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Motor and Drive System Considerations to Ensure Maximum Performance, Increase Reliability and Extend Product Life

Tuesday, September 22, 2015 at 11 a.m. PT /1 p.m. CT/2 p.m. ET
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Using drives on motor driven systems can improve performance; increase efficiency and increase reliability but there are special considerations that must be addressed to ensure the products are compatible and do not run at a speed or in an application where unsuitable. Product and design considerations will be discussed in this presentation.

Learning objectives:

This presentation will provide information about what kind of special application conditions need to be known and understood, to ensure the components will perform well in the application and/or work together as a system; and how to achieve the best performance and system reliability.


  • Have you questioned if adding a drive to you system will improve your performance and reliability?
  • Do you purchase motors and or drives?
  • Are you responsible for integrating the systems?
  • Do you understand the influence of the environment on your motor and drive system performance?
  • Are you aware there are application guides that can help you understand what is needed to assemble motion systems?

Presenter: William R. Finley, Sr. Director of Technology, Process Industries and Drives

Moderator: Bob Vavra, Content Manager, Plant Engineering, CFE Media


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