Newsletter 2: System integrators can pass along benefits from Dell solutions

Second of Four Parts (Read the first email HERE):

Collecting more data is just a small part of the potential of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Using that data to affect change in your plant is the primary goal. To achieve that goal, however, you first need to know what it is you want to improve. In part two of our four-part newsletter series, Dell experts look at how better data management and analysis will create an opportunity for greater plant efficiency, and how new tools and new technologies are bringing those solutions right to the plant floor, and right into the hands of people who can turn this data into action.

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Smart Buildings Automation: The First Steps Are the Most Important

Step 1 is to understand the desired outcomes and experiences you want — your to-be state. To perform this step in the process, you could gather your best and brightest from across the company. Or, another approach is to collaborate with a team that has hundreds of projects under their belts and pool their collective expertise. Download this 2-page article for the 4 step process.....

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Whitepaper: Analytics at the Edge for Real-Time Production Processes

lloT will change the way organizations generate, collect, and analyze data. This report will help those interested in both OT and IT projects understand the benefits of real-time process analytics, and how to deliver these analytics using an edge gateway. Examples in automotive, paper, and smelting provide context in this article.....

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Infographic: Waiting for the Internet of Things? IoT is already here

47% of industries view the IoT as important to their business. This graphic illustrates how various industries are leveraging the IoT and what is getting in the way of implementation.....

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Whitepaper: The Value of Bringing Analytics to the Edge

One of the ways organizations are beginning to get more insight and value from Internet of Things data is by architecting for analytics at the 'edges' of their environments. This architecture requires that analytics be embedded both directly within endpoints such as sensors, controllers, equipment and machines, and in nearby aggregation locations such as basements, control rooms, data closets and ceilings. This paper outlines best practices for IoT edge analytics architectures.....

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Learn More About Dell's Partner Program

Learn more about Dell's Partner Program for System Integrators through this downloadable program guide. For question, email us at Plus, be sure to visit our booth at the 2016 International Manufacturing Technology Show!

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