313 Overflow Trap

July 14, 2022

Warren Controls’ 313 Overflow Trap traps steam and relieves condensate as developed in a deaerator’s overflow drain line. A Deaerator tank scrubs dissolved gasses out of the water, before entering a boiler as those gasses would otherwise be damaging. The DA tank ‘scrubs’ out these gasses via a steam blanket above the water line in the DA tank. The tank needs to regularly maintain its water capacity to supply the boiler and includes an automated fill valve. This is a critical function, as tank overflow can occur if the water entering the tank exceeds its capacity.The overflow trap performs its trapping and relieving functions through its internal pilot, and, crucially, it accomplishes this without the steam blanket escaping. The buoyancy of the 313 Overflow Trap’s float ball provides force to actuate an internal pilot-operated single seat valve assembly, and this relieves condensate and overflow to a drain.If sized and chosen properly for the application, 313 Overflow Traps are maintenance-free, and rebuilding should not be necessary under ordinary operating conditions. The overflow trap should be installed in an upright position, meaning that the overflow trap must be installed in a vertical pipe with its inlet up.This product’s features include a steel or cast-iron chamber, with an internal valve made of brass or bronze.

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