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Webcast: IIoT Webcast Series 2018, Webcast One: Cloud and mobility in field operations

Connected assets, rich data, and cloud-based analytics increase reliability and support...

Digitization's impact on CAPEX optimization and asset utilization in engineering

Digitization's proliferation is not just a result of the impact it has created across industries... » more

Endpoint security best practices white paper released

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) announced the publication of the Endpoint Security Best... » more

Digitalization benefits for the machine tool industry

Machine tool users and manufacturers can benefit from digitalization. Ramona Schindler and Chris... » more

Bluetooth sensor beacon

Fujitsu Components’ FWM8BLZ02A-109069 beacon offering features a Bluetooth 4.1 sensor beacon...

Cyber hub for manufacturing launched in Chicago

The Digital Manufacturing Design and Innovation Institute (DMDII) announced today the launch of a... » more

Turning Big Data analytics into actionable information

To be effective, Big Data analytics must deliver on the end-user experience, and not on the hype... » more

Cellular gateway for existing sensors

BluCloud’s Cellular Gateway X acts as a peripheral to existing sensors and actively streams data to...

Artificial intelligence in the industrial enterprise

Analytics can deliver insight as to how things are going, but artificial intelligence (AI) doesn't... » more

TSN solves measurement and control challenges

Time-sensitive networking (TSN) is an evolution of standard Ethernet and adds the bounded latency... » more

Fog computing for industrial automation

How to develop a secure, distributed automation architecture in a data-driven world: Two examples... » more

Implementing analytics for Big Data applications with PC-based control systems

Control engineers can use PC-based control systems to take advantage of Big Data analytics to help... » more

How to get started with edge computing

Implementing edge devices into a system is powerful, easy to use and install, cost-effective, and... » more

Avoid the worst control system ever

Automation System Integration Blog: Nobody wants to get a screaming... » more

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