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Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Other Networks April 2, 2021

Five essential security functions for hybrid networks

Hybrid networks allow organizations to keep important data on-premises. while maintaining full control over sensitive assets.

By John Maddison
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Other Networks March 21, 2021

How time-sensitive networking is transforming the Smart Factory

The future of manufacturing lies in flexible, efficient and high-performance production that leverages data-driven intelligence and this can be achieved by implementing network technologies that utilize time-sensitive networking (TSN) functionalities.

By Thomas Burke
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Other Networks February 26, 2021

Researchers develop speedier network analysis for computer hardware

Software has been developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers to more efficiently run graph applications on a range of computing hardware, including both CPUs and GPUs.

By Daniel Ackerman
Other Networks February 7, 2021

Insights on industrial networking

Industrial networking has come a long way and engineers must now choose whether to use a managed or unmanaged switch.

By Jack Smith
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Other Networks February 3, 2021

Four ways TSN can boost manufacturing productivity

Time-sensitive networking (TSN) can help manufacturers boost productivity by simplifying machine design, improve transparency and more.

By Thomas Burke
Courtesy: Idec Corp.
Other Networks December 17, 2020

How RFID improves machine performance, safety

RFID authentication devices on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) machinery ensure the proper users are taking permitted actions, providing performance benefits and improved safety. See five methods for security for industrial machinery.

By Linda Htay
Other Networks June 8, 2020

Five ways digital transformation metrics give manufacturers more flexibility

Digital transformation (DX) provides manufacturers with more flexibility and transform industrial processes and operations. See five ways metrics cover the DX solution lifecycle.

By Jacques Durand
Other Networks April 1, 2020

Cimplicity 11 and Tracker 11 by GE Digital

GE Digital’s Cimplicity 11 and Tracker 11 are together designed to monitor and control operations.

By GE Digital
Other Networks April 1, 2020

OPC Server for SNMP by Integration Objects

Integration Objects’ OPC Server for SNMP offers a full monitoring of simple network management protocol- (SNMP) enabled devices from OPC client applications such as historians, human-machine interfaces (HMIs), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) or distributed control systems (DCSs).

By Integration Objects
Other Networks February 28, 2020

Cybersecurity success hinges on teamwork, collaboration

Cybersecurity successes in 2020 will depend on information technology (IT) and operations (OT) coming together and collaborating and working past their differences.

By Gregory Hale