ANA2(X) AnyNET-I/O resolver interface

June 29, 2023

AMCI’s AnyNET-I/O ANA2(X) Resolver interface product is the easiest, most flexible way to bring resolver sensor data into any programmable logic controlled (PLC)-based control system. AMCI’s ANA2(X) connects a wide variety of resolver sensors to your PLC using a standard network connection, and it programs using the host controller’s (PLC) native software.

The ANA2(X) is the world’s most versatile resolver interface. The programmable reference voltage, reference frequency and transformation ratio allows the two channel ANA2(X) to directly interface with a wide variety of transmit resolver sensors. It can be connected to two single resolver transducers, including geared and redundant resolvers, or one dual resolver multiturn transducer, with either vernier or reduction type gearing. Additional ANA2(X) features include: absolute position, tachometer and fault diagnostic data for single and multi-turn applications.

AMCI’s ANA2(X) expansion modules allow you to easily interface up to 12 resolver sensors using a single network connection, which reduces physical wiring and streamlines data traffic over the network.


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