Control Engineering Editors’ Choice Award Winners

Control Engineering editors' award archive, 1987-2003 winners


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Recognition of technological advancement, service to industry, and market impact spans nearly 20 years.

The following companies received an Editors’ Choice Award (or Readers’ Choice Award given in 1987-89) for their exceptional products. Engineers’ Choice Awards, in honor of the 50th Anniversary, were introduced in March 2004 as a supplement to the Editors’ Choice Awards.

(Where a company or product line was sold or renamed, present-day owner, name, or parent company is shown in parentheses. Please send ownership/affiliation updates to .)

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2004 Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice Award winners will be announced in March 2005.
2004 Control Engineering 2004 Editors’ Choice Awards will be announced in the January 2005 issue of Control Engineering .

2003 Engineers’ Choice Award winners

Control Components
Analog Devices Inc., Interface Products Div.; 1B31 signal conditioner
Current Ring Co.; Current Ring current sensor
Dutec Inc.; I/O Plexor System
Hamlin Inc.; Series HE3600 SIL reed relay
Honeywell, Micro Switch Div.; Models 942 & 943 ultrasonic proximity sensors
Honeywell, Visitronics Operations; HVS100 noncontact dimension sensor
Industrial Networking Inc.; INI MP-500 MAP interface board
Integrated Power Corp.; ST-10 solar electric power system
Intel Corp.; iPCX 344 Bitbus interface
IRD Mechanalysis Inc. (Rockwell Automation); Model 940 vibration and spike energy sensor
Leader Instruments Corp.; LBO-3325 Oscilloscope
Moore Industries-International Inc.; Power Monitors for ac system parameters
Namco Controls Corp. (Danaher Corp.); Mark VII programmable limit switch
Omron Electronics Inc.; Model H5L seven-day timer
Schenck Trebel Corp. (Carl Schenck AG); Vibraport 30 vibration analyzer
Telemecanique Inc. (Schneider Electric); XUR Photoelectric switch
Westinghouse Electric Corp., Combustion Controls Div. (British Nuclear Fuels); Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter

Human-Machine Interface
Allen-Bradley Co. Industrial Controls Div. (Rockwell Automation); Bulletin 2706 DataLiner message displays
Hewlett-Packard Corp.; HP-28C calculator
IBM Corp.; 7552 industrial PC/AT

Machine Control & Discrete Sensors
Fischer Scientific Corp.; Maxx-5 upside-down, 5-axis robot
Texas Instruments Inc.; Process 565 Universal Controller
Triplex; T32 PLC

Motors, Drives & Motion Control
Compumotor Corp. (Parker Hannifin Corp.); R-Option Series stepping motors and drives
Daido Corp., Sumtak Electronic Instruments Div.; LBL incremental, optical shaft encoder
Micro Mo Electronics Inc. (Faulhaber Group); Series 23/1 planetary gearhead

Process Control & Instrumentation
Airpax Corp., A North American Philips Co.; Series 6600 temperature sensors
ASCO--Automatic Switch Co. (Emerson); ASCO/Angar micro miniature solenoid valves
Asoma Instruments Inc. (Spectro Analytical Instruments); Model 8660 solids analyzer
Bailey Controls Div., Babcock & Wilcox Co. (ABB); Smart measurement devices
Barber Colman Co., Industrial Instruments (Invensys); CIMAC-2 Series PCA, PCB, PCC, and PCD
BEC Controls Corp.; H22 Series humidity transducer
Cambridge Applied Systems Inc. ; Viscosity and pressure sensor
Collins Instrument Inc.; Model 1060 plastic control valve
Combustion Engineering Inc. (Process Analytics, ABB); Process Supercritical Fluid Chromatograph
Great Lakes Instruments Inc.; 2400 Series (ORP) and 6400 Series (pH) analyzers
Hoffer Flow Controls Inc.; Model ACC-100 mass flowmeter
IC Sensors Inc. (Measurement Specialties); 2 PSI Sensor pressure sensor IC
Kent Process Control Ltd.; P4000 distributed control system
Onset Computer Corp.; Tattletale Model IV Data Logger/Controller
Ronan Engineering Co.; X87 process monitor system
Sarasota Automation; FD830 on-line liquid density meter
Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. (Siemens); P101 Chromatograph
Sparling Instruments Co. Inc.; Model 400 Echopac level sensor
Syconex Corp.; Series E-6000 in-situ gas analyzer

Software & Information Integration
Equinox Data Corp.; Loopworks process monitoring and control software
Gerry Software (ExperTune Inc.); PID Controller Tuning Software for PC/AT
Nth Graphics Ltd.; Nth View Software

