Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition, DAQ September 1, 2000

Advantech spins off automation business

K.C. Liu, Advantech Computers Ltd.'s founder and ceo, recently announced its automation business will be established as a separate company—Advantech Automation Corp. (AAC). AAC will prepare for NASDAQ listing and an IPO expected in 2003. Its goal will be to achieve $150 million sales and $500 million market capitalization value by 2003.

By Staff
Data Acquisition, DAQ August 1, 2000

Failsafe SCADA monitors natural gas, water distribution

Metropolitan Utilities District (MUD, Omaha, Neb.) can't tolerate a failure in its supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system because it provides water and natural gas throughout Omaha. Not only could a failure threaten the water supply of more than 400,000 residents, it might cost the district hundreds of thousands of dollars in natural gas pipeline penalties.

By Gary A. Mintchell
Data Acquisition, DAQ July 1, 2000

Web Technologies Power Automation Interface Software

Commercial technologies and business needs continue to propel human-machine interface (HMI) software. Only a few years ago, HMI software provided graphical representations of PLC data to enhance operator information. Software development has meshed with corporate needs to enable greater functions that assist made-to-order manufacturing with ever-shrinking inventories and lead times.

Data Acquisition, DAQ June 1, 2000

Real-time measurement, control aids clutch, converter manufacturing

Testing requirements that include control of multiple test stands and real-time data acquisition are integral to manufacturing clutches and torque converters for the automotive and trucking industries at LuK Inc. (Wooster, O.). Clutch materials and designs are evaluated during product research, development, and production, where speed and torque readings are used to calculate friction coe...

By Jeff Johnson, LuK Inc.
Data Acquisition, DAQ June 1, 2000

Changing sounds of DAC hardware

Since its inception during the 1500's, the violin has undergone very little change. Strings and bow still work together to perform vital functions that allow a musician to keep the instrument strumming in tune. Like the strings of a violin, data acquisition (DAC) hardware devices perform vital functions in many industries.

By Antonia E. McBride, Assistant Editor
Data Acquisition, DAQ February 1, 2000

Choose the right computer form factor

Boards, boards, boards. Why use a larger Single Board Computer (EBX for example) instead of a smaller PC/104 CPU? Are there reasons to choose a mature bus such as STD 32 or a more expensive one such as CompactPCI? These questions illustrate the fact that form factor selection is not always simple.

By Kristin Allen, VersaLogic Corp.
Data Acquisition, DAQ November 1, 1999

PCI boards for data acquisition

Cleveland, O.— Keithley Instruments' new line of data acquisition products for PCs with the PCI data bus features ana- log and digital I/O, 12-bit A/D resolution, four cascadable counter/ timers, and high-speed burst data transfer. To help users get up and running quickly, Keithley bundles free software with each board, including a start-up program, LabView VIs, TestPoint drivers, and Dr...

By Staff
Data Acquisition, DAQ November 1, 1999

Single-channel thermocouple datalogger

A single-channel data logger, the Mitec SatelLite50-TK, is designed specifically for temperature measurements with type K thermocouple sensors. Two models offer measuring ranges from -100 to 400°C or -100 to 1,200°C. Both devices' nonvolatile memory stores up to 16,000 values.

By Control Engineering Staff
Data Acquisition, DAQ July 1, 1999

Unique architecture enables enterprise productivity

Rochester, N.Y. -Advant Enterprise Historian's distributed client/server architecture provides a global repository that enables manufacturers to store and view data from multiple systems, processes, and plants. Process and production information can be accessed over a company's intranet and saved in HTML or PDF formats.

By Staff
Data Acquisition, DAQ May 1, 1999

One data acquisition module does work of many

Cleveland, O.— Model 5201 data acquisition system has four isolated, high-speed channels with one that multiplexes to eight additional inputs. Channels have 16-bit resolution, speeds up to 100 kHz, and full scale accuracy of 0.03%. Each channel has independent gain configurable on-the-fly via USB and independent measuring rates.

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