication standard for semiconductor processing equipment; IEC grants approval

Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) has approved EtherCAT for SEMI applications and has accepted EtherCAT as a SEMI standard. EtherCAT, according to EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) member Beckhoff Automation, is already used in a wide variety of semiconductor and flat-panel-display manufacturing applications. In similar news, ETG says the industrial Ethernet protocol has become an IEC standard.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet December 14, 2007

White paper explains Ethernet managed switch use

Contemporary Controls says it often been asked this question, “When should I use a managed Ethernet switch?” R&D Manager Bennet Levine explains, in a white paper that discusses the role of plug-and-play (PnP) switches, which leads to the question, “What is a managed switch?” Levine explains that a managed switch contains all the features of unmanaged switches plus SNMP, IGMP snooping, port mirroring, VLAN, rate control, and more.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet December 6, 2007

More connectivity: Controllers, Ethernet, serial, DeviceNet, diagnostics, safety

Woodhead Industries, a division of Molex Inc., made recent announcements likely to increase connectivity. These include technology to connect Allen-Bradley ControlLogix from Rockwell Automation to Ethernet and serial networks; an SST interface card technology to extend DeviceNet control over Ethernet; BradCommunications diagnostic tools expand to include NetDoctor Monitor DeviceNet continuously and access information remotely using Ethernet; and assembly of a safety networks integration team.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet December 3, 2007

Ethernet video: Middleware upgrade

With edge assets and sensors being deployed in more situations, the problem of integrating all data is certain to gain momentum as a crucial networking need. While the industry demands lower costs and higher capacity, EdgeFrontier will allow organizations to maximize edge system and device deployments to enable customer security, monitoring, automation and asset tracking applications.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet December 3, 2007

Avoid this industrial Ethernet video mistake

A common money waster for industrial Ethernet video applications, is for the end user to install switches with all gigabit ports, says Eddie Lee, product marketing manager – Americas, industrial networking, Moxa Technologies Inc.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet December 3, 2007

Streaming video server: Sensoray touts high definition inputs, 1U package

The Sensoray new 2446 streaming video server accepts either standard or high definition NTSC or PAL video inputs with synchronized audio. The video is scaled to D1 for MPEG compression and transmitted using the RTP or UDP protocol. The encoded video is playable by commercial set top boxes such as the Amino, or on PCs running free open source software like VideoLan. The video into the 2446 can be encoded, transmitted, and displayed by a remote network decoder in less than a second.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet December 3, 2007

Industrial Ethernet video: Protocol requirements, application

Industrial-grade Ethernet based video applications can be set up for real time viewing or be stored for later review, according to Peter Wood, GarrettCom vice president of engineering. He says some applications provide information about what is happening as recorded by on-site video cameras and sent to consoles for review – either to alert someone when a problem develops (and possibly provide for remote control) or to store and review later (perhaps for process improvement).

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet December 1, 2007

Advantech conference highlights future growth, global strengths

More than 400 attendees from 35 countries - including Control Engineering editors from North America, Asia and China editions - attended Advantech’s World Partner Conference in Shanghai. According to Chaney Ho, Advantech’s VP of channel marketing and development, the event was designed to both highlight the “rapid development and tremendous advances” of the country and h...

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet November 20, 2007

Integrated technologies: Rockwell Automation, Cisco collaborate on managed switch

Chicago, IL—Rockwell Automation announced that it would enter the industrial Ethernet switch market. At its Automation Fair event, Rockwell Automation introduced a portfolio of switches and infrastructure products, including a first-of-its-kind managed switch co-branded with Cisco. The switch is said to integrate Cisco technology and be optimized for the EtherNet/IP Ethernet protocol, the companies say.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet November 14, 2007

Automation Fair: ControlNet fiber optics communication modules for self-healing ring, dual redundant applications

Chicago, IL—An updated family of Fiber Optic Communication Modules for ControlNet self-healing ring and dual self-healing ring applications was unveiled by Weed Instrument today at Automation Fair 2007 in Chicago. Designated the EOTec 2C31 (single self-healing ring) and 2C32 (dual self-healing ring), the communication modules provide multiple communication paths between the various elements of the control system and utilize advanced Downstream Multicasting technology.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet November 8, 2007

Endorsement: EtherNet/IP Ethernet protocol gets ODVA annual meeting support

Englewood, CO – Officer elections, training, and endorsements for EtherNet/IP Ethernet protocol were all part of the 2007 CIP Networks Conference and 12th Annual Meeting of Members. Representatives from more than 50 member organizations from 18 countries attended the event, Sept. 18-20.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet November 1, 2007

100x faster: Gigabit Ethernet

Suppose I have three transportation choices. Average speed on the freeway is 10 mph, available technologies allow 100 mph travel, and one new option allows a 1,000 mph commute. Which would I choose for my 30-mile morning ride to work: 3 hours or 18 minutes or 1.8 minutes? I’ll take the under-2-minute commute, please.

By Mark T. Hoske, editor-in-chief
Ethernet November 1, 2007

Serial Network Security with Device Routers

As security continues to be in the forefront of the challenges facing designers of industrial networks, legacy systems, using serial intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) and other serial network components that have been operating faithfully for years, have become a significant concern. Typically separate from newer Ethernet deployments, they fall outside any automated security strategy, yet t...

By Howard Linton, GarrettCom Inc.
Ethernet October 25, 2007

Advantech world partners: Rapid automation growth, with Asia

Shanghai, China—China's National Space Organization launched its first lunar probe on Oct. 25, taking its first step in a planned 10-year space program. This same week, Taiwan-based Advantech held its World Partner Conference here to highlight the "rapid development and tremendous advances" of the country, said VP of channel marketing and development, Chaney Ho.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet October 10, 2007

Collaboration: 2 companies agree to develop for Profinet

ABB and Phoenix Contact recently signed an agreement for a long-term strategic cooperation to develop and promote Profinet and Ethernet-Technology. The purpose, they say, is to develop Profinet as a global industrial standard throughout complementary manufacturing areas of process and discrete automation.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet October 9, 2007

Gigabit industrial Ethernet: Fiber-optic converters from Advantech

The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech introduces the EKI-2741 family of Gigabit industrial Ethernet media converters. By combining the high speed of Gigabit (1,000 Mb/sec) Ethernet with EMI/RFI noise immunity and electrical isolation of fiber-optic cable, the EKI-2741 allows Gigabit Ethernet connections nearly 70 miles (100 km).

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet October 4, 2007

Unmet need: European expansion for made-to-order cable manufacturer, Northwire

Northwire Inc. opened a European office in the Netherlands, meeting what it calls a largely unmet need for made-to-order cable among European customers.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet October 1, 2007

More automation interaction with 2nd tour vehicle

More people can learn about automation and electrical interconnect products now that Wago Corp. has added a second vehicle to its “Innovation in Automation Tour” mobile marketing program. The program is designed to reach engineers across North America. Wago products include terminal block systems, connectors, components, industrial Ethernet and other automation.

By Staff
Ethernet October 1, 2007

IP help, family advantages

It’s said that a good friend is even better than family since you choose friends. I thankfully saw family and other friends in a recent trip to Denver—cousins and a grade school friend that I hadn’t seen in more years than I care to admit. Family discussions extended two days after that, as I heard about 72 specification advancements in the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) fam...

By Mark T. Hoske, editor-in-chief
Ethernet September 27, 2007

CIP Motion: Advantages touted versus time-slotted motion networks

Dispelling perceived myths about motion networks was part of the ODVA 2007 CIP Networks Conference and 12th Annual meeting. Find out if you’re operating on myths or truths, based on four key points.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet September 27, 2007

IP67 rating: Beckhoff Automation introduces EtherNet/IP Fieldbus Box I/O modules

To provide EtherNet/IP I/O solutions for harsh environments, Beckhoff Automation has announced the new IL230x-B905 Fieldbus Box modules for EtherNet/IP. According to the company, after successfully implementing EtherNet/IP in the in-cabinet IP20 I/O world with the award-winning BK9105 Bus Coupler, Beckhoff now also offers a product for more severe operating conditions via the IL230x-B905 modules. The modules include four 24 V dc inputs and four outputs.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet September 18, 2007

ODVA family meets: DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, CompoNet, CIP Safety, others

ODVA started its 2007 CIP Networks Conference and 12th Annual Meeting, today. It’s running Sept. 18-20, here near Denver, CO, for those interested in ODVA and its Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) Networks and extensions, such as DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, CompoNet, CIP Safety, CIP Motion, and CIP Sync.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet September 4, 2007

2nd tour vehicle: More Wago automation, interconnect products, Profinet coupler

Germantown, WI–So more people can learn about automation and electrical interconnect products, Wago Corp. added a second vehicle to its “Innovation in Automation Tour” mobile marketing program.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet September 1, 2007

With 20 million nodes, Profibus says it’s mainstream

The Profibus Trade Organization (PTO) general assembly in Scottsdale, AZ, earlier this month took as its theme “20 million,” commemorating that many installed nodes world-wide, as of April 2007. Organizers made the point that the Profibus digital industrial network, and by implication fieldbus technology in general, should now be considered mainstream for general applications.

By Staff
Ethernet August 28, 2007

Fieldbus and Ethernet courses available

Baytown, TX and Newburyport, MA—A couple of learning opportunities are available for industrial networks, one for fieldbus and another for industrial Ethernet.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet August 14, 2007

Digital network: With 20 million nodes, Profibus is now mainstream technology

Profibus Trade Organization (PTO) general assembly in Scottsdale, AZ, earlier this month took as its theme “20 million,” commemorating that many installed nodes world-wide, as of April 2007.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet August 1, 2007

USB’s universal appeal

Perhaps the most common computer connector you will find today is the USB port that adorns every type of computer hardware, including printers, keyboards, cell phones, cameras, flash drives, games, and an increasing amount of industrial equipment. USB stands for universal serial bus, and universal it is, with more than 2 billion devices using the connectors and communication protocol.

By Peter Welander, Control Engineering
Ethernet July 30, 2007

User meeting: Ethernet, safety and simulation discussed

Ethernet, safety and simulation were topics of intense discussion during the annual two-day user meeting hosted by B& R Automation in June in Salzburg, Austria.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet July 19, 2007

Level: Magnetostrictive sanitary sensor supports multiple communication capabilities

A new magnetostrictive level sensor combines sanitary requirements for food and dairy processing with sophisticated connectivity that interfaces with a variety of analog and fieldbus communication protocols. The new LLH sensor family from MTS Systems Corp., provides fast response, a variety of output options and certification to 3-A (74-03) standards for dairy applications. The company says compatibility with existing interface electronics is virtually guaranteed with the various outputs available including analog, digital pulse, high-speed serial, synchronous serial interface and fieldbus outputs such as CANOpen, DeviceNet, Industrial Ethernet and Profibus. The new level sensors also provide remote programming and diagnostic capabilities, via serial communication over standard cabling, to simplify commissioning and trouble-shooting.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet July 3, 2007

Ethernet: Hardware from B&R, Harting, Turck

Various industrial Ethernet hardware products are available from B&R Industrial Automation , Harting , and Turck . B&R Industrial Automation offers the AC808 Ethernet hub, a standalone device that can be used universally as a Level 2 hub in standard Ethernet or real-time industrial Ethernet Powerlink networks. Harting technology group recently expanded its managed and unmanaged Ethernet switch offerings with the eCon 9000, mCon 9000 19-in Ethernet Switch family. Ethernet protocol gateways are available with Turck offers BL67 modular I/O modules. AC808 Ethernet hub from B&R Industrial Automation is a standalone device that can be used universally as a Level 2 hub in standard Ethernet or real-time industrial Ethernet Powerlink networks. It is suitable for 100 MBit/s (Fast Ethernet) and 10 MBit/s networks. The hub automatically recognizes the correct transfer speed and configures the respective channels to it.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet June 28, 2007

International Robots and Vision Show: Woodhead’s Brad line among products showcased

Lisle, Ill.—Brad solutions, a line of automation products from Woodhead Industries, a division of Molex Inc., were among the highlights at the International Robots and Vision Show in Rosemont, Ill., June 12-14.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet June 12, 2007

Elections: Fieldbus, SI groups select officers, board members

The Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) voted in Robert Zeigenfuse as president and chief executive officer, and the Fieldbus Foundation elected Dr. Graeme Philp as vice-chairman of its EMEA Executive Advisory Council (EAC).

