Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition, DAQ May 7, 2019

Apple, SAP to expand enterprise partnership

CEOs Tim Cook, Bill McDermott discuss move to Mac functionality, data security.

By Bob Vavra
Data Acquisition, DAQ April 27, 2019

The data historian’s history told

Momentum around time-series data storage suggests a new chapter for a legacy offering.

By Michael Risse
Data Acquisition, DAQ April 13, 2019

Three data types companies need to prioritize

Not all data is equal and some require greater attention and priority than others. Industrial companies managing networks need to focus on information-based, mission critical and real-time data.

By Jonathan Simpson
Data Acquisition, DAQ April 1, 2019

R21 by Seeq Corporation

Seeq Corporation announces the availability of their latest release, R21, an advanced analytics solution for process manufacturing customers to improve production outcomes.

By Seeq Corporation
Data Acquisition, DAQ March 12, 2019

Connecting quality data to process data

Using advanced analytics can help assure product quality and overall operational efficiencies. See case study example.

By Edwin van Dijk
Data Acquisition, DAQ March 10, 2019

Resolve five Big Data, data acquisition challenges

Demystify the need for Big Data and five related challenges: data structure, scalability, integration, storage, and upgrades.

By Qasim Maqbool and Ahmed Habib
Data Acquisition, DAQ March 7, 2019

Six ways data acquisition strategies can support advanced analytics

Some applications require data acquisition strategies without cloud connectivity, but they can still benefit from advanced analytics technology.

By Daymon Thompson
Data Acquisition, DAQ March 6, 2019

AI isn’t all magic

Software uses real-time data to draw real-world conclusions.

By Kevin McClusky
Data Acquisition, DAQ February 5, 2019

‘Data is the currency of the future’

Embrace digital manufacturing and use data to provide customer value.

By Bob Vavra
Data Acquisition, DAQ October 5, 2018

Five data acquisition strategies for success

Did you just see something extraordinary in the recorded data or was it a data anomaly in measurement, communications, or data aggregation? Data collection should help us learn, not confuse. Heed these five strategies for better industrial data.

By Allen Tubbs and Benjamin Menz, Bosch Rexroth Corp.