4304 Cabinet Cooler Systems

Exair April 14, 2022

EXAIR Cabinet Cooler® Systems provide a comprehensive solution for cooling and purging electronic cabinets and come in a litany of different cooling capacities, NEMA ratings and classifications. With the breadth of available options, choosing the best Cabinet Cooler for a specific environment can be a tedious task and depends on a few key factors. With EXAIR’s new Cabinet Cooler Calculator, we’ve made it easy to find the ideal Cabinet Cooler® System for any specific application.EXAIR’s brand new Cabinet Cooler Calculator simplifies the process of choosing the correct Cabinet Cooler® System by asking the customer to answer a few simple questions. By providing certain information like size of the enclosure, NEMA rating needed, and environmental conditions, our new calculator will sort through our large selection of ready-to-ship Cabinet Cooler® Systems and provide instant feedback on the best cooling solution for any applicable electrical enclosure. Taking the guess work out of the equation, EXAIR’s Calculator library ensures the customer that they can be confident in selecting the correct product for their unique specifications.Tools like our Calculator Library, Application Database, CAD Library, Efficiency Lab and more, provide the necessary information to help customers make informed decisions when selecting the best EXAIR product to solve their unique process problems. Visit EXAIR.com to learn more. https://exair.co/79-cccalc

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