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet June 5, 2007

N-Tron Gigabit capable industrial Ethernet switches

N-Tron 7000 Series, Gigabit capable Industrial Ethernet Switches are said to be ideally suited for connecting Ethernet enabled industrial and/or security equipment.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet June 4, 2007

Ring switches have fastest fault recovery

The latest Turbo Ring from Moxa Technologies Inc. sets a new world record for the fastest fault recovery within 20 millisecond in ring topologies.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet June 4, 2007

Industrial Ethernet switches, streamlined, 8 or 16 ports

Beckhoff Automation’s CU2008 and CU2016 Ethernet switches have an optimized housing design that costs 16% less than earlier models.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet June 4, 2007

Copper, fiber EtherNet/IP module uses rugged Intel chip

New EtherNet/IP modules, available in copper and soon available in fiber, are the first products from Rockwell Automation to feature the Intel IXP465 network processor.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet June 1, 2007

Savi pushes the envelope for worldwide wireless

Savi Networks is on track in its quest to wire the shipping ports of the world, recently adding the Port of Rotterdam, Europe's largest and a gateway to more than 1,000 ports worldwide; three container terminals at the Port of Charleston, South Carolina, the fourth busiest U.S. eastern port; and Modern Terminals Limited facilities in Hong Kong.

By Staff
Ethernet May 15, 2007

Industrial networking: Ethernet impacts market growth in Asia-Pacific

Natick, MA— Healthy growth prospects await the world’s $1.7 billion industrial wireline networking infrastructure market, according to a recently published research study from Venture Development Corp . (VDC). “ Industrial Networking Global Market Intelligence Service ” projects the global market for network infrastructure products shipped for use in industrial facilities will increase at almost a 25% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2011. Of three regions covered in the research, the highest overall market growth rate through 2011 is forecast for the Asia-Pacific region (see figure).

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet May 7, 2007

Universal control system

Universal control system in the IndraLogic PLC platform from Bosch Rexroth now comes with DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP connectivity.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet May 1, 2007

Networks: Industrial Ethernet gets boost from Schneider Electric/ODVA decision

An ODVA press conference at Hannover Fair announced that Schneider Electric has become a principal member of the organization, and the group showed an overview of the planned EtherNet/IP specification that supports Modbus/TCP devices on EtherNet/IP networks. Schneider Electric’s increased participation coincides with its plans to extend the CIP network specifications to provide compatibi...

By Staff
Ethernet May 1, 2007

Time stamp your communications

Hey, buddy, have you got the time? You can answer “yes,” now that the IEEE 1588 Standard Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is available to industrial automation applications for precise time synchronization (PTS) on Ethernet networks. PTS provides accurate time synchronization for distributed control nodes.

By Michael Samuelian, Altera Corp.
Ethernet April 30, 2007

Exclusive: Modules boost security

Scalance S family of industrial Ethernet security modules from Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. offers the functionality and protection of a firewall and virtual private network (VPN), allowing only real-time, authenticated communication between authorized devices within the automation network.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet April 26, 2007

Industrial Networks Product Research (April 2007)

Research was undertaken to gain a better understanding of Control Engineering subscribers’applications and needs regarding networks.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet April 16, 2007

Ethernet/IP: Schneider Electric now ODVA ‘principal member’

Ethernet/IP: Schneider Electric now ODVA ‘principal member’ Hannover, Germany—An ODVA press conference at Hannover Fair on Monday, April 16, 2007, announced that Schneider Electric had become a principal member of the organization, and the group showed an overview of the planned EtherNet/IP specification that supports Modbus/TCP devices on EtherNet/IP networks.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet April 16, 2007

Networking: Cisco, Rockwell partner on Ethernet ‘reference architectures’

Networking: Cisco, Rockwell partner on Ethernet ‘reference architectures’Hannover, Germany—Using HannoverFair 2007 as a backdrop, Rockwell Automation and Cisco Systems announced a plan to collaborate on helping customers use Ethernet to “integrate manufacturing and IT for seamless connectivity throughout the enterprise.”

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet April 1, 2007

BK9105 Bus Coupler support Ethernet/IP

Beckhoff Automation The BK9105 Bus Coupler from Beckhoff Automation makes the comprehensive Beckhoff Bus Terminal I/O system of over 200 different signal types fully available to EtherNet/IP users. It is ODVA-certified and follows the producer and consumer model for I/O data. Developed using the most advanced industrial Ethernet technology, but costing just $318, it provides users with a dramat...

By Staff
Ethernet April 1, 2007

Direct-Link industrial Ethernet switches support 802.3

Woodhead Industries, a division of Molex The Direct-Link Industrial Ethernet switches support both unmanaged and managed applications. Plug and play for easy installation, they support Ethernet 802.3 protocols and are available in configurations that support copper and fiber wiring. Packaged in a unique ergonomic shape rated for IP30 environments, the switches can be DIN rail or panel mounted.

By Staff
Ethernet April 1, 2007

Modules boost network security

Scalance S family of industrial Ethernet security modules from Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. offers the functionality and protection of a firewall and virtual private network (VPN), allowing only real-time, authenticated communication between authorized devices within the automation network. A software security client is also offered to set up IPsec-based VPN connections.

By Staff
Ethernet March 22, 2007

Tech Tips June 2006

June 27, 2006 TECH TIP OF THE WEEK: Benefits of machine-to-machine (M2M) data capture Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is a rapidly evolving arena. This technology—among other things—is redefining the scope of customer relationships and business operations, because companies can ensure better and more appropriate customer service by anticipating and responding to problems as (or before) they arise. Companies are looking beyond opportunities from new product sales, aiming to capitalize on benefits of being able to better shape customer relationships. By tracking a device through its lifetime, a company can acquire significant data and insight into product performance in different scenarios and stages, customer needs, and customer behaviors.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet March 8, 2007

Comments: Power over Ethernet requires connector evolution

Comments on the PoE+, IEEE-pending standard 802.3at, follow. Add your views below. See related links.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet March 5, 2007

Embedded networking gateway module

XPort Direct embedded networking device gateway module from Lantronix is a miniaturized communications subsystem targeting applications that need to move commands, status, and information to or from remote devices over IP networks or the Internet.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet February 20, 2007

Acquisitions: Belden expands into Asia, buys cable vendor

St. Louis, MO —Seeking to increase its presence in fast-growing markets, signal transmission products manufacturer Belden acquired a Hong-Kong-based cable manufacturer earlier this month. The company signed a definitive agreement to purchase LTK Wiring Co.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet February 12, 2007

Ethernet switch configured for ring redundancy

EOTec 2104 industrial Ethernet ring switch from Weed Instrument is said to offer the performance of a managed switch with the simplicity of an unmanaged one.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet January 29, 2007

Exclusive: Terminals for Ethernet integration

EL67xx EtherCAT master and slave terminals from Beckhoff Automation are said to offer manufacturers and machine builders a clear and open migration path to next-generation Ethernet implementation.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet January 25, 2007

CANopen connects with Ethernet protocol

Erlangen, Germany —To help CANopen industrial network users more easily connect to Ethernet, CAN in Automation (CiA) recently released the CiA 309 series of gateway specifications. In related news, upcoming seminars include CANopen applications and markets in Las Vegas, NV, Jan. 26, and in Palm Springs, CA, Jan.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet January 1, 2007

I/O terminals for Ethernet

EL67xx EtherCAT master and slave terminals from Beckhoff Automation are said to offer manufacturers and machine builders a clear and open migration path to next-generation Ethernet implementation. I/O terminals provide a direct interface to EtherCAT I/O nodes for all Profibus (EL6731), DeviceNet (EL6752), and CANopen (EL6751) devices.

By Staff
Ethernet January 1, 2007

ODVA: new EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, and SERCOS safety

ODVA made several announcements at SPS/IPC/Drives in Nuremberg, Germany, including next editions of EtherNet/IP Ethernet protocol and DeviceNet industrial network protocol, SERCOS adoption of CIP Safety, and DTM configuration for CIP. Next editions of DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP specifications, the second publication of updates in 2006, offer more than 20 enhancements to further increase ease of ...

By Staff
Ethernet December 7, 2006

ODVA: new EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet; SERCOS safety; FDT; expansion

ODVA made several growth-related announcements at SPS/IPC/Drives in Nuremberg, Germany last week, including next editions of EtherNet/IP Ethernet protocol and DeviceNet industrial network protocol, SERCOS adoption of CIP Safety, DTM configuration for CIP, and a doubling in size of ODVA headquarters. Next editions of DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP specifications , the second publication of updates in 2006, offer more than 20 enhancements to further increase ease of configuration, "allowing more comprehensive and useful information to be contained within EDS (electronic data sheet) files, adding Device Type Managers (DTM) configuration options, and facilitating deployment of these networks with increased flexibility." EDS enhancements allow the key features and benefits of DeviceNet to be more readily exploited. The update enables variable I/O sizes to be specified within EDS files, provides a means for the contents of connection entries to be described, and allows Device Classification section of the EDS file to be used to specify whether or not a module is a DeviceNet module. Improved diagnostics increase power cable lengths from 3 to 39 m, and allows use of flat media cables and connectors. EtherNet/IP's specification previously defined the use of MT-RJ connectors, but the enhanced specification allows the additional use of LC sealed connectors.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet December 6, 2006

Fieldbus product: Some companies benefit from networking confusion

The variety of networking platforms available for control systems does not seem to be getting any simpler. In fact, to most observers, the opposite is true. Keeping networks and individual devices talking to each other cross-platform is a challenge, but one company has made such communication its primary business.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet December 1, 2006

China adopts ControlNet

National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of the People's Republic of China adopted ControlNet as part of a machinery industry standard. The move expands the use of CIP networks into China's manufacturing industry. The standard takes effect Feb. 1, 2007. ControlNet is part of the family of networks built on the common industrial protocol (CIP).

By Staff
Ethernet December 1, 2006

Here’s how industrial Ethernet can help your facility

Just as there are choices in industrial networks, various protocols have emerged to serve the industrial Ethernet space. Network experts gathered in Chicago at Siemens' invitation to discuss trends and offer advice. “Don't wait” seemed to be a recurring theme among speakers at the two-day conference in October.

By Staff
Ethernet November 30, 2006

Network Integration in Heterogeneous Industrial Networking Environments by GarrettCom

Last time I checked it was reasonably easy to get a bus transfer in NYC, but don’t expect thatlevel of ease when doing transfers from one industrial bus to another. More than likely you’ll getmore attitude than a rush hour bus driver. What you need is a good map to avoid the roadblocksalong the way, and a clear and logical itinerary that avoids the potholes. That is where this papercan help.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet November 30, 2006

Hardened Components a Must for Reliability and Stability in Industrial Networking Applications by GarrettCom

While some industrial networking products were designed specifically for the harsh anddemanding environments in which they operate, other products, such as Ethernet switches, firstappeared in office-based versions. In the past, some industrial networking implementations havetried to make do with office-grade products, or products

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet November 30, 2006

Creating a Dynamic Serial Edge For Integrated Industrial Networks by GarrettCom

As industrial networks evolve, Ethernet is becoming the standard technology for new systeminterfaces and for new core local network infrastructure. However, industrial networks are stillfar from homogeneous. There is a decades-long accumulation of industrial devices that utilizeasynchronous, serial protocols for operational applications such as SCADA (Supervisory Controland Data Acquisition) and for industrial device console interfaces.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet November 28, 2006

Expanding standards: China adopts ControlNet

Ann Arbor, MI — The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of the People's Republic of China has adopted ControlNet as part of a machinery industry standard. The move expands the use of CIP networks in China's manufacturing industry. The standard takes effect Feb.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet November 20, 2006

3-protocol industrial Ethernet module

Industrial Ethernet module from Ixxat Automation GmbH is said to enable fast, low-cost connection of devices using Ethernet Powerlink, EtherNet/IP, and Profinet protocols.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet November 9, 2006

Machine-to-machine connectivity: new single board computer

LBC-GX500 highly-integrated, single board computer (SBC) from WinSystems intended for machine-to-machine connectivity and features a variety of wired and wireless options. LBC-GX500 from WinSystems highly-integrated, single board computer (SBC) is designed for machine-to-machine connectivity and offers a wide variety of wired and wireless options. SBC is said to provide an open and powerful platform for management of geographically distributed machinery using GSM/GPRS/CDMA/802.11/ZigBee wireless communications. It also includes a 10/100 Ethernet port, four USB 2.0 and two USB 1.1 ports, four RS-232 COM channels, two RS-232/422/485 COM channels, plus an optional dial-up POTS modem.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet November 7, 2006

Pack Expo 2006: AC drive for single-axis applications

Sinamics S120 ac drive from Siemens Energy & Automation, shown for the first time at Pack Expo 2006 last week, expands the line into integrated modular drive systems for single-axis and multi-axis applications. Chicago, IL and Alpharetta, GA —Sinamics S120 ac drive from Siemens Energy & Automation Inc . is designed for high-performance single-axis applications.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet November 2, 2006

Real-time Ethernet: New SERCOS III features

An industrial Ethernet protocol, SERCOS III, has features new to SERCOS users while maintaining backwards compatibility with previous versions of SERCOS (SErial Realtime COmmunications System, a digital motion control industrial network) on servo and motion-profiles, cyclic and non-cyclic communication, and the synchronization mechanism, according to Ronald Larsen, managing director, SERCOS N.A. The protocol provides for easy migration of existing software drivers, he says. Compared to previous versions of SERCOS, Larsen explains, SERCOS III reduces costs through use of the Ethernet physical layer without the need for switches or hubs; the use of low-cost FPGA communications controllers; and simpler handling with Cat5e cable. It offers a higher data transmission rate (100 Mbit/sec compared to 16 Mbit/sec for SERCOS II); reduced minimum cycle time (down to 31.25 New features for SERCOS include a profile for synchronization and communication between multiple motion controls, cross communication between slave devices on a ring and line, hardware redundancy for fault tolerance in case of a break in the ring, hot plugging for connection and removal of nodes during operation, safe communication for drive-integrated safety functions, and half the minimum cycle time of the previous SERCOS interface, Larsen continues.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet October 1, 2006

More Ethernet for industrial distributed/remote I/O use

Vendors of distributed/remote I/O and fieldbus organizations will step up the development of application protocols based on core layers of Ethernet now that the worldwide market for Ethernet-based buses and networks is forecast to grow at an annual rate of 13.3% through 2010. That rate compares to the overall industrial distributed/remote I/O market growth rate of 5.

