Advanced XGB PLCs

AutomationDirect July 26, 2023

AutomationDirect has added XGB PLCs designed and manufactured by LS Electric, a well-established global PLC manufacturer with over 40 years of experience. This PLC family offers advanced controllers geared for motion applications but with high-level features, such as IEC programming, that can be beneficial in any automated system.

These stackable LS Electric PLCs have numerous hardware options to exactly match the job at hand. Each super compact PLC comes with integrated 2- or 6-axis pulse/direction motion inputs/outputs (up to 200kHz) and includes Ethernet, serial, and USB ports. Use any one of the four PLC units as a stand-alone controller with 32 built-in I/O or add up to 7 expansion modules for up to 244 additional I/O points. Several expansion modules are available to add extra discrete, communication, analog, or motion control capability.

The XG5000 programming software is a FREE download and features four of the five languages included in the IEC 61131 standard for industrial controllers. Ladder diagram, instruction list, sequential function chart, and structured text are all included so programmers can use the method they prefer. This software supports typical PLC instructions including timer, counter, compare, etc. However, the XG5000 also features a variety of specialized and state-of-the-art instructions available to use in your code development.

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