Wednesday, September 9, 2015

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Control Remote Assets with RAM® Industrial Cellular RTUs
This rugged, secure, all-in-one platform integrates with existing equipment to enable data visibility, control and real-time notifications for field-deployed assets. Learn how its intuitive, web-based interface configures event parameters and defines alarm states to trigger I/O or send SMS messages.
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Smart Remote Connected Sites: Using Cellular Automation to Monitor & Control Assets
Discover how cellular automation provides secure data access that enables organizations to cost-effectively monitor and control critical applications at remote sites.
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Improve Industrial Network Versatility with NT24k Switches
Get the ultimate in network flexibility with Red Lion’s N-Tron series NT24k all-Gigabit managed industrial switches. Developed to maximize media options, network speed, and switch management, this rugged platform meets and exceeds requirements across industries.
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Networking Product Guide: Industrial Networking Ethernet & Cellular M2M
From factory floor to extreme outdoor applications, Red Lion understands that every network is not the same. See how our new N-Tron and Sixnet industrial Ethernet switches, Wi-Fi radios and cellular devices meet diverse networking environments.
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Simplify Multi-vendor Environments with Graphite HMIs
Red Lion’s Graphite advanced HMIs expand your automation and control options by connecting a variety of devices. See how you can benefit from our plug-in modules and support for 300+ industrial protocols.
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Industrial Automation Product Guide Now Available
Learn how Red Lion HMIs, panel meters and process control devices help make the Connected Factory a reality with industry-leading support for over 300 industrial protocols to help you to connect, monitor and control your industrial enterprise.
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