By Staff
Ethernet October 1, 2006

High-speed Ethernet test kit gets upgrade

Fieldbus Foundation released its High Speed Ethernet (HSE) Conformance Test Kit 2.0 (HCTK 2.0). The version provides enhanced capabilities for development and testing of FOUNDATION Class 42c HSE field and linking devices. HCTK 2.0 is designed to allows users to ensure a manufacturer's stack conforms to the official HSE registration testing completed by the Fieldbus Foundation.

By Staff
Ethernet September 26, 2006

Industrial Ethernet: Fiber media converter fits small spaces

JetCon 1301 industrial media converter from Korenix operates in switching converter and pure converter modes and supports DIN-rail mounting. Taipei, Taiwan— JetCon1301 industrial Ethernet fiber media converter from Korenix Technology Co. Ltd .

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet September 18, 2006

Exclusive: Smart switch for critical applications

EKI-6538 smart switch from Advantech is intended for mission-critical plant-floor applications.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet September 11, 2006

Ethernet switches for gigabit communication

Scalance X family of industrial Ethernet switches from Siemens Energy & Automation offers four options for high-performance gigabit communication.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet September 7, 2006

Fieldbus Foundation updates test kit for high-speed Ethernet

Fieldbus Foundation released its High Speed Ethernet (HSE) Conformance Test Kit 2.0 (HCTK 2.0). The new test kit version provides enhanced capabilities for development and testing of FOUNDATION Class 42c HSE field and linking devices. HCTK 2.0 is a complete package that allows users to ensure a manufacturer's stack conforms to the official HSE registration testing completed by the Fieldbus Foundation. The test kit verifies the correct communication behavior of an HSE device as defined in the HSE specifications.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet September 1, 2006

GarretCom acquires Dymec, increases power utility focus

GarrettCom Inc. announced it is acquiring Dymec Inc., broadening GarrettCom's industrial Ethernet product offerings, sales, and service channels to include Dymec's substation-hardened network products, with a specific concentration on the expanding market for power utility automation and surveillance networks.

By Staff
Ethernet September 1, 2006

Exclusive: Decentralized motion control

SEW-Eurodrive, provider of integrated power transmission and motion controls, has introduced Movifit Field Integrated Technology, which it calls the next generation in intelligent decentralized control. Movifit reportedly combines the advantages of decentralized control with the latest in drive application and communication technologies for automotive, food and beverage, logistics, and other so...

By Staff
Ethernet September 1, 2006

Upgrade adds 15 years to system at BASF plant

BASF has launched a renovation of its Ludwigshafen, Germany, acetylene plant designed to extend the life of its 16-year-old Foxboro I/A system at least another 15 years. Invensys Process Systems is upgrading the automation system in BASF's sprawling petrochemicals complex, which produces more than 12 million tons per year of products such as plastics, chemicals, fertilizers, and fibers.

By Staff
Ethernet September 1, 2006

Functional safety in real-time Ethernet

The Ethernet network standard is an integral part of machine and manufacturing automation. Standard components, protocols, and tools provide openness, continuity, and data transparency. For this reason, Ethernet in automation is the prerequisite for easy-to-implement, reliable, and cost-efficient applications.

By Franz Kaufleitner and Anton Meindl
Ethernet August 29, 2006

Bus controller based on Ethernet Powerlink

Ethernet Powerlink bus controller enables connection to B&R Industrial Automation's X20 system via real-time Ethernet.. Roswell, GA— X20 bus controller based on Ethernet Powerlink (EPL) from B&R Industrial Automation provides real-time Ethernet cycle times of 200 Compact device has a system width of 37.5 mm (1.5 in.) and consists of a base module, a supply module for voltage for the system and fieldbus interface. Flexible fieldbus interface features a bus-independent backplane that can be pre-installed.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet August 23, 2006

Ethernet continues to gain traction in industrial distributed/remote I/O market

Vendors of distributed/remote I/O and fieldbus organizations will step up the development of application protocols based on core layers of Ethernet now that the worldwide market for Ethernet-based buses and networks is forecast to grow at an annual rate of 13.3% through 2010. That rate compares to the overall industrial distributed/remote I/O market growth rate of 5.9% for the same period. The new study from Venture Development Corp.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet August 15, 2006

GarrettCom buys Dymec, expands power utility network focus

Fremont, CA— With its purchase of Dymec Inc. , industrial Ethernet leader GarrettCom broadens its product offerings and sales and services in the area of power utility automation and surveillance networks. The acquisition was effective Aug.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet August 2, 2006

BASF I/A system gains new life in plant upgrade

BASF has launched a renovation of its Ludwigshafen, Germany, acetylene plant designed to extend the life of its 16-year-old I/A system at least another 15 years. Invensys Process Systems is upgrading the Foxboro automation system in BASF’s sprawling petrochemicals complex. The new design solution is being implemented while the plant is running to maintain critical production within the larger facility. Invensys has already helped BASF extend the eight existing Nodebus-based I/A series process control networks using high-speed, switched Ethernet technology.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet August 2, 2006

Largest UK coal-fired power plant installs FOUNDATION fieldbus system

England’s Drax Power Station, reported to be the largest, cleanest, and most efficient coal fired power plant in Selby, North Yorkshire, is installing FOUNDATION fieldbus based Rosemount temperature transmitters and interface units on one of its units. The system transmits data from over 500 temperature monitoring points on one selected boiler and turbine pair. Drax Power and their refurbishment contractor, Capula, chose the Rosemount 3420 fieldbus module to interface with their Schneider PLC host system. Drax Power Station uses six steam boilers to generate up to 4000MW.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet August 1, 2006

Siemens, Emerson add standards

Emerson Process Management and Siemens Automation & Drives will expand system interfaces to enable greater support of global fieldbus standards. They plan to exchange technology and engineering support that will extend their systems and software to offer greater interoperability and functionality.

By Staff
Ethernet July 18, 2006

Siemens, Emerson to expand systems to support global standards

Austin, TX — Emerson Process Management and Siemens Automation & Drives will expand their system interfaces to enable both to increase support of global fieldbus standards. The two announced they will exchange technology and engineering support that will extend their systems and software to offer greater interoperability and functionality. First products are expected to be available mid-2007. The cooperative effort is the result of work the companies have done with user-supplier consortiums to deliver open and interoperable field instrumentation and electric drives using Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL).

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet July 17, 2006

Ethernet compatible connectors

M12 Ethernet plug connector is said to provide an international standard for industrial Ethernet applications.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet July 6, 2006

3 ways to save a control network from office network gremlins

Certain safeguards can help system integrators and others protect control networks from interconnected office networks, according to Contemporary Controls. Three techniques—overlapped VLANs, rate limiting, and port security can help a system integrator, end-user, or an original equipment manufacturer safeguard a control network from office network or office equipment, such as Microsoft Windows PCs, according to Contemporary Controls , a manufacturer of industrial networking products. Overlapped VLANs . Bennet Levine, R&D manager for Contemporary Controls, says an overlapped VLAN (virtual local area network) provided by managed switches can allow one or multiple devices to have access to more than one VLAN.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet July 6, 2006

Family-based network said to ease integration

Life may be easier for system integrators, machine builders, and end-users when they select industrial networks within the same family. For instance, ODVA calls its Common Industrial Protocol, “CIP,” the only media-independent industrial protocol in the world. CIP is said to allows vendors, machine builders, system integrators, and end-users to “take full advantage of industrial Ethernet network technologies and integrate I/O control, configuration, diagnostics, information, safety, synchronization, and motion.” The result, ODVA suggests, is seamless communication from the plant floor through the enterprise with a scalable, future-proof, and coherent architecture. Ultimately, this helps minimize engineering and installation, and maximize the end-user’s return on investment, the network organization says. Other network “families” include those represented by Fieldbus Foundation and Profibus Trade Organization . --Edited by Mark T.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet July 1, 2006

Ethernet switch reliability: Temperature vs. moving parts

Common wisdom says that in industrial high-temperature environments, free convection cooling (via heat sinks and other passive means) is the obvious choice for electronic equipment, such as Ethernet switches. In the words of one pundit, fanless electronic systems offer "the inherent reliability of solid-state systems" at the box level.

By Frank Madren
Ethernet July 1, 2006

Expansions: Valve testing to network use

A range of recent industry expansions and agreements included greater reach for partial-stroke valve testing, tank gauging, flat-panels, robotics, machine vision, and wider use of Ethernet in automotive facilities. ABB Inc. and Metso Automation Inc. announced that Metso's Neles ValvGuard product has been "Industrial IT Enabled.

By Staff
Ethernet June 20, 2006

16-port industrial Ethernet switch offered in 20 models

Brea, CA·Moxa Technologies Inc. recently launched EDS-316, a new 16-port Ethernet Switch that the company says provides 'one of the most cost-effective solutions for industrial Ethernet connections,' in copper and fiber versions.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet June 12, 2006

Industrial Ethernet switch will serve Gigabit

Moxa Technologies Inc. expects to launch a new gigabit Ethernet switch for industrial Ethernet applications. EDS-518A is a new generation Ethernet switch that meets the European Union’s RoHS standards.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet June 5, 2006

Managed Ethernet switches

Magnum 6K-Series managed Ethernet switches now includes integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports to provide support devices such as video surveillance cameras in power utility substations and other industrial applications where security or remote access to an industrial network is required.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet May 24, 2006

Group works on wireless coexistence standardization

The IEEE 802.19 Wireless Coexistence Technical Advisory Group (TAG) continues development of a recommended practice on methods for assessing the coexistence of wireless networks. The document is expected to define recommended wireless coexistence metrics and the methods for computing them, as well as various wireless coexistence scenarios. “Industry continues to develop new standards and specifications for wireless networks that operate in the same frequency bands as other wireless networks,” says Paul Nikolich, chair of the IEEE 802(R) Local Area and Metropolitan Area Network Standards Committee. “IEEE 802, for instance, has multiple working groups developing wireless networks standards for systems that share frequency bands.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet May 1, 2006

‘Ethernet’ isn’t a protocol; something needs to run in the wire

Installing industrial Ethernet requires selecting one or more protocols. Because application requirements differ and because vendors invest more in one technology than others, multiple protocols have emerged to operate through the Ethernet physical media. Using an Ethernet protocol in a manufacturing setting—often with rugged components—is called, generically, industrial Ethernet.

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet April 1, 2006

ODVA network standards ‘blossom’ in sunny Phoenix

ODVA's been a hotbed of activity, with six related network protocols now under its purview, so balmy Arizona was an appropriate venue for ODVA's the association's recent 2006 CIP Networks Conference & 11th Annual Meeting. Below are the highlights of the four-day conference. For those unaware, it's not the same old ODVA of 1999, with only a DeviceNet focus.

