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IPEmotion Software for MAQ®20
Dataforth’s MAQ®20 data acquisition and control system is now available with powerful, intuitive, and user-friendly IPEmotion software. This advanced data acquisition/test and measurement software comes in 7 languages and is designed specifically for industrial and R&D applications. Rugged and reliable, it provides synchronized data acquisition and is easily adaptable to all customer specific requirements.
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Learn Machine Safety Basics from the Safety Experts at SICK
Download our extensive Safety Guide covering the various ways in which you can safeguard people and machines.
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Ethernet/IP over Functional RS-485 (Multi-Drop Ethernet Anywhere)
Add Ethernet/IP Networks to existing RS-485 Infrastructure. Whether deploying Ethernet in hard to reach locations, backhauling NFC/Zigbee/4G, separating networks using a single wire, or more; PCN’s IP-485 products provide huge benefits & features unattainable elsewhere.
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The Protocols Driving Smart Grid Interoperability
Efforts are underway to create a smarter grid by adding intelligence to the electrical infrastructure that connects generation, distribution, transmission, and consumption of over one million megawatts of energy in the US alone. How do we revamp the the existing infrastructure to accommodate tomorrow's requirements? Learn about the protocols driving this paradigm shift, including DNP3 and IEC 61850, and find out what smart grid technology can learn from Manufacturing.
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Isolated industrial USB hubs
B&B’s 4kV isolated USB hub is engineered to meet heavy industrial EMC specs so it works where office-grade hubs would fail. High-retention USB connectors withstand 50G shock and 4G vibration.
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