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Ethernet May 20, 2021

How single-pair Ethernet benefits IIoT architecture

Single-pair Ethernet (SPE) provides an enabling platform that allows the migration from various legacy networks to one universal physical layer.

By Stuart McKay
Courtesy: OPC Foundation
Ethernet May 4, 2021

OPC UA: wider controller communications with TSN, APL

OPC UA uses Ethernet Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) and the Ethernet Advanced Physical Layer (APL) for controller-to-controller communications, aiming for standard industrial interoperability.

By Peter Lutz
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Ethernet April 6, 2021

Tools troubleshoot industrial Ethernet problems

Technology ranges from the simple to the sophisticated

By Mark Mullins
Courtesy: PI North America
Ethernet March 10, 2021

How time-sensitive networking is making Ethernet deterministic

Time-sensitive networking (TSN) is designed to make Ethernet deterministic by design and improve synchronicity and overall communication among devices.

By Nelly Ayllon
The compact Beckhoff Automation EtherCAT EJ boards reduce footprint on VMek hardware. Standard LED lights, which can be seen through a window on the Metrix and Element machines, provide EtherCAT diagnostic information for operators. VMek sorting machines include the Metrix Analytic Lab Color Sorter and Element Analytic Production Color Sorter. Courtesy: Kevin Blackburn
Ethernet March 9, 2021

Ethernet interoperability testing week

The first EtherCAT Interoperability Testing Week was designed to provide EtherCAT device developers with an online opportunity to improve interoperability.

By EtherCAT Technology Group
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Ethernet February 22, 2021

Top 5 Control Engineering Articles Feb. 15-21, 2021

Articles about the 2021 Engineers’ Choice Awards, the evolution of control systems in artificial intelligence, top 5 VFD parameter changes explained, and more were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from Feb. 15-21, 2021. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Keagan Gay
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Ethernet February 12, 2021

Functional safety networks for Ethernet communication protocols

PROFIsafe extends the Profinet communication protocol to address unique requirements for safety-related information necessary to conform to strict safety standards.

By Nelly Ayllon
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Ethernet February 9, 2021

Field level communications initiative improves interoperability

The OPC Foundation is developing field-related extensions to the OPC UA framework in order to drive industrial interoperability from field level communications (FLC) to cloud and to support information technology/operational technology (IT/OT) convergence.

By OPC Foundation
Courtesy: Fluke Networks
Ethernet February 6, 2021

How to ensure industrial Ethernet cables meet standards, applications

Strong and reliable industrial Ethernet cables help manufacturing plants simply network architecture, improve cybersecurity and prevent unplanned downtime.

By Mark Mullins
Courtesy: AutomationDirect
Ethernet January 29, 2021

How to choose between managed and unmanaged switches

Industrial automation systems need hardened networking equipment to deliver required performance and cybersecurity, and designers also must consider whether unmanaged switches are sufficient, or if the step up to managed switches is warranted

By Bill Dehner