Control Components

Action Instruments Inc. (Invensys); I/O Pak
Aldia Systems Inc.; PC-RomDrive diskless PC
Analog Devices Inc.; RTI-820 analog and digital I/O
The Automation Group (Parker Hannifin Corp.); MDL-16 data acquisition board
Burr-Brown Corp. (Texas Instruments Inc.); ZPB32 DSP processor card
Computer Dynamics (GE Fanuc); CDI-Ladder STD Bus board
Eastman Kodak Co., S-S Relay Group; 10 A and 20 A solid-state relays
Eaton Corp., Cutler-Hammer (Eaton Corp.); Type E-65 fiber optic photoelectric sensor
Motorola Inc., Microcomputer Div.; MVME393 multichannel graphics display card
Qualogy Inc.; QPC-5121 Single-board microcomputer

Human-Machine Interface
Amdex Corp.; RPC-82 NEMA 4 rated PC/AT
Intecolor Corp. (Rockwell Automation); MegaTrend Series 20-in. and 14-in. monitors

Machine Control & Discrete Sensors
MPVideo Inc.; RP-7 color camera

Motors, Drives & Motion Control
American Precision Industries, Motion Ctl. Group; 23A Series linear step motor

Process Control & Instrumentation
Anafaze Inc. (Watlow); 8 PID loop controller
Cannonbear Inc.; Enduro 100 Series microwave level sensor
H.D. Baumann Assoc. Ltd.; 91000 Series electronic valve actuator
Omron Electronics Inc.; E5CS-X Temperature Controller

Software & Information Integration
Low Wattage Solutions Inc.; PRO-DATA data acquisition software
Motorola Inc., Microprocessor Products; DSP56000-CLASx design software

Control Components

Acculex, A Metrabyte Co. (Keithley Instruments Inc.); PSLOOP-175 4-20 mA power supply
Hyde Park Electronics Inc. (Schneider Electric); Model SM-500 ultrasonic proximity sensor
ILC Data Device Corp.; DTC-19300 LVDT/RVDT-to-digital converter
Industrial Electronic Engineers Inc.; Pixie graphic LCD switch
Mektronix Technology Inc.; MC-01 motor controller board
Motorola Inc., Microprocessor Products; 88000 RISC family, includes 88100 and 88200
Omron Electronics Inc.; H8PR electronic programmable limit switch
Qualogy Inc.; QPC-5303 aluminum card cage
Tektronix Inc.; 222 dual-channel hand-held digital oscilloscope

Human-Machine Interface
Intel Corp.; System 120 real-time computer family
Nematron Corp.; IWS-5000 Series AT workstation with EGA monitor

Machine Control & Discrete Sensors
Allen-Bradley Co. (Rockwell Automation); SLC-500 PLC
Parker Hannifin Corp., Fluidpower Pump Div.; Portable Hydraulic Trainer

Process Control & Instrumentation
Anafaze Inc. (Watlow); 8LS 1/4 DIN PID controller
Keithley Instruments Inc.; Model 500P portable data acquisition system
The Parvus Corp. (EuroTech Group); parvNET 8 x 8 sequential timing generator
Reliance Electric Industrial Co. (Rockwell Automation); AutoMax DCS distributed control system
Uticor Technology Inc. (AVG); PMD annunciator system
Valvecon Corp. (Metso); Wireless Remote Control valve actuator

Software & Information Integration
Heuristics Inc.; Onspec ST statistical control software

Control Components

Acromag Inc.; Model 4SCR-TTM-1(2) RS-232 to RS-485 converter
APC; Seriplex I/O system
efector Inc. (ifm efector); Quadronorm 2-wire dc proximity switch
Honeywell, Micro Switch Div.; CRS300/301 color recognition system
IDEC Corp.; DFR/DKR Series digital potentiometers
Measurement Technology Inc.; Wideband Series of isolated signal conditioners
Power Integrations Inc.; PWR-DRV1 universal power driver
Teledyne Solid State; CD21CD solid-state relay

Human-Machine Interface
Burr-Brown Corp. (Texas Instruments Inc.); TMS-8700 heavy-duty data entry/display terminal
Solus Systems Inc.; Solus PC-based control computer

Machine Control & Discrete Sensors
Giddings & Lewis Electronics Co. (Thyssen Krupp AG); Pico micro PLC

Motors, Drives & Motion Control
Motion Engineering Inc. (Danaher Corp.); MC400 4-axis brushless/stepper controller

Process Control & Instrumentation
Anafaze Inc. (Watlow); 12LS 1/8 DIN sized controller
Daytronic Corp.; Model 4010 multichannel thermocouple monitor
Honeywell IAC; Micro TDC-3000 distributed control system
Honeywell, Skinner Valve Div.; 700 Series solenoid valves
K Flow (ABB); Pico Coriolis flowmeter
Kaye Instruments Inc. (General Electric); 7000 MDAS data acquisition system

Software & Information Integration
HEI Corp.; Automation Master ladder logic tester
Stridiron Services; Preciser PIT Tuning Software