By Staff
Ethernet March 21, 2006

NMW 2006 opens with conference sessions on sensors

Rosemont, IL —With a full day of technical conference sessions and a keynote address examining “What’s behind Chinese competitiveness,” National Manufacturing Week 2006 got underway yesterday. NMW 2006, focusing on manufacturing in the global marketplace, is taking place this week in Rosemont (Chicago), IL at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. More than two-dozen sessions Monday covered a range of topics in the areas of design engineering, plant engineering, industrial automation, enterprise IT, and management.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet March 14, 2006

Agreement to bring information technology to China power industry

San Leandro, CA —An enterprise-wide agreement between OSIsoft and FibrLink Communications Co. Ltd . allows OSIsoft’s real-time performance products to support real-time management, integrated data, and communication networking solutions and services in the power industry in the People’s Republic of China.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet March 2, 2006

Barcodes: Imaging gains; Ethernet connections; Sato purchase

Up to 16 barcode readers can be connected and controlled with one Ethernet address using Pepperl+Fuchs’ new DeviceServer. Recent news in barcodes include market gains for imaging-based scanning technology compared to laser-based technology, ability to connect to Ethernet-based networks, and Sato ’s acquisition of Checkpoint Systems Inc.’s former U.S. barcode and handheld labeling systems businesses.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet March 1, 2006

Software scans for networked industrial devices

TwinCat 2.10 has functions for scanning hardware connected to systems with high-speed, deterministic EtherCat, Profibus, CANopen, DeviceNet, SERCOS, real-time Ethernet, and Lightbus. Latest version provides faster, easier diagnostics by comparing networks to system configurations and identifying physically present hardware.

By Staff
Ethernet February 27, 2006

Networking industrial devices

TwinCat 2.10 has functions for scanning hardware connected to systems with high-speed, deterministic EtherCat, Profibus, CANopen, DeviceNet, SERCOS, real-time Ethernet, and Lightbus.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet February 21, 2006

Industry experts to explain M2M technology at NMW

Milwaukee, WI —Issues such as when and why value is recognized in machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, how to avoid common pitfalls, and what rewards to expect from successful M2M deployment will be on the docket when experts gather to discuss the progress and future of M2M technology at National Manufacturing Week next month. Moderated by FiveTwelve Group , a business-to-business research consulting firm, the panel discussion will include representatives from ITT, Ford, Eaton, Sensorlogic, and J&L Fiber Services. M2M has risen from relative obscurity a few years ago to having OEMs computerizing and networking all types of industrial machines and promising seamlessly connected, highly efficient manufacturing systems that have little need for human intervention. Unfortunately, says FiveTwelve, the reality of the technology has not been fulfilled, adding that M2M works only when the network extends past the linked machines to the value of the business process change made as a result of connection. The session is directed at machine OEMs who are currently or seeking to integrate or embed communication or control technologies in their equipment, and at industrial process engineers interested in how M2M should be evaluated.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet February 6, 2006

Enhanced networking software

TwinCat 2.10 revised edition offers enhanced features for networking industrial devices, improves remote programming, and supports EtherCat.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet February 2, 2006

Security software, services to improve user access-control and authentication

Open industrial networks and operating systems have manufacturers assessing the risks associated with unauthorized access to factory automation control-systems. Integrating RSAssetSecurity, from Rockwell Software , can deliver centralized authentication and access control by verifying the identity of each user accessing critical systems and granting or denying each user’s request to perform specific actions, Rockwell Automation says. In addition, Rockwell Automation has introduced Automation Security Assessment Services that help manufacturers identify security vulnerabilities in the plant. The new services help users identify security-related issues through a detailed risk analysis and development of targeted policies, procedures, and technologies to help protect automation assets. RSAssetSecurity features include: click here . — Richard Phelps, senior editor, Control Engineering

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet February 1, 2006

Network gateway leads product trio debut

Woodhead Industries Inc.'s Gateway reportedly facilitates EtherNet/IP and DF1 messaging from industrial devices from manufacturers, such as Rockwell Automation. Gateway performs all communication tasks to exchange data among devices by running automatic read/write cyclic functions.

By Staff
Ethernet January 30, 2006

Collaboration on real-time Ethernet controllers

Kawasaki, Japan — NEC Electronics Corp. and Siemens AG announced an agreement to team up on the ERTEC (enhanced real-time Ethernet controller) series of graded family Ethernet controllers. The products, developed by Siemens Automation and Drives and manufactured by NEC Electronics, will be marketed through the worldwide sales and distribution channels of Siemens and NEC Electronics. The new Ertec200 and ERTEC400 Ethernet controllers for automation applications support the Profinet protocol, enabling isochronous real-time (IRT) communication and data transmission rates as fast as 100 megabits per second.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet December 26, 2005

Multiprotocol industrial Ethernet gateway, legacy bridge

Irwin, PA —Comtrol Corp. announced the successful adoption of its DeviceMaster UP (DM) Multi-Protocol industrial Ethernet gateway by Smart Papers Corp. a leading commercial paper manufacturer.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet December 19, 2005

Ethernet switches for robust network management

Weidmuller’s 8-, 16- and 24-port copper/fiber managed Ethernet switches provide robust Ethernet management capabilities.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet December 9, 2005

HMS Adds EtherCAT Support into Anybus Technology

Karlsruhe, Germany — HMS Industrial Networks recently became member of the EtherCAT Technology Group and announced its commitment to develop a range of EtherCAT compatible products. HMS will complement its family of interchangeable, Anybus communications modules with embedded EtherCAT interfaces. HMS already supports 17 different fieldbuses and four, different industrial-Ethernet technologies.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet December 1, 2005

Next-generation operator interface

Programmable C-more next-generation operator touch panel comes in either grayscale (15 shades of gray) or full color (256 to 64,536 colors, depending on model). STN grayscale and color displays are available in a 6-in. touchscreen. Color TFT touchscreens come in 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, and 15-in. versions.

By Staff
Ethernet November 28, 2005

Industrial Ethernet and Network Design Seminar

Germantown, MD —Hirschmann Electronics' all-inclusive event, held December 5-7, is aimed at providing participants with everything needed to understand networking principles, effectively design an industrial Ethernet network, and perform basic troubleshooting. Topics range from Ethernet basics and network design to layer 3/routing and IEEE1588. Presenters are seasoned networking professionals. The cost of this technology seminar series is $1,199 and includes: Two full days of Ethernet training; Documentation and all technical presentations; Three-night stay at the Bolger Center; Welcome reception; Three buffet meals daily; Chili cook-off (bring your family's secret recipe—kitchen and ingredients provided); Dinner sightseeing cruise of Washington D.C.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet November 1, 2005

802.11 networks gain share among North American wireless products

Standard IEEE 802.11 networks are expected to account for the most significant gains in share among wireless industrial products in North America 2007, a recent VDC study finds. IEEE 802.11a-, b-, and g-networks combined to account for 33.6% of the 2004 North American market for wireless products used in on-site industrial monitoring and control applications.

By Staff
Ethernet October 6, 2005

FOUNDATION fieldbus developments: Seminar, agreement to acquire fieldbus devices

Recent developments include a comprehensive FOUNDATION fieldbus-seminar hosted by Genzyme on Nov. 3-4 in Cambridge, MA, and Moore Industries International Inc. 's agreement to acquire fieldbus device couplers and power supplies from a U.K.-based company. Genzyme's event will include hands-on instruction in the use of FOUNDATION fieldbus control-systems and feature presentations by fieldbus technology experts.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet October 6, 2005

Fieldbus Foundation seminar: Life sciences industry

Genzyme will host a comprehensive FOUNDATION fieldbus-seminar on Nov. 3-4 in Cambridge, MA. The event will include hands-on instruction in the use of FOUNDATION fieldbus control-systems and feature presentations by fieldbus technology experts. At Genzyme, Tri-State University Technology Center will host a workshop covering fieldbus end-user applications in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet August 8, 2005

Managed switches boost network reliability

ET-9MS line of industrial Ethernet managed switches feature automatic switchover on detected failure (ring topology) and now support Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) and Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN).

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet August 4, 2005

Contemporary Controls adds features to Ethernet switches

Contemporary Controls reports it’s added a variety of new features to its managed Ethernet switches to enhance their performance in industrial networks, such as EtherNet/IP.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet July 7, 2005

Bihl+Wiedemann adds functions to AS-i Analyzer

Bihl+Wiedemann reports that it’s reintroducing its AS-i Analyzer diagnosis and analysis tool as “Version Innovation Step 2” with new functions, including improvements to its operator guidance capabilities.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet July 1, 2005

Schneider Electric embeds Ethernet at device level in switches

Schneider Electric reported at its Telemecanique press event on June 15-16 that it's embedding switch technology in the Ethernet interface of automation and control products. The move reportedly reduces the expense of device-level Ethernet below the cost of fieldbus networks by eliminating need for external industrial switch ports.

By Staff
Ethernet June 1, 2005

Contemporary Controls continues development with Weidmüller subsidiary

Contemporary Control Systems Inc. (CCSI) reports that the Weidmüller Group has acquired a majority interest in Heyfra Electronic GmbH (HEG), a longtime CCSI business partner. HEG and CCSI design and manufacture industrial networking equipment for use in robotics, building automation, automotive, HVAC, fire and safety, and other applications.

By Staff
Ethernet May 5, 2005

PPT Vision adds Ethernet/IP to Impact smart cameras

PPT Vision reports that it has added Ethernet/IP communication protocol to its Impact intelligent cameras, including its Impact T-series intelligent cameras and Impact C-series machine vision micro-system.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet May 5, 2005

Industrial Ethernet device market projected to grow 51.4% per year

The worldwide market for industrial Ethernet devices is expected to grow at a 51.4% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during next five years to more than 6.7 million units in 2009 from 840,000 units in 2004, according to “Industrial Ethernet Devices Market Outlook Study" by ARC Advisory Group.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet May 3, 2005

Interphex 2005: Photos from the show floor

New York, NY—Thousands of useful solutions from hundreds of exhibitors were featured at Interphex 2005, April 26-28, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Here’s a brief look at some of the most interesting exhibits and solutions.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet May 3, 2005

ODVA, FDT adding software tools with FDT to networks built on CIP

Ann Arbor, MI; Foxboro, MA—ODVA and the FDT Joint Interest Group (FDT JIG) have agreed to jointly incorporate FDT’s technologies into software tools that support networks built on ODVA’s Common Industrial Protocol (CIP).

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet May 1, 2005

IEC accepts Ethernet Powerlink standardization proposal

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has accepted Ethernet Powerlink (EPL) as a publicly available specification (PAS), which puts the real-time, industrial Ethernet protocol on track for approval as an international standard. The Industrial Automation Open Network Association (IAONA) has submitted EPL's specifications to IEC SC65C as a real-time, in...

By Staff
Ethernet April 27, 2005

Interphex 2005: Belden shows industrial Ethernet cables

New York, NY—Belden CDT Electronics Division is exhibiting its industrial Ethernet cables in Rockwell Automation’s Partner Pavilion at Interphex 2005 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet April 6, 2005

Automaticon 2005: How control engineering helps manufacturing

Warsaw, Poland—The control engineering profession helps manufacturing by applying ad-vanced technology to the long-known, basic control loop of sense/measure-decide-actuate, says Mark T. Hoske, Control Engineering’s editor-in-chief, who spoke April 6 to a second-day audience at the Automaticon 2005 show and conference.

Ethernet March 7, 2005

Tool configures, monitors Ethernet

ISNMP software lets any OPC-client application configure and manage Ethernet networks.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet February 8, 2005

Fieldbus Foundation releases Ethernet interoperability test kit

Austin, TX—To allow interoperability testing of function blocks in high-speed Ethernet (HSE) devices, the Fieldbus Foundation (FF) has released its new HSE Interoperability Test Kit (HSE ITK), Version 1.0.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet February 3, 2005

Six-port edge switch adds flexibility to Ethernet networks

GarrettCom reports that its new six-port edge switches, Magnum ES42, add flexibility to factory-floor and utility substation Ethernet deployments because they allow intelligence to be spread further out into industrial networks.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet February 3, 2005

Advantech releases Ethernet switch for expanding networks

Advantech Corp. reports that its Industrial Automation Group recently released its new EDG-6528 industrial-grade Ethernet switch, which reportedly provides fast and cost-effective expansion of industrial Ethernet networks with eight 10/100-Mbps Ethernet ports.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet February 3, 2005

Acromag becomes associate CSIA member

Acromag Inc. was recently accepted as an associate member of the Control and Information System Integrators Association (CSIA).

