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Ethernet March 1, 1998

May We Have the Envelopes Please

"Control products just keep getting more advanced, yet simpler to use,"was the consensus among editors at Control Engineering when it was time for them to choose the best control products of 1997. For the 11th consecutive year, the editors chose the 50 best products based on three criteria: technological advancement, impact on the market, and service to the industry.

By Michael Drakulich and Henry Morris, Control Engineering
Ethernet January 25, 1998

Open, Modular Architecture Controls at GM Powertrain — Technical Issues

Operating Systems Hardware Platform Motion Control Open Device Level Networks User Interface Control Software Manufacturing Information System (MIS) Level Networks Application Programming Interfaces (API) It should be clear to the controls community that GMPTG is not trying to dictate the development of OMAC by specifying technical details for every aspect of OMAC. GMPTG is not going to lead the development of any new technology but will ride the technology wave! However, GMPTG engineers are not oblivious to the technical issues associated with OMAC systems. In this section, several OMAC technical areas will be examined.

By C. Michael Taylor, et al.
Ethernet January 1, 1998

Connect to the Benefits of Digital Industrial Networks

More users, system integrators, and manufacturers of control hardware and software are realizing the benefits of digital networks at the sensor, device, and fieldbus levels.In this kickoff of the "Year of the Network" series, Control Engineering asked leaders associated with 12 major industrial networks to reveal growth projections, ideal applications, views on standards, and future out...

By Mark T. Hoske, Control Engineering
Ethernet November 1, 1997

Communication Networks, Buses Tie Controls to Real World

As controls and automation become more distributed and integrated, industrial communication networks and buses are becoming more crucial because they link controls with real world, in-the-trench, manufacturing processes. However, due to growing choices of networks, protocols, buses, and node connections, it is helpful to understand the basic aspects of each network or bus before picking an overall architecture. Physical topologies include linear buses (with drops), and daisy-chained, ring (where all nodes are connected in a physical ring), star, and mixed types. Each has its own advantages and drawbacks. Bus arbitration schemes include master-slave and peer-to-peer (CSMA or collision sense/multi-access, and token-passing).

By Gary Eckert
Ethernet January 1, 1997

Thanks to Interbus, Germany’s Transrapid Has a ‘Cool’ Journey


By Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet January 1, 1970

Control Engineering Highlights the 40 Best Products of 2000

Control Engineering editors— in the 14th annual process—highlighted the best products of the year, based on technological advancement, impact on the market, and service to industry.Editors selected from among thousands of products mentioned in Control Engineering and Control Engineering Online during year 2000, in nine product categories: Control components; Human-machine interface...

By Antonia E. McBride, and Control Engineering Staff
Ethernet January 1, 1970

Components provide network, Internet capabilities

Alpharetta, Ga. —Simatic Net series of control hardware, firmware, and cabling options complements this line of high-speed switches that integrate production floor and critical IT data at 100 Mbps. These industrial Ethernet components allow users to build a high-bandwidth network with Internet management capabilities and are optimized for connectivity with a native-socket, TCP/IP firmwa...

By Staff
Ethernet January 1, 1970

Three web server architectures aid plant-floor, enterprise integration

Driven by manufacturing's desire to connect the factory floor with the rest of the enterprise, web-enabled PLCs and Ethernet are giving users new ways to view and control factory data using embedded web servers. When selecting a web-enabled automation device, users can choose from three distinct system architectures.

By Richard Baker
Ethernet January 1, 1970

PVTs use diagnostics, go digital, deliver multiple readings

Trends in Process Variable Transmitters Diagnostic capabilities Digital protocols Faster communication ONLINE See this product focus at for additional information. Process variable transmitters (PVTs) perform a type of dance that goes on between various processes and the transmitter moving information to the end-user.

By Staff
Ethernet January 1, 1970

PC on a DIN rail

Charlotte, N.C. —DIO PC control PC for networked control systems features either 386/486 or 586 microprocessor with RAM and Flash memory. The solid-state unit contains an integrated L-Bus port for local analog and digital I/O modules. Other features include 24 V dc power input, two com ports, one LPT port, and an Ethernet port.

By Staff