Control Components

AMP Inc. (Tyco International Ltd.); Ampower Wave Crimp connector system
Analog Process Control Services; A.P.C.S. family of signal conditioning modules
Eagle Signal Controls (Danaher Corp.); SX150 repeat cycle timer
Force Computers Inc. (Motorola Inc.); SYS68K/CPU-40 68040 on VMEbus
National Controls Corp. (Ametek Inc.); T3M Series microprocessor controlled relay

Human-Machine Interface
Metra Instruments Inc.; M100 operator interface
Planar Systems Inc.; EL7768MS 10-in. VGA flat panel display
Wonderware Software Development (Invensys); InTouch HMI software

Machine Control & Discrete Sensors
AEG Modicon Inc. (Schneider Electric); AT-984 PLC on PC/AT bus card
Allen-Bradley Co. (Rockwell Automation); Network DTL
Bradley Ward Inc. (Niche Ware Systems); Network DTL
Hewlett-Packard Corp.; Network DTL

Motors, Drives & Motion Control
Powertec Industrial Corp. (HBD Industries, Peerless-Winsmith Inc.); 320TZ 300 hp brushless dc motor

Process Control & Instrumentation
Beta Products; 1500 microprocessor-based annunciator
Fischer & Porter Co. (ABB); Tru-Mass Coriolis-type mass flowmeter
Fluke, John, Mfg. Co. Inc. (Danaher Corp.); Hydra Series data acquisition instrument series
Johnson Yokogawa Corp. (Yokogawa Electric Corp.); EXA PH200 2-wire pH analyzer
Moore Products Co. (Siemens); Mycro XTC transmitter/controller
Toshiba International Corp., Instrumentation Div.; TOSDIC-CIE integrated process control system
Valtek Inc.; StarPac valve and valve controller
Worcester Controls (Flowserve Corp.); HQ99 electronic valve controller

Software & Information Integration
Mitech Corp.; RTAC Real-Time Advisory Control software
Telemecanique Inc. (Schneider Electric); CIMTEL software

Control Components

Fluke, John, Mfg. Co. Inc. (Danaher Corp.); 93, 95, and 97 ScopeMeters
Omega Engineering Inc.; OM-230 Series signal conditioning units
Oneac Corp. (Chloride Group PLC); HU Series HOLD ride-through power source
Rittal Corp.; Vario Module modular enclosure system
Sprecher + Schuh Inc.; 600 V terminal blocks
Wieland Inc.; WKU/8113 Series rail-mounted terminal blocks

Human-Machine Interface
Emerald Computers Inc.; IM-30 color LCD industrial monitor
Grayhill Inc.; Series 61 poor man’s mouse
Siemens Industrial Automation Inc. (Siemens); SI-COMP PC 32-H EISA bus computer

Machine Control & Discrete Sensors
AEG Modicon Inc. (Schneider Electric); ModConnect PLC

Motors, Drives & Motion Control
Mitsubishi Electronics America Inc. (Mitsubishi Electric Corp.); Z024 Series miniature ac variable frequency
Ziatech Corp. (Intel Corp.); ZT 8931 STD multiaxis motion control board

Process Control & Instrumentation
Chessell Corp. (Eurotherm Corp.); Model 4200 data acquisition recorder
Echelon Corp.; Neuron 3120 chip
Festo Corp.; Field Bus Valve/Sensor Terminal family
Fluid Components Inc. (Fluid Components International LLC); Model MT91 multipoint gas mass flowmeter
George Fischer Signet Inc.; EA-41 smart valve actuator
Gigatec (USA) Inc. (Gigatec SA); Linear Sequential Bus (LiSBus) I/O system
Great Lakes Instruments Inc.; 95T/8220 turbidity analyzer
Moore Products Co. (Siemens); Mycro Apacs modular process control system
Omron Electronics Inc.; E5AF fuzzy logic controller
Rochester Instrument Systems Inc. (Ametek Inc.); SC-6500 smart temperature transmitter

Software & Information Integration
Event Technologies Inc.; THREADS flow/logic functions software
Flexis Control Inc.; Flexis multiple PLC system software

Control Components

Aromat Corp., Factory Automation Sales (Matsushita Electric Works Ltd.); LC48W Series 640 timers and counters
GE Electrical Distribution & Control (GE Fanuc); Smart Relay
Hoffman Engineering Co. (Pentair Inc.); Compact Control 2 (CC2) line of enclosures
Motorola Inc., Computer Group, Tech. Sys. Div.; MVME162 MC68040-based embedded computer
Phoenix Contact Inc.; Smart Terminal I/O
Square D Co. (Schneider Electric); Telemecanique XB2B-S900