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet January 6, 2005

EtherCAT Control Automation Technology Overview

This paper introduces EtherCAT, an Ethernet-based fieldbus system. EtherCAT sets new perform-ance standards. Handling is straightforward and similar to a fieldbus, thanks to flexible topology and simple configuration.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet January 1, 2005

AS-interface network tools

AS-interface tools help implement an effective AS-i network. Included are AS-interface Bus Terminator, Tuner, Analyzer. Bus Terminator potentially lets a user double the total length of an AS-i network. Tuner can almost triple total network length by strengthening the communications signal and monitoring network performance.

By Staff
Ethernet January 1, 2005

Four major German automakers standardize on Profinet

Nuremberg, Germany—Four of Germany's leading automotive companies recently agreed to support the Profinet industrial Ethernet standard. Profinet was developed and is administered by Profibus International, which is also responsible for the Profibus and Profisafe automation network technologies.

By Staff
Ethernet January 1, 2005

Mesh network withstands multiple failures

Foxboro Automation Systems' new "mesh" network technology for Invensys' I/A Series system uses commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Ethernet switches, ports, and fiber-optic media in meshed configurations to provide multiple communication paths between network stations. The technology can configure ultra-high-availability, high-performance, 100 Mbps/1 Gbps, switched Ethernet process control networks...

By Staff
Ethernet December 28, 2004

Fieldbus adoption drives growth of valve island market

Wellingborough, U.K.—The market for valve islands (VIs) in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa is expected to grow at 6.8% per year during the next five years, according to a new study and analysis by IMS Research.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet December 21, 2004

Ethernet switches feature high port density for big systems in small panels

Downers Grove, IL—Contemporary Controls reports that its new line of industrial Ethernet unmanaged switches, EISB-B series, provides up to 24 ports of connectivity in 1.75 inches of DIN-rail space.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet December 7, 2004

Exclusive: Four German automakers standardize on Profinet at SPS/IPC Drives 2004

Nuremberg, Germany—Four of Germany’s leading automotive companies recently agreed to support the Profinet industrial Ethernet standard during the SPS/IPC/Drives 2004 fair.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet December 7, 2004

The Suitability of Ethernet for Motion Control by Galil

This application note explains why TCP/IP over Ethernet is often the best choice for multi-axis motion control. Appendix A details the differences between three popular serial protocols; TCP/IP, a typical Fieldbus network, and simple RS-232. The Assurance of Good Data Systems engineers often need to select the appropriate network for optimum performance of their motion control system. Quite often, the two competing protocols are TCP/IP over Ethernet or a Fieldbus architecture.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet November 30, 2004

American Innovations acquires Envirosense

Houston, TX—American Innovations Ltd. (AI) and Envirosense LLC report that AI has acquired Envirosense's assets for an undisclosed sum.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet November 23, 2004

Harting, Alden announce M12 quick-disconnect system

Brockton, MA; Espelkamp, Germany—Alden Products Co. and Harting Electric have jointly introduced a quick-mating, multi-coupling connector system with backwards compatibility with the M12 threaded coupler for four-pin Ethernet based applications.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet November 2, 2004

AB Fair 2004: Hardy Instruments debuts tension control products

Orlando, FL—Hardy Instruments launched its new tension control products at Rockwell Automation's Allen-Bradley Automation Fair 2004, Oct. 27-28, at the Orange County Convention Center.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet October 12, 2004

ISA Expo 2004; GarrettCom shows Ethernet switches, web security, FTA software

Houston, TX—GarrettCom Inc. demonstrated a variety of products at ISA Expo 2004 that make industrial Ethernet applications secure, cost-effective, flexible, and redundant.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet October 12, 2004

ISA Expo 2004: Belden extends Ethernet cabling line

Houston, TX—Belden CDT's electronics division reported at ISA Expo 2004 that it has expanded its line of DataTuff data cables by adding one two-pair and three four-pair Category 5e cables.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet October 7, 2004

Acquisitions, countering counterfeits, new cable

R2 Technologies buys TE Wire & Cable, Eaton pitches in to stop counterfeit products, and Superior Essex buys most inventory of Nexans Magnet Wire USA. Also Belden added to its industrial Ethernet cable line.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet October 1, 2004

Ethernet switches reach up to 40 km

"L" option line of industrial Ethernet switches allows a 40km long haul fiberoptic distance instead of the standard 15 km. Offered on all the company's switches with single mode fiber ports, these ruggedized devices are designed for plant-floor environments and carry UL, CSA (CUL), CE, Zone 2 (hazardous locations), and DNV (marine and offshore) ratings.

By Staff
Ethernet September 8, 2004

IMTS 2004: Rexroth’s IndraMotion MTX offers flexible CNC

Chicago, IL—Bosch Rexroth Corp. reports that IndraMotion MTX from its Electric Drives and Controls division offers high-performance computerized numerical control (CNC) for cutting and forming machine tools. Following its introduction in Europe last year, IndraMotion MTX is being exhibited at IMTS 2004, Sept. 8-15, at McCormick Place.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet September 1, 2004

Ethernet, legacy network, coexist

Vnet/IP network offers multiplexed band communication with a reliable, real-time, flexible protocol on high-speed Ethernet media. This upgrade is an innovative control protocol on an open network that provides communication band partitioning, redundant communication on Ethernet, and secured information exchange using state-of-the art technology on Yokogawa devices.

By Staff
Ethernet September 1, 2004

Ethernet fault timing analysis tool

Fremont, CA—GarrettCom Inc. reports that it’s offering industrial Ethernet users its Fault Timing Analysis (FTA) software free of charge.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet August 3, 2004

Fast growth projected for industrial Ethernet

Wellingborough, U.K.—The industrial Ethernet market in Europe and North America will grow rapidly for at least the next five years, according to a recent study by IMS Research.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet August 2, 2004

Ethernet switches offer compact size

Series 300 industrial Ethernet switches—305FX, 306FX2, and 308TX—offer full wire speed communications in a compact size.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet August 1, 2004

Intelligent Data Access = Profitable Operations

Deployment of standards-based, digital fieldbus networks has been steadily replacing combinations of proprietary local- and remote-I/O networks over the past decade, ushering in the plant floor information age, where flattened, streamlined organizations, offer the potential for everyone in the corporation to better understand the details of what does and doesn't make things work.

By Dave Harrold
Ethernet April 26, 2004

Multi-protocol RFID reader

AR 400 RFID Reader incorporates RFID multi-protocol reader technology with enhanced network features.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet April 12, 2004

Connect any network

AnyBus-X Gateway family consists of more than 120 products designed to connect almost every possible combination of two industrial networks.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet April 5, 2004

BioLab Ensures Water Quality with Opto 22 M2M Systems

nPhase Deploys Opto 22-Nokia Machine-to-Machine Solution for Real-Time Reporting, Service, and Supply Chain Optimization

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet April 5, 2004

Versatile machine controller

BX controller fills the gap for low- to mid-range machine control. Customers can program with one open software package, choose from more than 100 I/O signals and stock one type of I/O device for various machine types.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet April 5, 2004

M2M and the Supply Chain by Opto 22

The power and potential of M2M in the supply chain: a network of manufacturing and distribution facilites and processes.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet April 2, 2004

BusWorks® 900EN Series by Acromag 10/100 Mbps Industrial Ethernet I/O Modules

OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this document is to provide a procedure for assigning a unique IP address to a second network interface card installed in a personal computer for the purpose of communicating with an Acromag Series 9xxEN Ethernet I/O Module. A procedure for accomplishing IP address assignment is provided using Window 98, Windows ME, and Windows XP.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet April 1, 2004

Measure and improve

We cannot improve what we cannot measure. That's our world. Here are three opportunities to offer your measured expertise to bring about positive changes. One of the largest and most-distant sensors, the Hubble Space Telescope, will need another tune-up and orbital boost within a few years, or it will incinerate in the atmosphere.

By Mark T. Hoske, editor-in-chief
Ethernet April 1, 2004

IAONA’s IDA-Group, ODVA joined by SERCOS, EtherCAT, EPSG

Three more industrial network organizations agreed to work with IAONA, an "open-source" Ethernet organization of more than 130 vendors and end-users. The memorandum of understanding (MoU) that established IAONA as platform organization for IDA-Group and ODVA in 2000 was recently renewed and enlarged to include the Interest Group SERCOS (IGS), EtherCAT Technology Group (...

By Staff
Ethernet April 1, 2004

PTO, Interbus Club working group to migrate Interbus to Profinet

Profibus Trade Organization (PTO) reports that its parent organization, Profibus International, has formed a joint cooperative working group with the Interbus Club to migrate Interbus fieldbus protocol to Profinet. The working group is chaired by Phoenix Contact's Dr. Juergen Jasparneite.

By Staff
Ethernet April 1, 2004

HMS’ Anybus fieldbus gateways join any two network

AnyBus-X gateways from HMS Industrial Networks include more than 120 different products designed to connect almost every possible combination of two industrial networks.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet March 29, 2004

Industrial Networking Product Focus Study March 2004

Among those specifying, recommending, and/or buying industrial network products, 75% do so for in-plant requirements and 44% buy for OEM needs.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet March 23, 2004

Profibus surpasses installation benchmark; formally introduces Profinet

Marking its 10-year anniversary, the Profibus Trade Organization has embarked on a global tour detailing advances in Profibus installations and technology.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet March 4, 2004

Sixnet launches tough industrial Ethernet switch

Clifton Park, NY—Sixnet reports that its military-strength Ethernet switch recently joined its Etherbus product line.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet February 5, 2004

Remote services expand value of MGE UPS Systems

MGE UPS Systems— for remote device management of critical power resources—is incorporating emWare DeviceView M2M and Lantronix' UDS100 device servers.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet January 29, 2004

Wago extends far beyond I/O modules

Wago continues to extend its reach well beyond myriad terminal blocks and I/O modules, to expand upon offerings of low-cost, high-function PLCs, network controllers and gateways, PC-based controllers, and programming software, company representatives told Control Engineering on Jan. 13.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet January 1, 2004

Vision sensor is up to five times faster

In-Sight 4000 Series vision sensors from Cognex are up to five times faster than previous models, and now have the ability to read and verify Reduced Space Symbology codes on pharmaceutical packages. Dual processors enable simultaneous, dedicated vision processing and network communications. Integrated camera and processor display functions, as well as configuration, are performed by a PC via E...

By Staff
Ethernet January 1, 2004

Ethernet-based I/O system reaches high speeds

Beckhoff reports that its I/O bus system, EtherCAT, sets new standards where conventional fieldbuses reach their limits. For example, using commercial, off-the-shelf Ethernet network cards, EtherCAT can scan 1,000 points in 30 microseconds. The company says EtherCAT can achieve this speed because it has a straightforward wiring structure, and it is open to all Ethernet protocols.

By Staff
Ethernet December 4, 2003

PTO to host free Profinet seminars in 2004

The Profibus Trade Organization (PTO) plans to host free, half-day technical seminars on Profinet in five cities in 2004. "This in-depth seminar will be a technical overview of the all-new Profinet fieldbus protocol, and help take interested users a step closer to implementation of this technology," says Michael Bryant, PTO’s executive director.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet December 1, 2003

Control networks and Ethernet

Anyone reading Control Engineering realizes the growing impact of Ethernet networks in control systems, and much of its impact is based on sound economic considerations. The significantly lower cost of network cable, interface cards, network analysis tools, and network management software is letting Ethernet become a major component of most control systems.

By Dennis Brandl, BR&L Consulting
Ethernet November 6, 2003

New ISA Book explains networks and their applications

Today's manufacturing processes and controls can require multiple network applications, and so finding the right one is often a challenge for automation and control users. To help make sense of all the automation networks available, the Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society (ISA) has published a new book, Automation Network Selection, by Dick Caro, a 45-year veteran of industrial automation.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet November 6, 2003

Contemporary Controls teaches Ethernet at free virtual university

Most individuals encounter some difficulties when installing Ethernet-based systems. To deliver accurate information on this technology, Contemporary Controls has launched its free Virtual Industrial Ethernet University (IEU).

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet November 4, 2003

Lantronix, emWare partner to deliver M2M remote device management

Irvine, CA; Salt Lake City, UT—Lantronix and emWare Inc. recently formed a partnership to cross-license software, hardware and services, and create solutions allowing virtually any device to be accessed, monitored and managed via the Internet.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet November 1, 2003

Viruses and hackers and worms … oh my!

Computer viruses and worms are big topics in the IT world. Recent worms and viruses have infected company LANs (local area networks) and even shut down businesses. While these concerns were already important in the IT environment, they had not been as important in the control system environment. With the increasing use of standard Ethernet and Microsoft operating systems in control systems, inf...

