Lean Thinking for Manufacturing and Automation

This seven-video series discusses how lean manufacturing thinking can be applied to automation. It covers basic lean manufacturing terms, uses the control loop as a starting point for lean automation design, covers automation hardware simplification and streamlined wiring, showing a lean automation in a "before and after" control-panel example. It also discusses lean benefits of standard IEC 61131-3 software, and the use of CoDeSys software environment as a more-open method of applying lean thinking to control programming.

Long-time automation trainer Doug Bell, Interconnecting Automation, and Mark T. Hoske, content manager with Control Engineering, CFE Media, discuss lean manufacturing terms. Bell continues in videos 2-7 with Richard Harwell, Advanced Solutions Manager, Eaton Corp., about how lean thinking can and should extend beyond manufacturing to automation design, hardware, and software, including a basic control programming software demonstration.

Quizzes are available for each video along with a certificate of completion for the series, for  continuing education units. Sponsored by Eaton Corporation; produced by Control Engineering and Plant Engineering to be non-commercial and educational. Total runtime for the seven videos: About 60 minutes.

Lean Thinking for Manufacturing and Automation Training Videos

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