Simulators, Optimizers

Simulators, Optimizers March 6, 2002

Ansoft launches free, mixed-technology simulator for students

Pittsburgh, Pa. - To support educational programs in power electronics, drives and automotive technologies, Ansoft Corp. released Mar. 4 the free-of-charge, student version of its Simplorer 5.0 mixed-technology simulator.

By Control Engineering Staff
Simulators, Optimizers February 1, 2002

Dispatch Optimizer joins SmartProcess suite

Emerson Process Management's Westinghouse division recently added Economic Dispatch Optimizer (EDO) to the SmartProcess suite of modules targeted at providing advanced control solutions to steam generation applications.

By Control Engineering Staff
Simulators, Optimizers December 15, 2001

Replacing an Outdated Sorter-Conveyor Control System

Eastman Kodak Co. recently asked Optimation Technology Inc. (OTI, Rush, N.Y.) to help replace the warehouse control system at its distribution facility in Rochester, N.Y. Virtually all shipments from the facility are funneled through one sorting conveyor on the way to trailer trucks. Any downtime in this conveyor can cause catastrophic results, upstream and downstream.

By Staff
Simulators, Optimizers November 21, 2001

ABB strengthens safety consulting business; launches simulator

Houston, Tex. - ABB's Process Industries Division and ABB Eutech recently partnered to provide consulting, design, installation, and other services for safety systems engineered to meet the needs of process and manufacturing operations.

By Dave Harrold, news editor
Simulators, Optimizers November 21, 2001

Software supports up- and down-stream production modeling

Brea, Calif. - Simulation Sciences (SimSci), a unit of Invensys Process Systems, announced on Nov. 19 two opportunities for PipePhase engineering software users to improve engineering productivity and optimize up- and down-stream oil and gas operations.

By Dave Harrold, news editor
Simulators, Optimizers November 1, 2001

Easily create process flows, material balances

When implementing chemical process control systems, the control engineer must thoroughly understand the flow of materials through the process equipment. Flow is not always apparent as chemical species change through reaction operations. These changes can create different behaviors through various separation operations in the process sequence.

By Tracy J. Coates
Simulators, Optimizers October 1, 2001

Open Systems Reliability

Downtime is the last thing operations people want their control systems to experience, especially where system utilization and/or finished goods value is high. Good reliability and safety in process equipment and related controls is near the top of every control engineer's buyer's list, followed closely by budget constraints and a need to rapidly install and get the system operational.

By Dr. William M. Goble,
Simulators, Optimizers December 1, 2000

Package models batch processes

When working on the design of batch processes, a major factor controlling success of the completed facility is process equipment scheduling. Inadequate attention to moving materials through the process can reduce production capacity and increase capital costs, limiting the margins available for a profitable facility.

By Tracy J. Coates
Simulators, Optimizers November 1, 2000

Transitioning from a control room to an operations center

During a recent visit to Honeywell Industrial Control (IC), Control Engineering got a peek at the firm's new "Honeywell Operations Center of the Future." Unlike product demonstration centers at manufacturers' home offices, Honeywell's operations center is more like visiting a well-designed control room at a manufacturer's site.

By Dave Harrold, senior editor
Simulators, Optimizers May 1, 2000

Calibrator features I/O modules

Rochester, N.Y.— Quik-Cal 890 contains three process modules: dc, mA, and V simulator; thermocouple input; and, RTD input. Interchangeable pressure modules automatically generate pressure eliminating inaccuracies and inconvenience of hand pumping. Currently, pressure modules allow the calibrator to measure from in.

By Staff