By Dennis Brandl, BR&L Consulting
Ethernet November 1, 2003

Modbus Organization, IDA Group merging

Following a year of successful cooperation, the Modbus Organization (Hopkinton, MA) and IDA Group reported at ISA Expo 2003 that their members have agreed to merge. They say the new organization, Modbus-IDA, recognizes the alignment of their goals and their visions of the future of industrial communication and automation.

By Staff
Ethernet October 28, 2003

ISA Expo 2003: Modbus Organization, IDA Group merging

Houston, TX—Following a year of successful cooperation, the Modbus Organization (Hopkinton, MA) and IDA Group reported at ISA Expo 2003 that their members have agreed to merge ino one organization, Modbus-IDA.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet October 14, 2003

Echelon’s LonWorks/IP Server enables M2M interaction via the Internet

San Jose, CA—Echelon Corp., creator of the LonWorks platform for connecting devices, launched Oct. 8 its i.Lon 600 LonWorks/IP Server for peer-based, machine-to-machine (M2M) communications across any IP connection, including corporate local area networks (LANs), the Internet, or IP-based wide area networks (WANs).

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet October 1, 2003

Flat-panel operator interface

IVC NP-600S flat-panel display is a low-cost, 6-in. operator interface with Microsoft Windows CE.Net. It features a 5.7-in., super-twisted nematic (STN) LCD color screen and an Intel StrongARM 1110 processor for low power consumption and high performance. The unit has a 10Base-T Ethernet port, analog-resistive touchscreen, NEMA 4/IP65 front panel, RS-232/485 serial ports, no fan, one compact fl...

By Staff
Ethernet September 22, 2003

PROFInet Update for September 2003

First three PROFINET Products Certified FIRST THREE PROFInet PRODUCTS NOW CERTIFIED. The first certified PROFInet products include a PROFInet Gateway from Hilscher, an Industrial Ethernet/PROFIBUS link from Siemens and a PROFInet Communications Processor, also from Siemens. These new products are finalized and have been completely certified.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet September 18, 2003

Fieldbus goes mainstream

''Process fieldbus in the form of Foundation Fieldbus H1 and high speed Ethernet, and Profibus PA and DP have all moved into the mainstream of process automation and are being installed in large plants for critical applications,'' says Larry O’Brien of ARC Advisory Group.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet September 1, 2003

Machine condition-monitoring system

HI 3600 Machine Monitor advanced condition monitoring system lets customers bridge the gap between vibration monitoring needs and plant control capabilities. The latest in Hardy's 3000 Series product line offers advanced condition monitoring capabilities on all types of reciprocating and rotating equipment.

By Staff
Ethernet September 1, 2003

Why IT matters

Welcome to Control Engineering's new column addressing information technology (IT) issues for control engineers. The need for this column grows greater every day as IT becomes much more usable and more used by control professionals. Yet, as control professionals, we do not normally think of ourselves as using IT in our everyday work.

By Dennis Brandl, BR&L Consulting
Ethernet August 25, 2003

Digital I/O card

RN1100 RabbitNet digital I/O card works with Z-World single-board computers and operator interfaces. I/O expansion mechanism is based on three-wire, full-duplex technology and uses low-cost, off-the-shelf Ethernet cables.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet August 14, 2003

Beckhoff introduces line of panel PCs

Line of control panel LCD monitors from Beckhoff Automation now comes with four types of integrated PCs to create a variety of panel PCs.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet August 7, 2003

”Fieldbus Comparison Chart” available from Grid Connect

The background section includes technology developer, year introduced, governing standard and openness. Physical characteristics include network topology, physical media, maximum devices and maximum distance.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet August 7, 2003

Industrial Ethernet mini course delivers network basics

Contemporary Controls has created a five-day, e-mailed tutorial, "Five Days to Industrial Ethernet," that covers essential aspects of Ethernet planning and installation.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet August 1, 2003

IEEE updates network standards to aid Ethernet, low-power devices

End-users and vendors of industrial Ethernet equipment are gaining more flexibility in assigning Ethernet-type numbers and receiving guidance on supplying power to low-power data terminal equipment with local area network (LAN) connectivity. Changes came when the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association (IEEE-SA) Standards Board approved o...

By Staff
Ethernet July 9, 2003

PROFInet Update for July 2003

NEW 32- PAGE PROFInet TECHNOLOGY GUIDE PROVIDES DETAILS ON THE NEW PROFInet FIELDBUS STANDARD. The all-new 32-page PROFInet Technology and Application Guide provides detailed information on this new communication standard. It describes the fulfillment of the promise to bring Ethernet connectivity to the factory floor.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet July 7, 2003

Lantronix, Hilscher to jointly deliver communications solutions

Irvine, CA—Lantronix Inc. joined with Hilscher North America Inc. (Warrenville, IL) on June 23 to provide network-enabling technology to the industrial communications market.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet July 1, 2003

OPC Foundation’s Data eXchange spec released

OPC Foundation recently released its long-awaited Data eXchange (DX) specification and sample code. Reflecting 18 months of work that began on Sept. 11, 2001, at the ISA Show in Houston, OPC DX allows data to be transferred between different controller platforms and architectures via Ethernet, ensuring a high degree of interoperability for end-users using disparate control s...

By Jeanine Katzel, Web editor
Ethernet June 6, 2003

Invensys installs fieldbus automation at Shell’s Athabasca Oil Sands Project

Foxboro, MA—As automation supplier for the Athabasca Oil Sands Project in Alberta, Invensys plc's Foxboro Canada unit announced June 2 that it has implemented I/A Series automation technology throughout the Scotford Upgrader and the Muskeg River Mine.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet April 1, 2003

ODVA, TIA to develop joint industrial Ethernet specifications

Boca Raton, FL; Arlington, VA—The Open DeviceNet Vendor Association (ODVA) and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) have formed a cooperation and cross licensing agreement for building common industrial Ethernet specifications. ODVA and TIA will share information about standards that both groups are currently developing for Ethernet's physical layer.

By Staff
Ethernet January 2, 2003

Expanded online version: Network diagnostic tools aided by intelligent design, maintenance

Back to main article SIDEBARS: Balance alleviates network demons | Laundry list for diagnosing networks | IT managers shine at proactive network maintenance Network diagnostics begins with defining, knowing and understanding your network. On the plant floor, there are generally two kinds of networks. The first are information networks that are designed to move large amounts of data, almost exclusively via Ethernet, but for which timely delivery of an individual message isn't an especially high priority.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet January 1, 2003

Network analyzer maximizes uptime

NetDecoder is an industrial protocol, data and timing analyzer for Ethernet, serial, and fieldbuses from Frontline Test Equipment (Charlottesville, VA). A fully integrated solution for troubleshooting network protocol problems, NetDecoder simultaneously captures, decodes, filters, and displays data, as well as detects protocol errors, all in real time.

By Staff
Ethernet January 1, 2003

Smallest Ethernet switch cleans network traffic

Ethernet switches are the cornerstones of modern Ethernet networks. Switches clean up network traffic by forwarding data directly to the destination, and increase determinism by guaranteeing bandwidth to each device. Today, Ethernet switch users expect specific features, such as auto-configuration, recognizing the speed and address of each connected device, as well as flow control, regulating ...

By Staff
Ethernet January 1, 2003

AAA, ICT to help integrate plant-floor, corporate systems

Advanced Automation Associates (AAA) and Industrial Communications Technologies (ICT) announced Dec. 2 that they've formed a joint venture, Network Vision Inc., to provide users with manufacturing intelligence and communications intelligence. AAA designs and implements manufacturing control and information systems.

By Staff
Ethernet December 1, 2002

Network diagnostic tools aided by intelligent design, maintenance

Network diagnostics is really one of three phases involved in successful deployment of industrial networks. The first phase is proper design and installation, including appropriate diagnostic capabilities. The second is network operations, which includes periodic check-ups and proactive maintenance to ensure network health.

By Nick Jones, Woodhead Connectivity, Waterloo, Ontario
Ethernet November 5, 2002

Tektronix sells optical test product lines to Digital Lightwave

Beaverton, OR—Tektronix Inc. announced Oct. 31 it has agreed to sell its optical transmission test (OTS) products-OTS9000, OTS9010, OTS9040, OTS9100 series, OTS9200 series and OTS9300 series-to Digital Lightwave (Clearwater, FL) for $10 million in cash.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet November 1, 2002

Connectors tie networks together

Network connectors have several tough jobs. They must make positive connections to transmit data; keep out unfriendly substances; withstand their environments for long periods, and often hold cables together under mechanical stress. And, as network data rates continue to increase from 9,600 bps to 12 Mbps and beyond, connectors are also being required to shield conducting pins and sleeves from ...

By Ann Feitel
Ethernet October 25, 2002

ISA 2002: More photo highlights from the show floor

More photos from ISA 2002 Rafael Parra (left), sales manager for Belden International Inc.(Caracas, Venezuela), confers with Juan Scarano (right), from Venezuela's national oil company, PDVSA, at Belden Electronics Division's (Richmond, IN) booth during ISA 2002. ê e Mark Hensley (left), president of Kepware Technologies (Yarmouth, ME), and Joel Young, vp of device server products at Digi International (Minnetonka, MN), adjust their combined demonstration, which was part of the OPC Foundation's exhibit, at ISA 2002. e Dick Morley (center), author and father of the PLC, moderates his lively 'Dick's Last Retort' panel at ISA 2002.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet September 1, 2002

OPC DX to debut at ISA 2002

The much-anticipated OPC Data eXchange (DX) standard will be released and demonstrated at ISA 2002, Oct. 21-24 in Chicago, according to Tom Burke, OPC Foundation's president and Rockwell Software's advisory software developer. Mr. Burke presented an update on OPC DX and the foundation's efforts on Aug.

By Staff
Ethernet June 1, 2002

IN BUSINESS – 2002-06-01

To help harmonize competing fieldbus and Ethernet-based communication protocols, ABB (Wickliffe, O.) announced April 29 that it will support efforts by the OPC Foundation to create an industry-wide standard for those protocols. The foundation's OPC Data Exchange (DX) specification reportedly provides the standard communication language needed to unite these protocols. The Industry Solutions business of Honeywell (Phoenix. Ariz.) announced May 9 that it has extended its 10-year-old global alliance agreement with ChevronTexaco for an additional three years.

By Staff
Ethernet June 1, 2002

Maximize network up time with a single analyzer

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada — Endless introductions of new industrial automation communication protocols, coupled with the requirement to support multiple networks present significant challenges to control engineers responsible for designing, installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting industrial communication networks and devices.

By Staff
Ethernet May 1, 2002

Users expect high quality, availability, competitive pricing

Despite all the hoopla about ways technology can enhance our lives at home and at work, none of the technology would have reason to exist without ac to dc power supplies. Oh sure, there are batteries, and solar and wind generators, but most technology relies on ac power, and thus the need for ac to dc power supplies.

Ethernet April 30, 2002

ABB declares support for OPC DX specification

Wickliffe, O. - To help harmonize competing fieldbus and Ethernet-based communication protocols, ABB announced April 29 that it will support efforts by the OPC Foundation to create an industry-wide standard for those protocols.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet April 1, 2002

Safety Networks Begin to Emerge

The idea of a safety fieldbus may seem like an oxymoron. How the heck can you logically have one twisted-pair control loop operate in a safety-related environment that is traditionally, and often legally, required to have redundancy via hardwiring?Sure, practical objections aside, it would be terrific to secure, rather than drool over, some of the potential 40% savings in material and lab...

By Jim Montague
Ethernet March 15, 2002

Network technologies to be discussed

Chicago, IL. - Among industrial network technologies highlighted at National Manufacturing Week will be panels on Tuesday and Wednesday.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet March 13, 2002

FCI’s mass flow instruments add HART, Ethernet, Profibus, Modbus, AS-i

San Marcos, Calif. - To combine flow measurement accuracy with increased communication versatility, Fluid Components International (FCI) announced Mar. 8 that it has added five popular communication buses to its mass flow instrument product lines. These buses include HART, Ethernet, Profibus, Modbus and AS-i.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet March 5, 2002

Design partners aid EtherNet/IP product development

Mayfield Heights, O. - Rockwell Automation announced Feb. 28 that IXXAT Automation GmbH (Weingarten, Germany; Northampton, Mass.) and Pyramid Solutions (Troy. Mich.) have become Value Added Design Partners (VADPs) for Rockwell's EtherNet/IP technologies. This designation will allow them to design and develop products for companies using Allen-Bradley EtherNet/IP Master Library.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet February 1, 2002

ProcessLogix expands fieldbus connectivity

Milwaukee, Wis.— Rockwell Automation's recent announcement of ProcessLogix Release 400 includes OPC 2.0 compliance, HTML display development, and Profibus and FOUNDATION fieldbus interface modules. Profibus and FOUNDATION fieldbus modules join existing ProcessLogix' digital communication protocols of DeviceNet, ControlNet, and EtherNet/IP.

