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Optimize Automation with Lifecycle Management

This eGuide addresses how global pressures and decreased time-to-market challenge manufacturers to embrace lean concepts.   Recent technology advancements intended to modernize conventional control panel wiring are transforming how panels are designed, built, commissioned, and maintained. 

In this eGuide, Control Engineering offers the following articles on how to Optimize Automation with Lifecycle Management:

  1. IEC 61131-3, Codesys Standardize Control Logic Programming
  2. Back to Basics:  Simplify Device-Level Wiring
  3. Create Value with Re-Use
  4. Control Panel Before and After:  Gain Productivity with Lean Automation, Connectivity
  5. Whitepaper:  Panel Building-Optimizing Control Panel Design, Construction

Download this informative eGuide today to learn tips in maximizing your competitive effectiveness and productivity.

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