Take a cost-productive approach to OT cybersecurity

Course Launch Date: April 27, 2021



Without the right approach to cybersecurity, cyber-physical systems involving the Internet of Things, Big Data and cloud computing are nothing more than an expanded attack surface for hackers.

According to experts, increased interconnectedness between information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) and digital collaboration across a supply-chain can reduce operational costs by as much as 30%. Yet exponentially increasing connectivity raises concerns around cybersecurity.

Ransomware events such as those faced by Norsk Hydro, Hexion, X-fab, TSMC, Luxottica, Honda and Momentive cause considerable operational disruption.

The following recent events should serve as a reminder of growing cyber-threats:

  • A forced shutdown of a gas compression facility due to a cyber-attack
  • A ransomware attack faced by a US Maritime base that brought cameras, door-access control systems and critical monitoring systems down for more than 30 hours.
  • In a water treatment plant, hackers exploited remote access to SCADA to increase sodium hydroxide level by 100x.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand key challenges facing OT/IoT cybersecurity challenges
  • Decide what advanced cybersecurity technologies would work for their organizations
  • How to deploy an ROI minded risk-based cybersecurity risk management approach in their respective organization
  • Participants from small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) will able to craft an optimal solution for their IT/OT converged environment

Course Instructors:
Pranav Patel, CEO, ResiliAnt and MediTechSafe