Human-Machine Interface
Allen-Bradley Co. (Rockwell Automation); T70 workstation
Eaton IDT Inc. (Eaton Corp.); PanelMate Series displays
Olympic Controls Inc.; OCI-6888 rate-of-change alarm

Machine Control & Discrete Sensors
AEG Modicon Inc. (Schneider Electric); Micro 984 PLC
Moore Industries International Inc.; Site Programmable Modules
Square D Co. (Schneider Electric); Passport Distributed I/O

Motors, Drives & Motion Control
Ormec Systems Corp.; Motion controller
Powertec Industrial Corp. (HBD Industries, Peerless-Winsmith Inc.); 500 AT Series brushless dc motor

Process Control & Instrumentation
ABB-Kent Taylor Inc. (ABB); Process/Slurry Magmaster flowmeter
Bailey Controls Co. (ABB); Type PTS pressure transmitters
Bambeck Systems Inc.; Model NOx-3100 flue gas analyzer
Fisher Controls International Inc. (Emerson); FieldVue digital valve controllers
Fluke Corp. (Danaher Corp.); 2625A/WL Hydra Wireless Logger
Keystone Vanessa Inc. (Tyco International Ltd.); 30,000 Series fire-safe valves
Moore Products Co. (Siemens); Apacs DCS
Omron Electronics Inc.; ES100 process controller
Vickers Inc. (Eaton Corp.); KA Series proportional/directional valves

Software & Information Integration
Allen-Bradley Co. (Rockwell Automation); PathFinder

Control Components

Allen-Bradley Co. (Rockwell Automation); Photoswitch Series 10,000
Analog Devices Inc.; AD420
Phoenix Contact Inc.; VarioFace
Turck Inc.; Uprox

Human-Machine Interface
B&R Industrial Automation Corp.; Panelware MMI System
Intellution Inc. (GE Fanuc); Hawaii 5.0
TA Engineering Co. Inc.; AIMAX for Windows NT

Machine Control & Discrete Sensors
AEG Schneider Automation Inc. (Schneider Electric); Modicon TSX Quantum Automation Series
Allen-Bradley Co. (Rockwell Automation); DeviceNet
Eaton Corp., Cutler-Hammer (Eaton Corp.); Cutler-Hammer Control
GE Fanuc North America Inc. (GE Fanuc); Field Control
Honeywell, Micro Switch Div.; Smart Distributed System (SDS)
Siemens Industrial Automation Inc. (Siemens); Simatic S7

Motors, Drives & Motion Control
Control Techniques Drives Inc. (Emerson); Dinverter
Oriental Motor USA Corp.; NanoStep
Square D Co. (Schneider Electric); Altivar 66

Process Control & Instrumentation
ABB Industrial Systems Inc. (ABB); Advant Controller
Barber Colman Co., Industrial Instruments Div. (Invensys); Advantage Series 15Q
PID Inc. (OSIsoft); OpenBatch
Rosemount Analytical Inc. (Emerson); Model 2700 Solu Cube
Rosemount Inc., Measurement Div. (Emerson); Model 3095MV
Siemens Industrial Automation Inc. (Siemens); Sitrans P

Software & Information Integration
EnaTec Software Systems (Invensys); InTouch Ver. 5.0
National Instruments Corp.; LabView 3.0
Taylor Industrial Software Inc. (GE Fanuc); SecurWORX
TransSys Inc.; ISaGRAF Workbench
Wonderware (Invensys); InTouch Ver 5.0

Control Components

Action Instruments Inc. (Invensys); Action I/Q
Wago Corp.; Wago I/O System
Weidmuller Inc.; PLC Interface

Human-Machine Interface
Rockwell Software Inc. (Rockwell Automation); RS-View
Total Control Products Inc. (GE Fanuc); Quickpanel jr.
USDATA (Tecnomatix); FactoryLink ECS

Machine Control & Discrete Sensors
GE Fanuc Automation North America Inc. (GE Fanuc); Series 90 Micro PLC
Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. (Siemens); Simatic ET-200

Motors, Drives & Motion Control
Allen-Bradley Co. (Rockwell Automation); Bulletin 160 Smart Speed Controller (SCC)
Square D Co. (Schneider Electric); Motor Logic

Process Control & Instrumentation
ABB Industrial Systems Inc. (ABB); Advant Controller 400 Series
Eurotherm Controls Inc. (Invensys); Series 2000
The Foxboro Co. (Invensys); I/A Series DCS
Johnson Yokogawa Corp. (Yokogawa Electric Corp.); DPharp EJA
Micro Motion Inc. (Emerson); Basis Coriolis flowmeter
Rosemount Inc., Measurement Div. (Emerson); Apex
Sierra Instruments; Series 780

Software & Information Integration
ASAP Inc. (Pro-Face America Inc., Xycom Automation); ASIC-100 Application Specific Integrated Control
Integrated Systems Inc. (Wind River Systems Inc.); MATRIXx for Windows NT
Xanalog Corp.; Xanalog simulation & control system design

