Newsletter 4: Blueprints for success for system integrators

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The promise of lloT is immense, but it's all just promise, right? Not at all; lloT is already helping manufacturers improve operations and business outcomes, and Dell is working to drive the revolution. Here are a few real world examples of how Dell is working with system integrators and manufacturers today to turn the promise of the Industrial Internet of Things into real solutions and real savings.

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Time for More loT Blueprints and Less Hype: Dell

The Internet of Things doesn't have to be a solution looking for a problem. Offer specific digital transformation benefits.....

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KMC Controls partners with Dell OEM to create an Internet of Things building controls appliance

KMC Controls sought to develop a cost-effective solution to connect buildings, make them more energy efficient and safe, and help managers and owners intelligently understand and manage their properties. Learn more in this 4-page article.....

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Video: KMC Controls Case Study

KMC Controls partners with Dell OEM to create an Internet of Things building controls appliance. In less than 90 seconds, this video will show how the partnership benefits KMC Controls and allows its customers to augment energy management and control.....

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Blueprint: Six steps to using the IoT to deliver maintenance efficiency

Follow these six best-practice steps to plan a predictive maintenance (PdM) implementation and help customers improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness to 89%, along with other benefits, in this 4-page illustrated article.....

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Smart manufacturing: Are you ready for the Internet of Things revolution?

The IoT's expansion is transforming not only the nature of manufacturing data sources and business relationships, but also the analytics necessary to profit from the inevitable deluge of IoT data. So how can manufacturers broaden their big data capabilities to manage innovative use cases and benefit from the lucrative potential of the networked IoT? The answer is Smart Manufacturing, which requires new thinking and approaches, outlined here.....

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Learn More About Dell's Partner Program

Learn more about Dell's Partner Program for System Integrators through this downloadable program guide. For question, email us at Plus, be sure to visit our booth at the 2016 International Manufacturing Technology Show!

Download the Program Guide.

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