By Staff
Ethernet January 31, 2002

NetSilicon provides FOUNDATION Fieldbus interface to Foxboro

Waltham, Mass. - Increasing user benefits and product reliability, the Foxboro Co. (an Invensys company), a developer of real-time industrial automation systems, selected NetSilicon's NET+Works to supply Ethernet connectivity to an enhanced network interface for Foxboro's I/A Series intelligent automation systems.

By Gary A. Mintchell, senior editor
Ethernet January 30, 2002

Fieldbus Foundation webcast debuts at noon on Jan. 31

Oak Brook, IL. - Fieldbus Foundation (FF, Austin, Tex.) reports the premier presentation of its web-based broadcast, "FOUNDATION fieldbus: An Open, Integrated Architecture for Information Integration," is planned for Jan. 31, 2002, at 12 noon in all time zones worldwide.

By Mark T. Hoske, editor-in-chief
Ethernet January 4, 2002

Holocom Networks introduces wireless gateway enclosure

San Diego, Calif.-Holocom Networks, a provider of patented, final-300-feet-to-the-desktop-zone cabling infrastructure solutions, recently released Wireless Gateway, a secure, ceiling-mounted enclosure housing wireless electronics for companies seeking wireless network connectivity.

By Jim Montague, news editor
Ethernet January 1, 2002

Digital networks aid global integration, asset optimization

Digital network users in Singapore showed Dec. 4 how to troubleshoot and change setpoints for process equipment in Texas during the Fieldbus Foundation's (FF, Austin, Tex.) Press Day 2001 at the pilot plant at Lee College's Center for Digital and Fieldbus Education. The event used a live Internet/video link between Lee College and Singapore Polytechnic to demonstrate...

By Mark T. Hoske, editor-in-chief
Ethernet December 11, 2001

emWare delivers remote device management

Salt Lake City, Utah - emWare announced the availability of its full suite of DeviceGate products.

By Gary A. Mintchell, senior editor
Ethernet December 1, 2001

Centum gets new I/O system and a five-year warranty

Newnan, Ga. - Yokogawa recently announced extending the warranty on Centum CS3000/1000 R3 hardware manufactured by Yokogawa and sold and delivered in North America to five years. This announcement followed an earlier announcement describing CS3000 R3 enhancements to include a new I/O system suitable for use in classified and harsh environments.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet December 1, 2001

Foundation fieldbus webcast rescheduled for Jan. 31

The Fieldbus Foundation (Austin, Tex.) will hold its rescheduled webcast here at Lee College on Jan. 31, 2002. The web-based broadcast will be available beginning at 12 noon CST and at noon in subsequent time zones.The webcast is entitled "FOUNDATION fieldbus: an Open, Integrated Architecture for Information Integration.

By Staff
Ethernet December 1, 2001

Web-based broadcasts now available for free viewing

Oak Brook, Ill.— Technology webcasts from Control Engineering (CE), its editors, and industry experts are available for free viewing at Control Engineering Online's webcast page at Interested viewers can select from webcasts on:These webcasts were originally presented during the SupplyChainLinkExpo online tradeshow in mid-November, which included ...

By Staff
Ethernet November 7, 2001

Control Engineering technology webcasts now available

Oak Brook, Ill. - Four Control Engineering technology webcasts are now archived and available for free viewing.

By Mark T. Hoske, editor-in-chief
Ethernet November 1, 2001

Lantronix unveils single-chip interface

Lantronix Inc. announced a new member of its Device Server Technology Network Interface (DSTni) family of single-chip solutions. DSTni-LX includes the necessary hardware and software components needed for device networking applications. Manufacturers of factory-floor equipment, automobiles, commercial vehicles, medical equipment, and many other types of devices can ...

By Staff
Ethernet November 1, 2001

Interkama 2001: Even more focused on process

Interkama 2001, the 15th International Trade Fair for Solutions for Automation in Production and Business Processes, Sept. 24-28, attracted 42,000 attendees from 66 nations to visit 618 exhibitors from 32 countries.Despite its recent switch to a biennial schedule, Interkama's international scope remains unchanged.

By Staff
Ethernet November 1, 2001

Working together on translations

Perhaps I shouldn't have been so amazed. But weeks later, I still marvel at seeing, on the same stage, leading executives from rival automation/controls giants and leaders from competing industrial network organizations. Not only were they in close proximity, but they were all agreeing on something that will do customers/users a whole lot of good.

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet October 18, 2001

SCLE presentations continue: Ethernet and industrial networks add value

Oak Brook, Ill. - Ethernet and industrial networks can interconnect manufacturing and processes with the enterprise, bringing significant value to the supply chain, according to network experts participating in SupplyChainLinkExpo, a two-day online conference and trade show.

By Mark T. Hoske, editor-in-chief
Ethernet October 15, 2001

Ethernet and industrial networks add value

Oak Brook, Ill. - Ethernet and industrial networks can interconnect manufacturing and processes with the enterprise, bringing significant value to the supply chain, according to network experts participating in SupplyChainLinkExpo , a two-day online conference and trade show. The roundtable, moderated by Control Engineering (Cahners Business Information), will be Oct. 17 at 3:30 p.m.

By Mark T. Hoske, editor-in-chief
Ethernet October 1, 2001

Trying to move along…

'Do you really want to do this?" has been a lingering question since Sept. 11."No" was the answer in my heart, but "Yes" has been the response. After a respectful pause, we move along.The events and responses to the Sept. 11 tragedies in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania evoke emotions beyond words.

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet September 1, 2001

Cahners Supply Chain/OEM Group sets online trade show

Control Engineering will participate in several events during the first annual SupplyChainLinkExpo on Oct. 17-18. The free, online tradeshow is expected to attract more than 7,000 registered attendees, none of whom will have to leave their offices to attend. An online roundtable discussion, "Ethernet and Industrial Networks," will be moderated by Mark Hoske, Control ...

By Staff
Ethernet September 1, 2001

In Business – 2001-09-01

To aid the next wave of mobile communications, NetSilicon Inc. (Waltham, Mass.) and Wireless Networks Inc. (Calagary, Alberta, Canada) announced Aug.

By Staff
Ethernet August 1, 2001

Moving and measuring requires going with the flow

Moving liquids, gases, or slurries from one place to another often requires going with a flowmeter. A variety of flowmeter technologies help users with increasing demands for reliability, ease of calibration, and improved accuracy (see graphic), according to research by Control Engineering and Cahners Research (www.

By Mark T. Hoske, Editor in Chief
Ethernet May 1, 2001

Ethernet standards may aid users, fuel market growth

A slightly lawless Wild West scenario is facing users, developers, and manufacturers trying to implement Ethernet and fieldbus-based networks. [See this issue's "What's Left to be Said About Industrial Ethernet?" article for more coverage.] To provide some degree of uniformity, several organizations and companies are trying to draft useful standards, strategies, or specifications for Ethernet...

By Jim Montague
Ethernet March 7, 2001

FOUNDATION fieldbus High-Speed Ethernet

Austin, Tex. -FOUNDATION fieldbus High-Speed Ethernet (HSE), at 100 Mbit/sec, was released in final specifications (1.0) in March 2000; a testing kit for HSE linking devices-to subsystems of H1 (31.25 kbit/sec) devices-was available December 2000. HSE, Type 5 of the IEC 61158 Fieldbus standard, includes Publisher/Subscriber services.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet March 7, 2001

ODVA expands Ethernet interconnection

Boca Raton, Fla. -EtherNet/IP uses commercial, off-the-shelf, Ethernet-physical media and components and an open application layer. EtherNet/IP uses the application layer common to DeviceNet and ControlNet over the TCP/IP protocol operating on standard Ethernet communications chips and hardware, so Ethernet/IP uses the same object models and device profiles as DeviceNet and ControlNet.

By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet February 1, 2001

Fieldbus Foundation releases HSE testing kit

The Fieldbus Foundation (FF) released Dec. 14 an alpha version of its High-Speed Ethernet (HSE) Testing Kit (HTK). Alpha HTK tests HSE linking devices, which are critical components of the HSE architecture because they connect subsystems of FOUNDATION fieldbus' 31.25-kbps H1 devices to HSE's 100-Mbps backbone.

By Staff
Ethernet January 1, 2001

IAONA pledges support of ODVA’s EtherNet/IP

A coalition of networking associations and manufacturers agreed Dec. 14 with the Industrial Automation Open Networking Alliance (IAONA) to co-promote EtherNet/IP networking protocol. This and other efforts to integrate Ethernet may help unify, and perhaps simplify, plant communications with the enterprise and supply chain.

By Gary A. Mintchell, senior editor
Ethernet January 1, 2001

Integrate plant/enterprise

Together we are more than if we stand alone. How to put that into practice remains the challenge.On the job, we look to integrate manufacturing with the enterprise and beyond. In product selection, we consider services in the life-cycle cost of major purchases. With education, we may seek a wider view.

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet December 1, 2000

Woodhead, Ortronics link factory floor, office networks

Woodhead Industries Inc. announced Oct. 26 that its Connectivity Group has agreed to a technology and marketing initiative with Ortronics Inc. (New London, Conn.) that will join its RJ-Lnxx industrial Ethernet products with Ortronics' Ethernet patch panel products to create an enclosed cabling system.

By Staff
Ethernet December 1, 2000

Corrections – 2000-12-01

Omron Corp. (Kyoto, Japan; Schaumburg, Ill.) was incorrectly left off the "Leading Control Manufacturers" chart, derived from Business Week magazine's Global 1000 report, which appeared with "Who's on first in controls industry following mergers?," Market Update, CE, Oct. '00, p.

By Staff
Ethernet November 1, 2000

The Internet and the law

In June of this year, the European Union (EU, London) proposed a plan that would require companies based outside its 15 member countries to charge a value-added tax on goods and services delivered with the help of the Internet to customers in the member countries. The proposal was designed to create a "level playing field" for taxing online goods and services.

By Laura Zurawski
Ethernet November 1, 2000

Fluke Networks, Fluke continue Danaher expansion

Spin-off and expansion of Fluke Networks Inc. as a separate Danaher Corp. (Washington, D.C.) subsidiary; continued introductions of process calibration tools; integration of Wavetek Precision Measurement (Norwich, U.K.) acquired in January 2000; and announcement of new software support services were among recent developments at Fluke's headquarters here.

By Staff
Ethernet September 1, 2000

Compact Ethernet-to-fieldbus gateway

Downers Grove, Ill.—Based on a 486/66 microprocessor running Microsoft Windows CE, the PKV40 provides a gateway that links Modbus/TCP data format communications over 10 Mbit/sec Ethernet with DeviceNet, Profibus, Interbus, CANopen, ControlNet, AS-i, or SDS. When necessary, users can write custom applications in the Windows CE environment to support both control programs and other Ethernet...

By Staff
Ethernet July 1, 2000

GE Cisco Industrial Networks’ team introduced

As part of the startup's unveiling, GE Cisco Industrial Networks' (Charlottesville, Va.) management team was introduced June 22 during a press event at Chicago's Navy Pier. Discussion emphasized the power of Ethernet networking for the factory floor as an integral part of a company's e-business strategy.

By Staff
Ethernet July 1, 2000

Ethernet bus coupler

Germantown, Wis.— Fieldbus Coupler for Wago I/O system supports Modbus on Ethernet. Node access and configuration is through http and boot-p. With this module, all Wago I/O data are sent and received via Ethernet. Wago Corp. Circle 414

By Staff
Ethernet July 1, 2000

Pyramid, Mettler-Toledo partner on weigh scale terminal

Pyramid Solutions Inc. reported June 19 that its partnership with Mettler Toledo has developed what is reportedly the first weigh scale terminal based on the new Ethernet/IP industrial networking protocol. The two firms developed an operational prototype in less than six weeks using Mettler-Toledo's JAGXtreme industrial Internet scale terminal ...

By Staff
Ethernet May 1, 2000

Fast, rugged industrial Ethernet products

Pine Brook, N.J.— Hirschmann has expanded its industrial line of Ethernet solutions to include a new series of Fast Ethernet DIN-rail mountable switches, hubs, and transceivers. Addressing the needs to support industrial requirements, the HMN-3760 series uses 24 V dc power, is impervious to EMI, dirt, and temperature fluctuations up to 60 °C (140 °F).

