ADN-S pneumatic cylinder

Festo December 6, 2022

Festo adds a new space-optimized product to its line of pneumatic cylinders ‒ the ultra-compact ADN-S – for performing small movements in tight quarters and, in so doing, helping machine designers keep their projects as space efficient as possible. Festo took the ISO standard ADN double-acting cylinder and shrank the housing length to create a significantly smaller, lighter weight, and attractively priced choice for space-critical applications. The ADN-S is also smaller than other compact double-acting cylinders. For lithium-ion battery manufacturing, there is an ADN-S variant that only contains trace amounts of copper, zinc and nickel, a requirement for components in battery applications.

ADN-S comes with multiple mounting options and a choice of fixed or no end-position cushioning. A proximity sensor can be added. The piston rod is available with internal or external threading, in diameters 6 to 60 mm and in standard strokes 5 to 50 mm. ADN-S is part of Festo’s Core Range of products that are always in stock and ready for shipping throughout North America.

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