2017 SIY

We would like to invite your company to participate in the 2017 System Integrator of the Year program. Each year, a panel of Control Engineering and Plant Engineering editors and industry expert judges select the System Integrator of the Year Award winners in three categories (based on the size of the organization). Three general criteria are considered for the selection of winners: business skills, technical competence, and customer satisfaction. Winners are then inducted into our System Integrator Hall of Fame.

For the 11th System Integrator of the Year program, Control Engineering and Plant Engineering are looking for the best integrators in the automation business to feature on the cover of the Global System Integrator Report in December 2016.

How to enter (DEADLINE EXTENDED: Friday, August 12, 2016):

  1. Create or update your company's profile in the Global System Integrator Database
    • While creating or updating your online corporate profile, please make sure to go to the "CFE Award Programs" section of your profile to see the submission guidelines, and indicate your interest in participating.
  2. Document your company's level of achievement in each of the following areas, focusing on qualities, strategies, and procedures that differentiate your company from other integrators:
    • Business skills
      • Does your company have any written policies that detail your financial, human resources, management and other business procedures?
      • Does your company hold any professional certifications from the ISO, CSIA, automation vendors or any other third parties qualified to assess your business skills?
      • Have you ever completed any self-evaluations or undertaken any in-house initiatives to formalize your business procedures?
    • Technical competence
      • Does your company employ degreed engineers, Professional Engineers, Certified Automation Professionals, or other technical personnel with professional credentials?
      • Can you provide a success story outlining a difficult automation problem that you were able to solve for a client? Was there anything particularly innovative about your solution?
      • Have you ever successfully completed a project that had previously proven too difficult for the client's in-house engineers or another system integrator?
    • Customer satisfaction
      • Has your company ever received any awards or letters of commendation for a job well done?
      • Do you have procedures for tracking customer satisfaction and redressing their grievances?
      • Can you provide references that we may contact?
  3. Mail four (4) hard copies of the documentation from Step 2 to:
    Bailey Rice
    Director of Business and Market Development
    CFE Media
    1111 W. 22nd Street, Ste. 250
    Oak Brook, IL 60523

A system integrator may or may not provide the automation products required for a particular project but must be capable of integrating both the hardware and the software with the client's existing facilities. Companies that provide individual elements of an automation project such as consulting, programming, electrical contracting, or panel construction are not considered "system integrators" unless they also offer the remaining services required for a complete turnkey installation.

Past System Integrator of the Year winners: Class of 2016, Class of 2015 and Class of 2014 are not eligible to enter the 2017 System Integrator of the Year program.

If you have any questions, or for more information about this program, please contact Bailey Rice at brice@cfemedia.com or 630-571-4070 ext. 2206.

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