ANH2(X) AnyNET-I/O high speed counter networked I/O

AMCI June 29, 2023

The ANH2(X) is an expansion to the AnyNET-I/O product line from AMCI. The concept of this product line is simple: specialty and/or high speed I/O that can be attached to any popular industrial network; hence the name AnyNET-I/O.

AnyNET-I/O is designed for a broad range of applications, from small machines with a single control enclosure, to large machines that use distributed I/O extensively to minimize wiring costs.

What makes the AnyNET-I/O line different is that modules are available with or without a network interface. Eliminating the need for a separate networking module lowers the total cost of ownership for all applications, but especially for the cost sensitive small machines that only require one or two sophisticated functions.

Like many modern controllers, AnyNET-I/O modules are designed to be DIN rail mounted. Up to six AnyNET-I/O modules can be stacked together and accessed over a single network interface. “Stacking” is accomplished through a small backplane connector that snaps into the DIN rail before the AnyNET-I/O modules are installed. These connectors allow the AnyNET-I/O modules to communicate with each other. To the network, the stack of modules appear as one continuous block of I/O words. The logical position within the stack is determined by a DIP switch setting on the front of the module.

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