Control Components

Cutler-Hammer/Eaton (Eaton Corp.); E60 Prism Photoelectric Sensor
Fluke Corp. (Danaher Corp.); 160 Series Multi-function Counter
Westronics Inc. (Thermo Electron Corp.); SmartView Videographic Recorder

Human-Machine Interface
Dynapro Systems Inc. (3M); ErgoTouch 3000 Near Field Imaging Touchscreen
Intecolor Corp. (Rockwell Automation); DC-Powered Industrial Computer Line
Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. (Siemens); Simatic WinCC

Machine Control & Discrete Sensors
Mitsubishi Electronics America Inc. (Mitsubishi Electric Corp.); Fxos microPLC
Phoenix Contact Inc.; IBS CT 24 DIO 24/16-T(LK)
PLCDirect (; DL 105 microPLC
Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. (Siemens); Logo! Universal Logic Module

Motors, Drives & Motion Control
GE Fanuc Automation North America Inc. (GE Fanuc); PowerMotion
MagneTek Drives & Systems (Yaskawa Electric America); InteliPac AC Motor-Drive package
Semiconductor Products Sector (Freescale Semiconductor) Hybrid Power Module

Process Control & Instrumentation
Bailey-Fischer & Porter (ABB); Micro-Mite Single-Loop Controller
EG&G Flow Technology; LinearLink Electronic Linearization Module
Fairchild Industrial Products Co.; P9500 I/P Valvo Positioner
Fisher-Rosemount Systems Inc. (Emerson); Delta V Scalable Process System
The Foxboro Co. (Invensys); Micro I-A Field Automation Subsystem
Honeywell IAC; TotalPlant Solution
Johnson Yokogawa Corp. (Yokogawa Electric Corp.); YEWFLO Mass Flowmeter
Moore Products Co. (Siemens); PAC 353 Loop Controller
Penny + Giles Instrumentation (Curtiss-Wright Corp.); CirciTrend Paperless Circular Chart Recorder

Software & Information Integration
ControlSoft Inc.; InTune 4.0 Loop Tuning software
Treiber Controls (AspenTech); OPC (optimum predictive control)
VIA Development Corp. (Autodesk); VIA Schematic 4.0

Control Components

Fluke Corp. (Danaher Corp.); Multifunction models 741 and 743
Grayhill Inc.; OpenLine I/O and controller system
MTL Inc.; MTL 8000
Omron Electronics Inc.; E3X-NL photoelectric fiber-optic sensor
SensorPulse (GE Fanuc); Signal Conditioning and PLC I/O Modules

Human-Machine Interface
Iconics Inc.; GraphWorx32
Intellution Inc. (GE Fanuc); FIX Dynamics
PCSoft International (Axeda, previously Ravisent Technologies, eMation); Wizcon for Internet
Rockwell Software (Rockwell Automation); RSView32 VBA Scripting

Machine Control & Discrete Sensors
Aromat Corp. (Matsushita Electric Works Ltd.); FP0 microPLCs
Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation); ControlLogix family of PLCs

Motors, Drives & Motion Control
ABB Semiconductors (ABB); Integrated Gate-Commutated Thyristor (IGCT)
Animatics Corp.; SmartMotor family of programmable servos
Rockwell Automation/Reliance Electric (Rockwell Automation); IQ PreAlert Intelligent Motor

Process Control & Instrumentation
Honeywell IAC; PlantScape
Masoneilan, Div. of Dresser Valve & Controls (Dresser Inc.); Smart Valve Interface (SVI)

Micro Motion Inc. (Emerson); Altus applications platform
Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. (Siemens); Sitrans F flowmeter
Viatran Corp.; FerroCell

Software & Information Integration
Aspen Technology; DMCplus
ControlSoft Inc.; Mantra software for multivariable control (MV)
Intellution Inc. (formerly Wizdom Controls, now part of GE Fanuc); Paradym-31, Version 4.0 SoftLogic control software
NemaSoft (Nematron Corp.); OpenControl
Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation); SoftLogix5
Steeplechase Software Inc. (Phoenix Contact, Entivity Inc.); Visual Logic Controller (VLC) version 3.0

Control Components

Banner Engineering Corp.; QMT42 Series
Honeywell Micro Switch; 990 Series proximity sensor
Omron Electronics Inc.; E3MC RGB (red, green, blue) color sensor

Human-Machine Interface
Dynapro Systems Inc. (3M); Microsoft Windows CE-based industrial PC
Elo TouchSystems Inc. (Tyco International Ltd.); MonitorMice for Windows NT
Rockwell Software (Rockwell Automation); RSView32 Active Display system
Total Control Products Inc. (GE Fanuc); FactoryClient 2000

