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The November edition of IIoT for Engineers will "get into the weeds" when it comes to emerging IIoT applications, architectures, and best practices, per the following:

The core technologies making edge-intelligence possible
As the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) evolves, it's impacted by the same integration challenges as previous generations of automation. Besides changing requirements, many different hardware and software technologies and applications apply. The difference today is that with open standards, these diverse elements can be melded together to deliver solutions.

Developing an IIoT product or solution requires addressing concerns related to sensors, connectivity, security, cloud services, storage, device hardware, device maintenance, edge/cloud analytics, system integration, application development, and so on. This article will review the possibilities.

Best Practices for Industrial Cloud Computing
Integrating the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) into traditional HMI/SCADA monitoring and control provides multiple benefits. These include increasing scalability, alleviating some hardware obsolescence and enabling equipment connectivity of various equipment, as more devices communicate via IoT transport protocols. Without the ability to connect devices from behind firewalls and securely publish data to IIoT-integrated applications, organizations may miss out. If your organization is adopting an IIoT integration strategy, here is a way to review best practices.

Pattern recognition proves itself in process industries
An analytic approach to gleaning insights from data historians. based on deep process industry experience, allows production managers to unlock their historian data. Early attempts to transform raw data into actionable information relied on data modeling. The issue that has developed is how to execute searches quickly and in an intuitive way. In a project discussed in this article, a plant manager of a chemical plant struggled with significant variance between operator teams, which had direct impact on the throughput. We'll reveal what the significant parameter turned out to be!

Also: a metering advance that doesn't involve a microprocessor.

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