Schmersal Safety Light Curtains now include a Bluetooth interface as a standard feature, available on SLC440COM and multifunctional SLC440 series. The safety light curtains use the Bluetooth Low Energy system for near-field data transmission, which provides secure data transmission up to 5 meters. Data transmitted is accessible by the Schmersal SLC Assist App, available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. It received 2021 Engineers’ Choice recognition in the Safety-Machine safety category. Courtesy: Schmersal USA
Wireless February 5, 2021

Light curtain operation is easier with wireless communications

Bluetooth interface helps with setup and operation of a safety rated light curtain.

By David Schucker
Courtesy: Keagan Gay, CFE Media and Technology
Wireless January 24, 2021

Wireless technology benefits for manufacturing

There are many potential benefits to using wireless technology in manufacturing, but users need to be aware of standards and potential challenges.

By Brett Binnekade
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media
Ethernet January 21, 2021

TSN helping pharmaceutical manufacturers improve operations

Time-sensitive networking (TSN)-driven gigabit Ethernet can help pharmaceutical manufacturers improve their operations and regulatory compliance activities.

By Thomas Burke
Courtesy: Load Controls Inc.
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 January 4, 2021

Using IIoT for a more energy-efficient pump environment

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) case study shows how to use pump power measurements to save energy using sensors enabled by wireless gateway and cloud-based analytics. Secure and relatively simple technologies were used; see eight project guidelines.

By Mike McClurg
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Mobility October 19, 2020

Connecting industrial applications to a private 5G network

Companies are working on developing a private 5G network to allow industrial applications, such as machines, controls and other equipment to be connected to a private network to better control behavior and usage.

By Control Engineering Europe
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 October 18, 2020

Cybersecurity is the optimal route to smart manufacturing

Cybersecurity strategy in digital plants is critical for companies that want to achieve smart manufacturing.

By Emilie Lerche Fenger and Marco Zampolli
Courtesy: Siemens Industry Inc.
HMI, OI October 15, 2020

HMI software advancement for IIoT optimization

Unified human-machine interface (HMI) software centralizes device management and machine data, enhancing usefulness and increasing connectivity across the enterprise.

By Ramey Miller
Courtesy: Emerson
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 October 12, 2020

Evaluating IoT wireless protocols for industrial applications

Do IoT-based wireless technologies designed for municipal, building, and residential sensor networks offer anything for industrial users? How about 5G?

By Andrew Cureton
Courtesy: Siemens Industry
Wireless October 6, 2020

Four best practices for industrial wireless LANs

Deployments and optimal operation of industrial wireless local area networks (LANs) require attention to site survey, lifecycle management, cybersecurity and collaboration. Need to optimize existing industrial wireless networks?

By Richard Kluth
Courtesy Renee Meiller, University of Wisconsin-Madison
PPE October 5, 2020

Top 5 Control Engineering articles Sept. 28 – Oct. 4, 2020

Articles about mobile robots, improved PPE, explosion protection for wireless internet, VFD parameter changes, and more were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from Sept. 28- Oct. 4, 2020. Miss something? You can catch up here.

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