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When manufacturers look to integrate lloT into their operation, they will rely on the expertise of system integrators. The use of system integration is on the rise in manufacturing as companies look to bring new strategies to their existing operations. Dell connects system integrators to end users, offering a way to help system integrators effectively connect systems and deliver efficiency throughout the enterprise, bringing data-driven solutions to manufacturers. Plus, read how Dell is fueling progress in loT development by supporting some of the most innovative start-ups entering the sector.

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eBook: Industrial Internet of Things: A Data-Driven Future for Manufacturing

lloT is the intersection of Operations Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) to achieve business outcomes. Collaboration between OT, IT and business management is essential. Build strong partnerships to overcome differences and leverage organization-wide expertise. Of manufacturers using IIoT, half have reduced total cost of ownership, as this eBook explains in 5 steps.....

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loT: Where Innovation, Pragmatism and Collaboration Meet

What will success look like in the IoT market? Dell and Intel recently sponsored the "Connect What Matters" Internet of Things Contest, which sought out innovative industrial IoT solutions that incorporate Dell's Edge Gateway. Blogger Laurie McCabe looks at the contest winners, and how their solutions are combining innovation and pragmatic industry expertise to solve real world problems.....

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Video: Introducing Dell Embedded Box PCs

The industrial embedded PC market is undergoing a revolution. And Dell is leading the way with PCs that offer long lifecycles, stability, services and support.....

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Blueprint: Five steps to improving facility operations through Automated Demand Response

Follow these five best practice steps to plan your ADR implementation and see how these steps can help your customers, in this 4-page illustrated article.....

Read the Best Practices Here.

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Are System Integrators The Key To Industrial loT Success?

System integrators are the key to loT success, argues Moor Insights & Strategy IoT analyst Mike Krell. In this article, read more about how system integrators are the "secret sauce" for bringing together the multiple vendors critical to solving OT problems with IT solutions.....

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Taking part of the mystery out of the Industrial Internet of Things

lloT applications are real, today. Some organizations around the world are deploying loT systems and reaping the benefits of smarter data gathering, analysis, and usage to optimize and adjust their operations. Most organizations, however, are not there yet. Moor Insights & Strategy (MI&S) believes the vendors that are having success and generating revenues in the lloT are pragmatic, realistic, and flexible in their approaches. It's about understanding that value is created when Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) collaborate to develop new processes and solutions that integrate data, analytics, and control. Learn more about this dynamic in the MI&S whitepaper.....

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Learn More About Dell's Partner Program

Learn more about Dell's Partner Program for System Integrators through this downloadable program guide. For question, email us at Plus, be sure to visit our booth at the 2016 International Manufacturing Technology Show!

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