Wednesday, August 26, 2015

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EXP LED Stack Light with Audible Horns
This Class 1&2, Division 1 stack light is designed for routing traffic in industrial fueling stations or providing process status indications in manufacturing facilities. This unit consists of five preconfigured colored LED fixtures (steady and strobe) and audible horns with unique tones per lamp.
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Watlow’s New F4T: An Easy-to-Use Process Control
Watlow’s new F4T incorporates all the functionality of multiple devices into a single process control. It is incredibly easy to use, features a 4.3 inch color touch panel and supports fast and flexible design requirements.
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Proactively Monitor, Measure and Manage Industrial Cyber Security Risk
Honeywell’s Industrial Cyber Security Risk Manager is the first solution to proactively monitor, measure and manage industrial cyber security risk, providing users with real-time visibility, understanding and decision support required for action.
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Han-Yellock® 10 connector
Meets all needs from energy supply to data transmission - In the form of the Han-Yellock®10, HARTING is introducing a new, compact connector. Based on the established Han-Yellock® functionalities now meet the requirements of compact units and systems.
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