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The more information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) are connected, the more attention network infrastructure requires, especially to the switches. Indu-Sol’s PROmesh P20 functions as a distribution layer switch in the Industrial information technology (IIT) level. That product won a 2020 Engineers’ Choice Award in the Network Integration – Ethernet Hardware, Switches category. Courtesy: Indu-Sol GmbH
Other Networks February 11, 2020

Design advice for connecting IT and OT

High-performance infrastructure, including industrial Ethernet networks, helps with efficient, secure and reliable connections between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) systems and software. Note the unseen costs of unmanaged switch and transition layer between IT and OT.

By Christian Wiesel
Domain knowledge of operational technology and automation need to be considered for industrial cybersecurity. Courtesy: H-ON Consulting
Cybersecurity February 7, 2020

Six answers on industrial cybersecurity effectiveness

Industrial automation cybersecurity has a lot of confusion and questions. Learn about changing trends and effective best practices for operations technology (OT) providers.

By Massimiliano Latini
With a new technique, MIT researchers can peel and stack thin films of metal oxides — chemical compounds that can be designed to have unique magnetic and electronic properties. The films can be mixed and matched to create multi-functional, flexible electronic devices, such as solar-powered skins and electronic fabrics. Courtesy: Felice Frankel, MIT
Energy, Power February 6, 2020

Engineers mix and match materials to make stretchy electronics

MIT engineers have developed a process called remote epitaxy, which helps create next-generation devices that may include electronic chips worn on the human skin for better monitoring.

By Jennifer Chu
Researchers at Purdue University have created a technology to address the thickness issue for wearable power generation. Courtesy: Purdue University
Power February 5, 2020

Wearable power generator for IoT devices developed

Researchers at Purdue University have created technology designed to address the thickness issue for wearable power generation for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

By Chris Adam
There is the potential for 5G to become a de facto standard for wireless communications throughout the plant – from field level up to the cloud and all the layers in between. Courtesy: New Products for Engineers Database
DCS, SCADA, Controllers January 30, 2020

5G can help SCADA systems in plant control, process automation applications

A plant’s supervisory control and data acquistion (SCADA) system could benefit from mobile broadband on 5G with cost reductions for enhanced capabilities being applied to plant asset management.

By Carl Nash
The Global System Integrator Database has 522 system integrators list HMI, human machine interface among engineering specialties; 274 system integrators list PC-based control among engineering specialties. Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
HMI, OI January 20, 2020

Industrial HMI migrations: Help with Microsoft Windows 7 expiration

Microsoft Windows 7 expired on Jan. 14, and manufacturers’ human-machine interface (HMI) software may still need help migrating to a supported operating system. System integrators can provide migration assistance to lower cybersecurity risk.

By Mark T. Hoske
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media
Industrial PCs January 16, 2020

Machine-learning tool predicts code’s speed on computer chips

MIT researchers have invented a machine-learning tool called Ithemal, which predicts how fast computer chips will execute code from various applications.  

By Rob Matheson
Golden Richard III, LSU computer science professor, associate director for cybersecurity at the LSU Center for Computation & Technology (CCT). Courtesy: Louisiana State University
Cybersecurity January 15, 2020

University receives cybersecurity training grant

LSU Engineering received a $3.4 million National Science Foundation Scholarships for Service (SFS) grant, which will fund 21 scholarships in cybersecurity training over a five-year period.

By Louisiana State University
Many-core principles even extend to DIN rail-mountable machine controllers, such as this Beckhoff CX2042 Embedded PC. Courtesy: Beckhoff Automation
Industrial PCs January 13, 2020

Many-core technology fills in the blanks for advanced machine control

Cover Story: As machines incorporate more complex components and software, many-core industrial PCs (IPCs) offer the processing and core isolation capabilities to realize smart factory and Industry 4.0 concepts. How many cores do certain applications need?

By Eric Reiner
Figure 1: FreeWave’s ZumLink IQ integrated with Inductive Automation’s Ignition Edge MQTT installed at one of Sylvan Lake’s field stations. Courtesy: Freewave
Remote Monitoring January 12, 2020

Real-time monitoring and control for a water, wastewater operation

Water and wastewater operations improved with an industrial radio with messaging queuing telemetry transport (MQTT) for faster communication and new supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software. A system integrator used the wireless system to help improve reliability and reporting and reduce risk.

By Crayton White