Machine Control & Discrete Sensors
Flir Systems International; ThermoVision infrared camera
GE Fanuc; VersaMax I/O and Control System
Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Mitsubishi Electric Corp.); FX2N Supermicro PLC family
PLCDirect (; WinPLC
Schneider Automation (Schneider Electric); Momentum Open Control System
Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. (Siemens); Simatic MP270 Multi Panel

Motors, Drives & Motion Control
Cutler-Hammer (Eaton Corp.); DeviceNet MCC
Lenze; Motec 8200
Rockwell Automation; Allen-Bradley Modular Control System
Semipower Systems (MTS Systems); DriveBlok and CapBlok
Siemens Furnas Controls (Siemens); Sirius 3R

Networks & Communication
CyboSoft; CyboCon
Hirschmann (HG Capital); Industrial Ethernet Hub
InterlinkBT (Turck Inc.); Busstop cabling and junction boxes
Lutze; Lutze Diocom
NETsilicon (Digi International Co.); NET +ARM
Opto 22; Opto 22 Snap I/O line
Phoenix Contact Inc.; Interbus Inline I/O system
Weidmuller Inc.; Winblock Open I/O Modules
Wieland Electric (Wieland Inc.); Remote Interface Communications System (RICOS)

Process Control & Instrumentation
Bailey-Fischer & Porter (ABB); COPA-XT electromagnetic flowmeter
Elsag Bailey Process Automation (ABB); Symphony Solo
Fisher-Rosemount (Emerson); PlantWeb Builder
The Foxboro Co. (Invensys); Year 2000 Tune-Up Kit
Honeywell IAC; OpenField
Moore Process Automation Solutions (Siemens); APACS + Process Automation System
National Instruments Corp.; Fieldpoint (FP) 3000
Yokogawa Corp. of America (Yokogawa Electric Corp.); Centum CS 3000

Software & Information Integration
Honeywell IAC; Profit Suite
Microsoft; Windows CE
ObjectAutomation; OAenterprise 98
Universal Dynamics Technologies; BrainWave adaptive model-based controller
Wonderware (Invensys); FactorySuite 2000

Control Components

Banner Engineering Corp.; PICO-AMP
Tektronix Inc.; TDS3000 Oscilloscopes

Human-Machine Interface
Dolch Computer Systems; Shark displays and computers
GE Fanuc Automation (GE Fanuc); Cimplicity Pocketview
Xycom Automation (Pro-Face America Inc.); OpenHMI

Instrumentation & Process Sensors
Micro Motion Inc. (Emerson); R-Series flowmeter
Sixnet; EtherTrak ET-8INS

Machine Control & Discrete Sensors; DL05 Micro PLC
Omron Electronics Inc.; CS1 Series Programmable Controller
PPT Vision; DSL6000
Rockwell Software (Rockwell Automation); RSPocketLogix
VMIC (GE Fanuc); 800 MHz Pentium III VMEbus Single-Board Computer

Motors, Drives & Motion Control
Baldor Electric Co.; MintDrive
Cutler-Hammer Group (Eaton Corp.); Intelligent Technologies Soft Starter
Lord Corp., Materials Div.; Rheonetic motion control
Oriental Motor USA Corp.; AlphaStep
Performance Motion Devices; Navigator Brushed Servo Motion Processor
Vaasa Control (Vacon Controls); Vacon CXR Drive

Networks & Communication
Agilent Technologies; BFOOT-11501 Embedded Ethernet Controller
Lucent Technologies; FiberWire
Phoenix Contact Inc.; Quickon
Woodhead Connectivity (Woodhead Industries); IP67 Ethernet Multi-port Interconnection System

PC-Based Control
Iconics Inc.; Genesis32 Automation Suite
Intellution (GE Fanuc); FIX version 7.0 HMI/SCADA Automation Software
National Instruments Corp.; Lookout 4.0
Think & Do Software (Phoenix Contact, Entivity Inc.); Think & Do Release 5

Process & Advanced Control
Adaptive Resources; Quickstudy Adaptive Controller
Aspen Technology; Aspen RT-OPT
ExperTune Inc.; Process Control Doctor
Fisher-Rosemount Systems (Emerson); DeltaV System
The Foxboro Co. (Invensys); Connoisseur
Honeywell @sset.MAX; Loop Scout
Moore Process Automation (Siemens); Procidia Internet Control System
Sequencia (OSIsoft); OpenBatch 4.0

Software & Information Integration
ABB Automation; Enterprise Historian
Microsoft; Windows DNA for Manufacturing
Pavilion Technologies; Pavilion Technologies’ Economic Insights
Siemens Energy & Automation (Siemens); Simatic Step 7, V 5.0
Visio (Microsoft); Visio Technical 5.0
Wonderware (Invensys); IndustrialSQL Server

