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Courtesy: SEMI
Electrical April 24, 2021

Semiconductor industry fab spending expected to reach new highs

The global semiconductor industry is on track to register three consecutive years of record highs in fab equipment spending thanks to demand fueled by COVID-19.

By Christian G. Dieseldorff
Courtesy: Aceinna, New Products for Engineers Database
Electrical Systems April 18, 2021

How MEMS actuators power emerging applications

Microelectromechanical system (MEMS) actuators transform electronic signals into something that can be sensed or touched by the end user and create an immersive environment.

By Serena Brischetto
Courtesy: Mark T. Hoske, CFE Media and Technology
Sensors, Actuators April 18, 2021

Instrument technician’s evolving role

Many plant-floor technicians are being asked to do more as their role evolves.

By Kevin Parker
Courtesy: Mark T. Hoske, CFE Media and Technology
Sensors, Actuators February 16, 2021

Smart pneumatic flow control

Reliable flow control equipment plays an essential part in the control of many manufacturing and industrial processes.

By Control Engineering Europe
The Bedrock OSA Remote +Flow industrial control system integrates industry-leading Flow-Cal algorithms and PLC/PAC/RTU functionality into powerful, secure control module that fits in the palm of the hand. With this single automation platform and free IEC 61131-3 engineering software, users can configure oil and gas measurement and custody transfer applications requiring 10 to 20 I/O; program the I/O and control strategies in the field; and connect via standard protocols such as HART, Ethernet IP and Modbus, alongside OPC UA and MQTT. It received 2021 Engineers’ Choice recognition in the Industrial Internet of Things Connectivity – Edge Controller category. Courtesy: Bedrock Automation
Automation February 4, 2021

Integrating flow, process control improves operations

System integration, operations advice: Integrated flow and process control can significantly improve oil and gas operations.

By Tim Manning
Courtesy: ABB
Sensors, Vision January 25, 2021

Optical sensor used for greenhouse gas detection

An optical sensor is being used with the satellite Hugo to detect greenhouse gas emissions from outer space.

Courtesy: Sulzer
Sensors, Actuators January 21, 2021

Vertical pump efficiency and reliability

By optimizing performance and efficiency in these important pumps, operating and maintenance costs for vertical suspended pumps can be reduced.

By Jason Simcoe and Seth Tate
Courtesy: Load Controls Inc.
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 January 4, 2021

Using IIoT for a more energy-efficient pump environment

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) case study shows how to use pump power measurements to save energy using sensors enabled by wireless gateway and cloud-based analytics. Secure and relatively simple technologies were used; see eight project guidelines.

By Mike McClurg
MIT researchers have developed a deep learning-based algorithm to detect anomalies in time series data. Courtesy: MIT News
Sensors, Actuators December 21, 2020

Method finds hidden warning signals in collected measurements

A deep-learning algorithm has been developed that could provide advanced notice when systems — from satellites to data centers — are falling out of whack.

By Daniel Ackerman
Courtesy: TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory/Control Engineering Europe
Sensors, Actuators December 5, 2020

Flowmeter testing, calibration has many challenges

There are several challenges of testing and calibrating flowmeters used in high pressure and high temperature applications.

By Dr. Chris Mills