By Staff
Ethernet May 1, 2000

Dollars and input count

Of course dollars count. Throwing automation dollars at a project isn't the preferred method for end-users, for system integrators who may help with implementation, or for vendors. Even vendors—who usually don't mind receiving money—would rather receive a bit less revenue, if it ensures customers' needs are met or exceeded.

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet May 1, 2000

Easier platform integration

Austin, Tex.—National Instruments makes it easier for users to integrate data acquisition, test and measurement, and industrial control by unifying the PXI open specification that defines a rugged, CompactPCI-based platform with NI's SCXI high-performance PC-based signal conditioning and instrumentation system.

By Staff
Ethernet March 1, 2000

Industrial Ethernet at a glance

Level: Field, device Speed: 10 Mbps using IEEE 802.3 standard; 100 Mbps using IEEE 802.3u standard Network size: 2 km over fiber-optic cable at maximum two nodes per segment Installed base: Most popular physical layer LAN technology Organizations and websites: Industrial Ethernet Association at ; Industrial Automation Open Networking Alliance (IAONA) at www. ; and the Gigabit Ethernet Alliance at Outlook: Supporters expect legacy bus networks with 2 Mbps upper limit and shared 10 Mbps Ethernet to be replaced by 10 Mbps switched Ethernet increasing to 100 Mbps as need dictates. Ethernet is also expected to extend its reach closer to intelligent devices and remote I/O devices.

By Staff
Ethernet March 1, 2000

Ethernet to enhance material handling

The challenge for industrial Ethernet is often the same faced by traditional networking protocols—to deliver more open, plug-and-play solutions that can interface with users' enterprise-wide, intranet or Internet-enabled systems. Unfortunately, Ethernet faces many interoperability headaches similar to other protocols, such as a lack of standardization among d...

By Staff
Ethernet February 1, 2000

Tadpole partners with Espial

Espial, a provider of embedded Java technology for Internet appliances and Tadpole-RDI (Carlsbad, Calif.), a vendor of mobile solutions for enterprise applications, recently allied to put Espial's tools and Internet applications into Tadpole's J-Slate technology. Tadpole's J-Slate is a Java-based, diskless, hand-held, industrial pen computer that allows mobile worke...

By Staff
Ethernet January 1, 2000

Industrial Ethernet group gains freedom

To speed deployment of Ethernet and Internet-based networks on factory floors, the 21-member Industrial Automation Open Networking Alliance (IAONA) on Nov. 24 announced its designation as an independent, self-governing entity operating under California law as a nonprofit corporation.

By Staff
Ethernet December 1, 1999

Looking ahead to 2000

The time has come to say goodbye to 1999 and hello to 2000. Though some would argue the new millennium doesn't officially begin until 2001, next year will still be a significant milestone. The Y2K bug problems taking up so much time and effort these days have seen to that.Y2K fears aside, the new year brings with it a great deal of promise, especially in the technology sector.

By Laura Zurawski
Ethernet December 1, 1999

Control software supports pocket computers

Cumming, Ga.— Think & Do Software version 5.1 includes support for Casio E100 Cassiopeia, a Windows CE palm-sized computer. PocketESP allows access to all Think & Do Windows CE runtime targets on the plant network over Ethernet. Users can browse lists of available I/O and data points and select, monitor, and modify those points.

By Staff
Ethernet November 1, 1999

1999: The web in review

This year was significant for the automation and controls industry on the worldwide web. 1999 saw impressive growth in the web presence of many key companies, and brought with it a surge in e-commerce as an effective means of purchasing components and systems.Highlights of the year include the following: GE Fanuc's site (www.

By Laura Zurawski, web editor
Ethernet November 1, 1999

Need for speed, resolution fuels software tool gains

Engineers usually want better performance from everything, but this year's Keithley Demanding Measurements Survey found they're demanding even more. The fourth annual study conducted by Keithley Instruments Inc. (Cleveland, O.) included input from 793 engineers and scientists surveyed in July and August.

By Staff
Ethernet November 1, 1999

I/A Series enhanced

Foxboro, Mass.— The Foxboro Company has introduced platform enhancements for its I/A Series automation system including an Ethernet fieldbus network, I/O modules, and improved control processors. With the introduction of a fieldbus network incorporating 10 Mbps Ethernet, Foxboro provides a 40-fold performance increase.

By Staff
Ethernet October 1, 1999

Low-end industrial workstation

Saline, Mich.—The 3406 is a Microsoft Windows-based CE industrial workstation aimed at low-end human-machine interface and PC-based control applications. The unit comes with a six in. color display, 16 MB of RAM, and a 10 MB solid-state drive that is expandable to 80 MB. Communication options are a built-in Ethernet port (10 Base-T), two serial ports (RS-485/232), and a parallel port.

By Staff
Ethernet September 1, 1999

Fieldbus issues also mulled at Interkama ’99

A special fieldbus-related event, "What Does the User Really Need?" will be held on Oct. 20 in Hall 6 at Interkama '99. Presented by NAMUR (International Association of Process Control Technology Users in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Allied Industries in the German-speaking region), a half dozen users from various manufacturing and process control companies ...

By Staff
Ethernet September 1, 1999

Seven protocols crash IEC 61158 party

Was it inevitable? Probably. Will it matter in the long run? Probably not—because the Ethernet train is thundering through.Like self-invited guests at an end-of-millennium New Year's bash, supporters of seven fieldbus protocols showed up at a recent meeting on IEC 61158 and basically mugged the guest of honor, according to some present, by inserting t...

By Staff
Ethernet September 1, 1999

Networking confessions

Fill in the blank and repeat after me: "My name is ______________, and I am a network holdout. I admit I haven't taken the initiative to implement the latest network technologies in all practical locations. As a result, my communications have become slow and unmanageable. In the past, I've blamed standards committees and 'bus wars' for my problems.

By Mark T. Hoske
Ethernet June 1, 1999

Gensym analyzes network performance

Gensym (Cambridge, Mass.) Operations Expert is a graphical software product for intelligent fault management of advanced distributed networks. (For related information, also see Control Engineering June `99 article, 'Software Tools Can Ease Network Setup and Use.' ) Operations Expert uses a model of the network, system, and related applications to display objects to be managed and describe their behavior, characteristics, and attributes. Procedures are written or drawn graphically to locate, identify, and respond to various conditions that arise within the application, often large distributed client/server applications that might be unapproachable with conventional application development tools. Basic architecture allows for concurrent processing and provides for processes to be executed when needed.

By Mark T. Hoske, Control Engineering
Ethernet May 1, 1999

Schneider Automation, Hirschmann to develop Ethernet solutions

Two developers often are better than one. To deliver better Ethernet solutions, Schneider Automation (North Andover, Mass.) and Richard Hirschmann GmbH & Co. (Neckartenzlingen, Germany) recently formed a long-term, strategic partnership. The two companies signed a memo of understanding at the Schneider Electric exhibit during National Manufacturing Week (NMW).

By Staff
Ethernet March 1, 1999

Network hits and misses

The list of leading industrial networks for now and the near future reads like a top hits list from the past. According to the Control Engineering 1999 Industrial Networking survey, winning choices are tried-and-true strategies such as Ethernet, EIA-232 (formerly RS-232), and 4-20 mA. This bias toward the old is balanced, however, by a growing acceptance of digital networks and distribu...

By Jane S. Gerold, Editorial Director
Ethernet March 1, 1999

ARC forum scopes future needs, trends

Challenging manufacturers to respond to Internet and web-based opportunities, Andy Chatha, president of ARC Advisory Group (Dedham, Mass.) kicked off his organization's annual two-day Automation Strategies and Technologies Forum on Feb. 8, 1999. Mr. Chatha says manufacturers must seek to: become web-enabled organizations and cultures; improve ROI of enterprise and ...

By Staff
Ethernet January 1, 1999

Connect and be counted

Control Engineering wants to know what networks you use in your automation applications. In December 1998, we mailed an Industrial Networking survey to a 10% sample of our readers. If you received the survey, please take a few minutes to complete it and send it back. Other readers that want to participate can complete the survey on our web site at www.

By Staff
Ethernet December 1, 1998

The Ethernet wars

Profibus vs. FOUNDATION fieldbus; ControlNet vs. Interbus; DeviceNet vs. SDS; Seriplex vs. AS-Interface—the bus wars continue to rage. But a new challenger has changed the battle.Ethernet, a standard in business networking since the mid-1980s, is touted by vendors and users alike as a contender for industrial applications.

By Jane S. Gerold
Ethernet November 1, 1998

National committees torpedo IEC 61158 in close vote

In a stunning though not unexpected rebuke, the International Electrotechnical Commission's national committees voted Sept. 30 not to publish IEC 61158 as an international fieldbus standard. National members narrowly rejected Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) documents covering IEC 61158's Data Link Layer (DLL) and the Application Layer (AL).

By Staff
Ethernet September 1, 1998

Corrections – 1998-09-01 – 1998-09-01

In the second question of the Q&A sidebar that accompanied the "Implementing Industrial Networks" article in Control Engineering , July 1998, p. 114, misspelled the acronym for the most common cabling scheme, DB9. In Control Engineering , July 1988, p. 133, an incorrect location was given for Emcor Products.

By Staff
Ethernet July 1, 1998

Phoenix Contact reflects on 75 years looks to more growth

Phoenix Contact discussed its "75 Years of Innovation" with more than 60 media representatives from around the world at its global headquarters here on June 17-18. Highlights included tours of two plants, presentations on intelligent networking, innovations in connection and interface technologies, and discussions of the Interbus digital industrial network.

By Staff
Ethernet July 1, 1998

Alliance for web-embedded chip may spark connectivity revolution

No man is an island and pretty soon many factory networks will be a lot less isolated too.To help transform these networks from proprietary islands of automation into globally manageable data and control systems, Osicom Technologies Inc. (Santa Monica, Calif.) unveiled an alliance June 22 of four automation firms it says are committed to Internet- and Ethernet-based control networks.

By Staff
Ethernet May 1, 1998

Standards for Windows running with fieldbus networks presented at pc & automation event

More than 350 industry professionals attended the first "pc & automation" conference here on March 26-27. Organizers presented the international standards for Microsoft Windows running on PCs with fieldbus networks as the technologies that will drive automation in the future.

By Staff
Ethernet April 1, 1998

Fieldbus delivers

When I joined Control Engineering 11 years ago, one of our seasoned editors said to me, "Jane, keep an eye on that ISA SP50 committee. They're trying to develop a digital networking standard for smart communication among multiple vendors' instrumentation. It's going to be the biggest thing since 4-20 mA!"We waited.

By Jane S. Gerold
Ethernet April 1, 1998

Fieldbus Foundation embraces Ethernet, wins IEC vote

Working overtime at their 1998 General Assembly, Fieldbus Foundation (FF) members took action March 5 on an array of milestone issues. Most of these related to controls and instrumentation end-users preparing to install FOUNDATION Fieldbus systems, according to John Pittman, president of the Fieldbus Foundation (Austin, Tex.

By Staff
Ethernet March 1, 1998

Selecting Industrial Networks

I thought the article, "Selecting the Right Industrial Network," [Control Engineering, January 1998, p. 61] was both interesting and useful. We are in the process of swimming through the variety of selections that are out there. This article was helpful! Thank you!Rick Tyson, electrical engineer, Salt Lake County Water Conservancy District, West Jordan, Ut.

By Staff
Ethernet November 1, 1997

Communication Networks, Buses Tie Controls to Real World

As controls and automation become more distributed and integrated, industrial communication networks and buses are becoming more crucial because they link controls with real world, in-the-trench, manufacturing processes. However, due to growing choices of networks, protocols, buses, and node connections, it is helpful to understand the basic aspects of each network or bus before picking an overall architecture. Physical topologies include linear buses (with drops), and daisy-chained, ring (where all nodes are connected in a physical ring), star, and mixed types. Each has its own advantages and drawbacks. Bus arbitration schemes include master-slave and peer-to-peer (CSMA or collision sense/multi-access, and token-passing).

By Gary Eckert

A letter from the editor

At Control Engineering we strive to connect the global industrial engineering audience through online and print media and in-person events. Control Engineering covers and educates about automation, control and instrumentation technologies in a regionally focused, actionable manner. Established in 1954, Control Engineering provides information for automation engineers to do their jobs better. We want to connect engineers who design, implement, integrate, maintain and manage control, automation and instrumentation systems, components and equipment. This active and engaged audience regularly accesses free premium content from Control Engineering due to comprehensive coverage of automation technologies and applications.

Mark Hoske - Control Engineering