Control Components

Daat Research Corp.; Coolit v.3.5 software
Rittal Corp.; TS8 Modular Enclosures

Human-Machine Interface
GE Fanuc; Cimplicity TabletView
National Instruments Corp.; LabView 6i
Wonderware (Invensys); SuiteVoyager

Instrumentation & Process Sensors
Barton Instruments Systems LLC; TankScan Wireless Measurement System
Danaher Controls (Danaher Corp.); MLC9000 bus-based temperature controller
Newport Electronics Inc.; iSeries
Watlow; True Surface Thermocouple (TST)

Machine Control & Discrete Sensors
Cognex Corp.; In-Sight 2000
ifm efector; “efector m” sensors
Omron Electronics Inc.; Model F150-3 Vision Sensor
Rockwell Automation; DeviceLogix scalable platform
Schneider Electric/Square D (Schneider Electric); Modicon Momentum M1E processor adapter
SmartSignal; ECM technology

Motors, Drives & Motion Control
ABB Industri AS/ABB Industrie AG (ABB); submersible version of ACS 1000
Artesis; Artesis’ Motor Condition Monitor (MCM)
Rockwell Automation; Allen-Bradley IntelliCenter
Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. (Siemens); Simoreg 6RA70 DC Master
Tol-O-Matic; PrecisionAire

PC-Based Control
Beckhoff Automation LLC; TwinCAT software
Entivity Inc. (Phoenix Contact); Think & Do Studio automation software

Networks & Communication
Fieldbus Foundation; F OUNDATION fieldbus High-Speed Ethernet (HSE)
Intrinsyc Software (Intrinsyc); deviceCOM for Linux
Lantronix Inc.; Lantronix’s Device Server Technology
ODVA; EtherNet/IP
Opto 22; SNAP Wireless LAN I/O
Real-Time Innovations; NDDS

Process & Advanced Control
AEA Technology-Hyprotech (AspenTech, acquired Hyprotech); BDK 2000
ExperTune Inc.; ExperTune Process Control Optimization Software
Fisher-Rosemount Systems (Emerson); DeltaV v5 automation system
Foxboro (Invensys); Embedded Connoisseur
GE Fanuc; Max-ON hot backup redundancy software
Honeywell Industrial Control; FSC 2oo4D

Software & Information Integration
ABB; IndustrialIT ABB Aspect Objects architecture
Intellution (GE Fanuc); Manufacturing Historian
The MathWorks; Release 12
OPC Foundation; OPC Data Access 2.0
USDATA (Tecnomatix); FactoryLink 7
VIA Development Corp. (Autodesk); Electrical Controls Design Software Version 6.0

Control Components

Fluke (Danaher Corp.); Fluke 707 Loop Calibrator
Pilz Automation Safety (Pilz Gmbh & Co.); Pilz PNOZ e1p electronic safety

Embedded Control
Contec Microelectronics USA; CPU-SB10(FIT) industrial PC
Opto 22; Snap Ultimate I/O
Phoenix Contact Inc.; Rugged Line I/O product family
Rockwell Automation; Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5320

Human-Machine Interface
GE Fanuc Automation (GE Fanuc); Cimplicity Plant Edition
SyTech Inc.; XLReporter, Version 2
Wonderware (Invensys); DT Analyst module

Instrumentation & Process Sensors
Hardy Instruments; Filler/Dispenser Controller
Moore Industries International Inc.; Worm Flexible Temperature Sensor
Panametrics (GE Fanuc); DigitalFlow GC868 Flowmeter
Stainless Valve Co.; Big Screen

Machine Control & Discrete Sensors
ART Advanced Research Technologies Inc.; ISIS Infrared Screening and Inspection Solution
Banner Engineering Corp.; PresencePlus pixel-counting sensor
Cognex Corp.; In-Sight 1000C Color Vision Sensor
DVT Corp.; Legend 540

Motors, Drives & Motion Control
Adept Technology Inc.; Adept Technology’s SmartAxis
California Linear Devices; Series 4000 and 5000 Tubular Linear Servo Motors
Electro Standards Laboratories; Virtual Engineering Laboratory (VE-Lab)
Magna Drive Corp.; MagnaDrive Adjustable Speed Drive
Netzer Precision Motion Sensors; Rotary Sine/Cosine Electric Encoder

Networks & Communication
Omron Electronics Inc.; Wireless DeviceNet
Rockwell Scientific (Rockwell Automation); HiDRA Wireless Sensor Network
Synergetic Micro Systems (Lantronix Inc.); DSTni-LX

Process & Advanced Control
ABB; Control IT 53MC5000B Process Control Station
Emerson Process Management (Emerson); DeltaV Neural
Intellution (GE Fanuc); iWorkInstruction 1.0
KnowledgeScape Systems; Adaptive Optimization and Expert Control system
Omega Engineering Inc.; CN3440 Controller
Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. (Siemens); S7-400F/FH

Software & Information Integration
Applied e-Simulators; Ae-S 2001
Engineered Software Inc.; Pipe-Flo Professional v. 7
National Instruments Corp.; DIAdem
Schneider Electric; Onestep Generator

Embedded Control

AutomationDirect (; Direct Logic DL06
HBM Inc.; Spider8
Opto 22; Snap-M2M
Schneider Electric; Telemecanique Twido

Human-Machine Interface
Ann Arbor Technologies Corp.; paneLink 12 industrial computer systems
Dolch Computer Systems; FieldPAC
GE Fanuc Automation (GE Fanuc); Cimplicity Machine Edition
Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. (Siemens); Mobic

Instrumentation & Process Sensors
Dataforth Corp.; isoLynx SLX100 Data Acquisition System
Invensys Foxboro (Invensys); CFT50 Digital Coriolis Flowmeter
Turck Inc.; levelprox
Vortab Co.; Vorel Elbow Flow Conditioner

Machine Control & Discrete Sensors
Banner Engineering Corp.; Pico-Guard
Omron Electronics Inc.; ZX Laser Sensor
PPT Vision; Impact Vision System
Schneider Electric; Global Detection

Motors, Drives & Motion Control
Analog Devices Inc.; Chip-based motor/motion control
Cutler-Hammer (Eaton Corp.); Electromechanical Motor Starters and Contactors
Festo Corp.; MAS Fluidic Muscle
Parker Hannifin Corp.; ViX
ThinGap Motor Technologies; TG3600 Series slotless, brushless PM motors

Networks & Communication
Contemporary Controls; CTRLink
Digi (Digi International Co.); Digi One IA device servers
Frontline Test Equipment; NetDecoder
Moore Industries International Inc.; HMI Smart HART Loop Interface and Monitor
OPC Foundation; OPC Data eXchange (DX)

Process & Advanced Control
Computational Systems Inc. (Emerson); 4100 MicroAnalyzer
Honeywell; Minitrend and Multitrend Plus paperless recorders
Mettler Toledo; Q.impact material-transfer controller
National Instruments Corp.; Compact FieldPoint

Software & Information Integration
ABB; OptimizeIT Real-Time Production Intelligence
GE Fanuc Intellution (GE Fanuc); infoAgent
Microsoft; .Net
Rockwell Automation; Entek XM Series
Spec-Soft (ABB); Process Functional Specification (PFS) software

Embedded Control

Anadigm; AnadigmPID
Kontron; ETX-PM CPU
Motorola Computer Group (Motorola Inc.); PrPMC880 mezzanine module

Human-Machine Interface
iKey Industrial Peripherals (iKey); SlimKey industrial keyboard
Opto 22; OptoTerminal-G75
Parker Hannifin Electromechanical Automation-CTC (Parker Hannifin Corp.); InteractX

Instrumentation & Process Sensors
ABB Automation (ABB); InformIT ScreenMaster 3000
CiDRA Corp.; SONARtrac Flow Monitoring System
Hoffman (Pentair Inc.); Watershed Enclosures
Magnetrol International; Eclipse Model 707
Swagelok; Modular Platform Components

Machine Control & Discrete Sensors
Cognex Corp.; In-Sight 4000 Series
DVT Corp.; Legend Spectral Camera Color SmartImage Sensor
Ipd (Coreco Imaging); iGauge
Moore Industries International Inc.; NCS NET Concentrator System

Motors, Drives & Motion Control
Baldor Electric Corp.; OptiGen Adjustable-Speed Generator
Control Techniques (Emerson); Unidrive Solution Platform (SP)
Elau Inc.; PacDrive SCL-055
Elmo Motion Control; HARmonica Digital Servo Drive
International Rectifier; iNTERO PIIPM15P12D007
Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. (Siemens); Simotion

Networks & Communication
Beckhoff Automation LLC; EtherCAT
Ember; EM2420 with EmberNet Embedded Wireless Networking
Lantronix Inc.; Xport Embedded Device Server
Network Vision Inc.; IntraVUE

Process & Advanced Control
Emerson Process Management (Emerson); DeltaV PredictPro MPC software
GE Fanuc; PACSystems controllers
Yokogawa Electric Corp.; Stardom Network-Based Control System

Software & Information Integration
Autodesk; AutoCAD Electrical 2004
Honeywell Industry Solutions; Experion PKS (Process Knowledge System)
Mynah Technologies (Experitec Inc.); mimic, version 2.6, process simulation software
National Instruments Corp.; LabView 7 Express
Rockwell Software (Rockwell Automation); RSTestStand Enterprise
Verano Inc.; Industrial Defender solution suite
Wonderware (Invensys); Industrial Application Server (IAS), version 1.5

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